03 December 2010

Manggarai Arabica Coffee

Koffie Goenoeng
Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam VI C / 17
Tel: 021-830-4153

One day, a friend on my Facebook - Koffie Goenoeng coffee producer - offered me to taste one of its coffee, Arabica Manggarai. Of course I want to!
The package of the coffee, delivered by courier, comes in two layers. The first wrap is the brown paper, while the outside is the plastic wrap.
I could not taste it immediately. Why? The coffee comes in the form of beans to maintain the freshness of the coffee itself. I even received a text message from the Koffie Goenoeng who said they can not bear to ruin the taste of their coffee by grinding the coffee bean before it is sent to the customer. And for people like me who do not have a grinding machine, of course I have to borrow it first. Woohoo! I did have to go to my parents' house to borrow a machine for grinding. LOL!
When I came to my home, my dear Mama helped me to grind the coffee beans. (Thank you, Ma!)
When the dark brown coffee beans were grinded, strong aroma that feels like caramel pushed around the room. Very fragrant! And my Mama’s kitchen smelled like the coffee cafes at the mall.
When the coffee powder was brewed by hot water, I can smell the aroma of the coffee is very strong, but not as strong as the Sumatra coffee.
The color of the coffee water is dark brown. What about taste? Hhhmmm ... .. It feels very full and firm in my mouth. No weird taste! Its after taste was like a kick in my throat. Acid levels are low, I do not even feel it at all. Delicious!
The conclusion is I like the taste of this coffee which is very full and strong, though not as strong as the coffee from Sumatra. It really makes my tongue curled, like the text contained in its wrap. LOL! The strong coffee aroma is balanced with the taste of the coffee itself. This coffee is strong like a warrior ready to go to war! Ah! I am being too much! LOL!
Arabica coffee is grown in Manggarai, Flores Island, Indonesia, about 1,000 meters above sea level. This coffee is processed traditionally using semi-dry method. The price of the coffee is not as expensive as the well-known branded coffee, both from within and outside Indonesia. (For the price of coffee, please contact the address I've put above).
Koffie Goenoeng is a leading producer of organic coffee. They carry the "fair-trade" in their business. They also have a cooperative corporation with the coffee farmers. The coffee farmers want to be supported by giving them constructive advices and suggestions, so that the quality, consistency and quantity of their coffee production increase.
Koffie Goenoeng also provides Rengganis Orchards Robusta Coffee from Jember, East Java.
Come on, let's enjoy and love Indonesian coffee!