30 June 2009


A shock to this Jakarta’s branded-lifestyle. It is hard nowadays to find somebody wearing the local brands. Even if it is branded, some of them are counterfeit stuffs. Why wearing fake stuffs, if we have our own great brands?
When some people start wearing Batik, it is the start point where Indonesian brand will be the king in our country.


Indonesia has lost some of its investors due to the current economic condition and issues. Loosing them might not affect some sectors, but it really create bad image of Indonesia to other countries.
We need some commitment from foreign companies to contribute its effort to Indonesia’s economic circle of life. They must know that there are still opportunities and good future in Indonesia. If we can achieve this commitment, hopefully it will strengthen the position of Indonesia in world’s economic position.


Successful entrepreneurs need negative feedback. Some entrepreneurs are usually sensitive enough to hear critics. They need all critics to make their decision look better. They should know what to do and how to do it. They can use critics as their guidance to see what is good for their business and their future. The critics can also give some sights on how to survive in this economic crisis.
The economic crisis has almost stopped some business, but still they must believe that there are other opportunities in Indonesia, actually a lot more than people thought.