15 June 2007

Bugil - the Naked Dog

Let me introduce you to Bugil, my neighbor's dog. She is so cute. Her hobbies are to run here and there, and bite any plastic bottle. She is big, and hard to handle. She only obeys and follows the command from the guys in the house (the Daddy and the Big Brother). Yeah, she is really flirt-lil-puppy.

Sometimes ago, I asked my neighbor, why her name is Bugil. The answer was just simple, because no matter what she does, she is naked. Yep, bugil is the Indonesian word for naked. Smart idea !!!

I just discovered something new, that she is also a model of her own hehehe. Honestly, these pictures were taken by my neighbor (the Big Brother), but no worries, I already have the rights to publish these.

Hmm... Let me tell this story behind the scene. When the pictures were taken, she was not really looking at the camera. She was looking desperately at the man behind the camera hehehe. (Sorry, Bro, hehehe).

So ladies and gangsters, do enjoy the PlayDog of the Year !!

Si Anjing Lucu

Mari saya perkenalkan anda-anda semua kepada anjingnya tetanggaku. Dia lucu banget deh. Hobinya lari kesana - kemari, dan menggigiti botol plastik. Dia gede banget, dan susah diatur. Dia cuma nurut sama para lelaki di rumahnya, yaitu Bapak - sang pemilik rumah, dan si Abang. Iya nih, dia memang anjing betina yang genit banget.

Ok para hadirin, inilah dia!!