08 July 2015

MixRadio - My New Music Application

One day, I see a music playlist at the personal computer of my yoga client that plays some collections of music. He says that the name of the playlist application is Spotify. As I try to register, the application says that it is not available in Indonesia due to some reasons. Dang!
After that, I have been looking for other alternatives for music playlist applications. I have installed some of them, but I do not really use it.
A few days ago, I receive an invitation to try a new music application called MixRadio. When I read the brief explanation about the application, I know that I have found what I have been looking for! Yeah!

MixRadio is a music application that can be personalized based on the color and the the taste of our music. It is good for music lovers like me who like to keep the favorite music in a list that can be played continuously. It also gives us a chance to discover the latest music charts everyday based on our favorite themes and genres. It is a very personal music service, personalized to our own taste. The best thing is that MixRadio is free for us to download.

Here is how to play with MixRadio:

You can download MixRadio from these links:

As you open MixRadio, the first page is about your mix, a collection of your favorite music.

You can also find the information about the artist you like.

You can always choose your music easily from the list MixRadio provides at the second page, by Themes and Genres. Pick a few of your favorite artists, then they will do the rest.

Quick Tips: If you see the numbers at the top right position at the Mixes page, it is a quick button to go back to the current music that you play.

For Indonesian music lovers, MixRadio has themes that are suited to the Indonesian tastes.

MixRadio also has Dangdut mixes, a popular genre of Indonesian folk and traditional popular music that is partly derived from Hindustani, Malay and Arabic music. Woho!

If you want to create your own mixes, you can create it by browsing the name of the artists at the third page.

At the fourth page, this is where you can download your mixes, so you can listen to them offline.

At the menu part, you can see "My Account" where you can register as a member, so you can save your mixes. There is an option of audio quality based on the type of your data, whether it is mobile data of WiFi. In my case, WiFi gives a higher quality music.
At the menu part, you can also give feedback, look for help, read about its info and sign out from MixRadio.

When I listen to some music, MixRadio learns about the music I like and will suggest another music, both old and new music, that have the same themes and genres. The more I listen, the more MixRadio knows what kind of music I want to listen next. Amazing! Is it a playlist or a fortune teller? LOL :-D
MixRadio is also good for saving my time. Instead of spending my time looking for the music I like, MixRadio will choose some tunes from its library for me by detecting the music I choose. Its library contains more than 35 millions tracks. Great!

With the high quality audio MixRadio has, I enjoy it like listening to my private CD.

With MixRadio, I take the control by having the ability to create my own mixes. Even if I do not know what kind of my favorite music are, I can always choose the mixes chosen by other industry experts and global music gurus from around the world.

To avoid the internet data costs, I can listen to the music offline by downloading my top mixes. I need to register and have an account to do this. If I get bored with my own mixes, I can just swap my offline mixes easily. This is something good that I do not have to bring another music device to listen to my favorite tunes. My phone device is also my music device. Cool!

Another thing that you should know is that MixRadio can only be opened and played at your mobile phone. I hope that someday MixRadio allows us to open it at our personal computer and laptop. I am crossing my fingers now :-)

What I can learn from MixRadio is that I always have options in my life. While Spotify can not be downloaded in Indonesia, I can always have MixRadio to accompany me.
Another lesson is that I can always take control of my life. With MixRadio, I can start learning to take control of my music first, and everything else will follow.

Just remember that you can always download MixRadio from the following links:

Enjoy your music, everybody!

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