24 June 2011

KASKUS expands to Improve Services

Year 2011 will be a new chapter in the history KASKUS for 11 years. Where, as The Largest Indonesian Community, KASKUS will expand both in terms of infrastructure, human resources and business networking sites in an effort to become number 1 in Indonesia and become a global player in the internet industry world. KASKUS will focus to go with perfecting Social Community Forum & Commerce Forum, which became its strength today, and also integrate it as a network-based citizen journalism and online trading.
Plan for KASKUS arranged in Outlook 2011 is what was announced in a press conference held in Ballroom A Grand Indonesia Kempinski today (Wednesday, March 9, 2011).
On the same occasion, KASKUS also announced a new partner in its business expansion efforts that have been running since January 2011 with the company's GDP (Global Digital Prima). "The decision not to expand the management to others is to enlarge the network KASKUS and to be able to move more aggressively than the year - previous years so that it can bring KASKUS to a higher level again." Reveal Lawadinata Ken Dean - CEO KASKUS Networks. The presence of these new partners does not change the order of policy and management structure, in addition to enlarge the team. "The vision, priority to the comfort and add users KASKUS, as well as long-term strategy in view the opportunity to be a primary consideration KASKUS acceptable to the GDP. This is what distinguishes the GDP of the other partner," said Ken.
With this expansion, KASKUS known through the Community Forum and Commerce Forum was, not only will improve both their products are, but also optimize its online payment system, known as Kaspay, advertising facilities, KasAds, as well as access on mobile KASKUS more broadly and aggressively.

Social Commerce - Community, Marketplace, and Trust
Amid the rise of online businesses that tend to focus to increase the number of users without concentrating on the benefits to the user, whether Commerce Forum or Community Forum admiration of users by providing benefits to them. Not limited to facilitate them to interact, but also as a source of livelihood, as evidenced by more than 2.6 million members KASKUS to date, with total access of up to 53 million and the number of pages accessed per month, nearly 900 million.

KASKUS will improve the quality of content contained on the forums KASKUS by presenting expert contributors, as well as increase the number of forums in accordance with the trends and user needs. Similarly, Commerce Forum service will be added and customized, not only to enhance user convenience in transaction, but also to answer the needs of more sellers and buyers with different characteristics.
Communities that have been solid with the confidence that has been formed will be able to support e-commerce activity in Commerce Forum that still hindered the issue of trust. Starting this year, Commerce Forum will be a place of sale and purchase activity is more comfortable and trusted with Social Commerce format that allows the user to minimize the risk of online transactions through reviews, recommendations and testimonials, plus new features like bidding system, bargain, and preferred payment method in accordance with the characteristics of the Indonesian market. To support the optimization of these two features, KASKUS also will integrate Kaspay as one means of payment used in Commerce Forum, and KasAds that can reach all potential advertisers, especially SMEs who do not have a big budget. KasAds is also targeting mid-tail market, where KASKUS will work with local sites to help them more developed. KASKUS open opportunities for local sites to cooperate with KASKUS.

Improve Infrastructure. Add Server Up 250.
To increase the network strength KASKUS in providing convenience to users and attract more users, the infrastructure this year KASKUS accretion target of doubling the server to 250 servers. It is also balanced by the addition of labor to approximately 80 personnel to reinforce the existing division in KASKUS i.e., programmers, sales, marketing, customer relations and creative team. KASKUS even have started to recruit professionals from top IT companies in Indonesia.

Overview of the GDP (Global Digital Prima)
PT Global Digital Prima (GDP) is a local company engaged in the digital industry with main focus to develop the digital industry as well as local content Indonesia. GDP also has established cooperation with several leading local sites such as lintasberita.com, infokost.net, krazymarket.com, bolalob.com, dailysocial.net and also in the group marketing and advertising company Red Cipta Media (MCM) and the recently launched enterprise incubation, The first website in Indonesia, Red and White Inc. (MPI).


KASKUS is a web-based forum that the members get together and do the discussion and sharing around their hobby.
KASKUS founded by Andrew Founder KASKUS Dervish as well as CTO (Chief Technical Officer) from KASKUS, in November 1999, in Seattle.
KASKUS entered Indonesia in 2008, and officially became an entity under the auspices of PT. Darta Media Indonesia.
Currently Andrew Dervish run with 2 people KASKUS colleagues of Ken Dean Lawadinata (Chief Executive Officer) and Danny Oei Wirianto (Chief Marketing Officer).
Currently KASKUS has 2,676,826 members (updated as of March 8, 2011, at 22:15 pm) and called for KASKUS member is Kaskuser. Currently KASKUS has approximately 400 communities in it.
KASKUS occupies the 6th position for Top Website in Indonesia (based on alexa.com as per March 8, 2011)
KASKUS Achievement: "The Greatest Brand of the Decade" (2000-2010), awarded by Mark Plus Inc, "The Best Innovation in Marketing" (2009), awarded by Marketing Magazine, "The Best Market Driving Company" (2009), awarded by Marketing Magazine, "Number 1 E-Commerce Indonesia" (2011), awarded by Forbes Magazine.
KASKUS STATISTICS (As of February 2011): Visits: 53,000,000, Pageviews / month: 900 million, Time on Site: 32.10.

09 June 2011

Payment and Commerce - Mobile Perspective

Are you doing mobile banking? Have you bought something from online shops? If your answer is yes, then this subject is yours. We know that there’s transition from traditional payment to mobile payment, but only a few people who know about how to do e-commerce / social commerce, how secure the e-payment system and how big the growth of online payment in Indonesia. For the Blackberry developers, there must be some curiosity too on how to monetize in BlackBerry.

To speak those both fragile & big things in mobile world, Indonesia Mobile Monday had a chance to invite four masters on payment and e-commerce ecosystem to share their knowledge and data with us. They are Daniel Tumiwa (Indonesia Country Manager of Multiply Inc), Leontinus Alpha Edison (COO of TokoPedia), DokuPay, and Sarim Aziz from Research in Motion.


Indonesians do its online shopping at Kaskus, Detik Forum, Wordpress, Facebook, Blog and Classified Ads. Problems at Classified Ads are Fraud that there are no guarantee they will receive the items after buyer send the money to seller. The other ones are the difficulties to maintain, a lot of manual works, and lack of convenience at all.

TokoPedia is a simple, better & safer online shopping experience. With its 87,000 customer, 9,200 sellers and 3 billion cash turn over, TokoPedia is sure that it can offer better & safer online shopping experience with its services. Right now, TokoPedia is only a simple mobile website, especially for sellers’ perspective.


Multiply is shopping, selling & sharing. With its 2.3 Million Users, Multiply was confident to establish its Indonesian branch on December 2010.

For Multiply, Social Commerce means an end-to-end Seller and Buyer interaction with social interaction that gives credible source of information and recommendation on sellers, buyers and products.

In Indonesia, Multiply builds its own community with user generated content to build sense of ownership (design contests, product/service feedback, etc). The local business also helps to educate the market on how to succeed in e-commerce.

For Multiply, mobile payment will offer convenience and end to end e-commerce on the small screen and add more impulsive interaction and transaction opportunities as it is real time and always done altogether by the consumers, buyers and shop owners. Today Multiply has 36,000 shops. For Multiply, mobile offers impulsive interaction and transaction. It will also open the doors wide for e-commerce in Indonesia, although there is still lack of payment options.


It was just a short presentation from DokuPay :-))
But what we can learn from DokuPay is that DokuPay is a local integrated internet payment service. DokuPay works together with some banks and provide the online payment system and helps to make sure it's the secured one.


The latest news from Blackberry World is that people may expect the Blackberry Bold 9900/9300, the thinnest BB yet and the first smartphone to run OS 7, late this summer! On Playbook, its Video Chat is the best tool to make, take and share video calls with friends and family over an internet connected Wi-Fi® network. And it’s already available via OTA software update now! The last one is about Blackberry Balance that can separate users' work and personal data on BlackBerry smartphone, prevent users from cut/copy/pasting work data into a personal application or email and prevent users from forwarding corporate email, calendar and PIM data through BlackBerry® Internet Service, etc.

On the e-commerce side for Blackberry, the ones that get the most benefit are the vendors that can submit their apps for free. The vendors may deploy the apps to BlackBerry App World to reach to over 35+ million active users and may easily leverage the BlackBerry Advertising Service with only a few lines of code. Other benefits from Blackberry for the vendors are that the vendors can manage digital goods via its portal and get 70% revenue share.

For the full slides and presentations from the speakers, please click this link: http://blog.mobilemonday.co.id/2011/05/slides-for-may-30-event/