07 March 2014

CranioSacral Therapy Experiences

This article on CranioSacral Therapy I wrote was from the assignment of the Yoga Energetics Teacher Training I attended in 2012.

This is only my personal experiences on the CranioSacral Therapy that I applied on my clients. The names, locations and all things about the clients are concealed due to my respect to these people who trust my hands and my knowledge.

Please enjoy my CranioSacral Therapy experiences without any judgements. Namaste.


A man told me that he got this Epilepsy that caused him to have seizures during his bedtime, especially on New Moon and Full Moon. He added that the seizures took place once every two weeks. He questioned me if the CranioSacral Therapy could work to heal the seizures, as the only things that he knew that could reduce the seizures were the doctor and the pills he took. At the end of the day, his curiosity killed him and he gave up himself to my hands for the CranioSacral Therapy.

At the first therapy, he did not feel anything, but he fell asleep. Yes, he found his relaxation moment! On the other side, I felt that his body did not react to my treatment. That time, I tried not to judge the man and his body.

A few days after that, surprisingly, he asked for another CranioSacral Therapy. He did not explain exactly why he asked for more, but I guess he started to accept the fact that Craniosacral Therapy made his body felt so fine. So then I applied my hands on him again.

The second therapy was amazing! Besides falling asleep, his body showed me that it welcomed the treatment with joy. He was relax and fully accepted the treatment. I also could feel that his body trusted me to facilitate it to heal itself by reacting on my light touch on some parts of it. When I did the therapy, I saw twitches on his right shoulder and left leg. At the end of the session, I conducted Crystal Stone Therapy by placing the crystal stone on his forehead and using the other cristal stone as pendulum to check his chackras. I saw that the pendulum stone made a different circle at the root of his body and his head. After the session was over, I made a discussion with him about what I saw during the therapy. He said that when the twitches took place at his right shoulder and left leg, maybe the twitches wanted to show me that he was injured badly at those spots. And when the pendulum stone made the different circles at the root of his body and his forehead, maybe the pendulum stone wanted to show me that he felt pain on his hips and that he has a birth trauma at his head. All this discussion made me realize that sometimes CranioSacral Therapy could work after several times of therapy. And I was amazed by the findings I saw and the honesty of the Receiver to tell me what happened to his body.

These two times CranioSacral Therapies were enough to slow down the seizures. The Receiver told me that he did not have any seizure for a month after the second treatment.

And again, he asked for another session. So then, I did it again with joy. The third CranioSacral Therapy was even better as his body was more relax. And it seems that some of the blockages in his body were gone. I could not say that he was cured, but I could see that his body was fine.


A woman told me about the problem that she had. She also asked me about the Yoga Energetics Teacher Training that I attended and she was interested in the CranioSacral Therapy I told her. Then she asked me to come to her house to conduct the CranioSacral Therapy on her.

When I conducted the therapy on her, I found that she had stiffed hips. It felt like she could not relax her hips and feet. When I touched her lower and middle back, I could not feel anything there. So I stimulated the areas with a little bit of pressure until I could feel a little bit of reaction there. The rest of her body parts were fine until I touched her head. She was sleeping when my hands arrived at her head. Even when she slept, she wanted to control the direction of her head. I was trying to follow where her head wanted to go, which was to the right side at that time, but she kept pushing her head to the middle side. Some minor twitches also took place at her right hand.

When I placed the pendulum stone on the top of her body, I found that there was no movement at all at her lower abdomen, while there were normal movement at her other body parts.

So after the therapy session was over, I discussed what I found on her body with her. She said that she liked to control everything, so that was why she could not let go her feet and her head to go where they wanted to go. She also practiced Karate in the past, so that was why she had stiffed hips. As we discussed about what I found on her lower abdomen, she admitted that she does not have regular menstruation cycle, sometimes only once in four months. She did not know why this happened. She had checked it to the doctor, but the doctor said that everything was fine. When I asked about her Karate practice in the past, she admitted that she received kicks for several times at her abdomen.

Later on, she told me that she was in the process of getting the treatment from a doctor so she could get pregnant. And I guessed this is why my pendulum stone did not move at all at her lower abdomen.