02 August 2016

Sailendra Restaurant and CakeBox Deli at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta
Jl. DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung  
Kav. E.1.2 No. 1 & 2, 
Mega Kuningan, 
Jakarta 12950, 

These are my experience at two nicest corners in the JW Marriott Jakarta Hotel. Breakfasting experience in Sailendra Restaurant and coffee experience in CakeBox Deli. Enjoy! 

Middle Eastern Breakfasting

I have visited the Sailendra Restaurant for so many times. The last one is when there is a friendly Break Fasting Gathering event there. The restaurant is located in a huge area, and there are many food for everybody. You can find many food stations, and some open kitchens. Sounds good!   

At the event, the main theme is about the food from the Middle East, starting from Moroccan, Turkish, Lebanese, to Egypt. But don't worry, I still see the food from Indonesia, Japanese, European and America, starting from Tandoori Chicken, Oxtail Soup, Sushi, Sashimi to Wood-fired Oven Pizza. Happy!

On the table, there are many finger food from the Middle East that have so many spices in them. They taste very aromatic and generous in my tongue. There are too many spices in them that I can't guess which spices in each food. LOL!

I also see Indonesian dessert food that is used for breaking the fasting called Kolak Pisang (Banana cooked in Coconut Milk and Brown Sugar).

Among all the food in Sailendra, my favorite ones are Sushi and Sashimi corner, and Pasta corner! As usual!

Don't forget to stop by at the Gelato Ice Cream corner. You will go crazy with the varieties of ice cream they have!    

In the event, there is an Arabian live music performance with Sufi dance performance. This is very interesting! The dancer dances by spinning around his body following the music at the background. How can he do it without feeling dizzy? How can he do it without falling on the floor at all? Very amazing! Very good dancer! 


Reopening event

Sitting at a nice coffee shop is fine for me, but sitting in a coffee shop in front of the lobby of a hotel is more than fine for me. And I have this more than fine feeling when I visit the Re-Opening event of CakeBox, the coffee corner in front of the lobby of JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta. 

Astrid Amalia is in front of the closed CakeBox Deli

Going to a hotel always gives me an attitude to be very official, but the CakeBox can bring up a casual atmosphere to me. CakeBox is an outdoor coffee cafe located just right in front of the lobby of the JW Marriot Hotel Jakarta. There are chairs to sit down alone or with friends while you enjoy what they serve. I can really enjoy the al fresco environment here. I feel like sitting right in front of the front yard of my home.  

It is a good place for the guests of the hotel to spend their coffee break in the morning and in the late afternoon. It is also a good meeting place for both the guests of the hotel and the outsiders. 

So, what is the re-opening all about? Well, the hotel replaces the glass display case with a unique and cool store that looks like a big box that has one door and two windows. It is like its name. CakeBox! A box with full of cakes. Very cute! LOL!

At the reopening event, I meet Arief Budiman - the National Barista Trainer, Pramudya Bevan - the Associate Professor Universita del Caffee, and Chef Indra - JW Marriott Jakarta Executive Pastry Chef.
So basically I meet with all the masters and experts in their special areas. I am so glad to learn a lot from them and get the insights from the experts.   

Arief Budiman - the National Barista Trainer

Astrid Amalia is with Pramudya Bevan -
the Associate Professor Universita del Caffee

Astrid Amalia is with Chef Indra -
JW Marriott Jakarta Executive Pastry Chef

CakeBox is famous for its freshly baked gourmet pastries, cakes, cookies, pralines, sandwiches, and other sweet treats. It is also known for its selected quality gourmet coffee, tea, premium ice creams and other refreshing drinks.

It is not a problem if you want to take away your coffee, cookies and cakes from the CakeBox. The staff will be so happy to wrap them for you.


I really enjoy my time at Sailendra Restaurant and CakeBox Deli in the Marriott Hotel Jakarta! I hope you feel the same way too!

Have a great day!

Astrid Amalia is brewing coffee inside CakeBox Deli