22 March 2012

Astrid Amalia - Kompetisi Wanita Karier 2011 oleh Majalah Femina (Career Women Competition 2011)

It was a surprise for me that I was nominated by the Femina Magazine to join the Career Women Competition 2011 (Kompetisi Wanita Karier 2011). 

After submitting all the forms and doing all the interviews, I was elected to be on the Top 50 list. The link to the list is: http://www.femina.co.id/femina/pengumuman/50.unggulan.kompetisi.wanita.karier.2012/010/004/14

I was not so sure if I could make it. But I made it to the Semi Final (Top 30 list). The link to the list is: http://www.femina.co.id/femina/pengumuman/30.semifinalis.kompetisi.wanita.karier.2011/010/004/17

And that's it! I only reached to the semi-final. But hey, I am so glad and proud to be a part of the competition.

It is an achievement for myself for all the little things I do in my life. Just a little achievement that I can save for my future career. 

Femina Magazine is one of the biggest magazine for Women, Career, Business & Lifestyle in Indonesia. The magazine have been interviewed me for some topics, like: Yoga, Health, Social Media, etc. It is cool, isn't it? 

Thank you very much, Majalah Femina and BII in Women's Life, for having me at the competition. I hope to see you again sometimes soon :-) 

Having fun with Instagram & Pinterest

Recently, I have been playing around with some Social Media channels. After Twitter and Facebook, the next target was Instagram and Pinterest. Thanks to my iPhone 4S :-))

I think, both of Instagram and Pinterest are the next big thing. It is very easy to upload at those channels, very easy to modify the pictures and very easy also to connect with the other users.

Find me there at:

Instagram: http://web.stagram.com/n/astridamalia/

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/astridamalia/