25 January 2011

Mobile Monday Indonesia: Indonesia Mobile Industry Review 2011

Stephen Hobbs (CTO of Indosat)

Potential local applications from Indonesia will be brought to the world.

Hermanuddin (GM Business Planning & Development of IM2)

The year of 2011 is the year of Tablet PC.

Most services used in smartphones: Email, Social Networking, Messaging, Video & Voice.

Smartphones growth is projected at 26% of total PCs by 2012 & 38% of total handset market by 2014.

Voice vs. data charging is not comparable and need to be treated separately.

90% of customers' expectation is price, speed & connection quality.

Izak Jenie (Director of PT Metrotech Jaya Komunika)

Indonesian people like to share anything, from gossip, news, etc. They want to be existed anywhere. They like to share their privacies.

Consumers are still looking for low priced mobile phone (IDR 500k), more available & attractive menu & internet ready.

Top handphone's features: Dual GSM-CDMA, Camera 2 MP, MP3 Player, External Memory minimum 1 GB, bluetooth & GPRS.

Nuniek (Initiator of StartUpLokal)

StartUpLokal is a group of start up / new small companies in Indonesia. Most of them are IT & technology companies.

For info on @StartUpLokal: startuplokal.org, facebook.com/StartupLokal & http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/StartUpLokal/

Other issues

Indonesia is the 3rd largest wireless market in Asia, behind China & India in term of number subscibers.

Key Points 2010: Voice & messaging are flattening, while data is on the rise. 53% of the market is on 3G, the rest are on 2.5G.

Indonesia is the 2nd largest Facebook after USA & Twitter world's highest penetration rate at 20.8%.

(Astrid Amalia)