18 November 2013

SunPride Fruitaholic Yoga Event

If you asked me about what I could think of SunPride, I would definitely say Banana. Yes, I was a fan of SunPride's Banana. But it was in the past. Now I know that SunPride is all about fruits! Woho! I am so happy, because fruits are my favorite food!

It starts from my yoga client that owns a public relation company called Kennedy Voice and Berliner that suggests that a media visit by its client, SunPride Indonesia, should be different from the ordinary media visit. As she loves yoga and yoga is always connected to a healthy lifestyles, then an idea of having a media visit with a yoga practice comes up! Just a brilliant idea! 

Both yoga and fruits are the doors to healthy lifestyle, and that there is a practice of eating raw food in yoga world where we only eat raw food like fruits for several days. Yoga and fruits are like body and soul! Perfect match! 

So, I have fun teaching yoga at the media visit by SunPride called SunPride Fruitaholic Yoga event to MRA Media Group, Female Daily Network and Femina Group. 

The first yoga event with MRA Media Group is about opening the Third Chakra (Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra). It is all about abs and core practices. This practice is the soul of Forrest Yoga, the yoga style created by Ana Forrest and the yoga style I learned from my great teacher - Cat Kabira. The practice strengthens the stomach that stabilizes our emotion and self-confidence. The muscles in the stomach are also the tools to stabilize our yoga poses. It is a fun yoga event without the mat! I appreciate the enthusiasm of the participants for practicing the yoga practice on the floor without the yoga mat. This is fine for me as I believe that yoga practice can be done at any conditions, even without the mat ;-) 

The second yoga event with Female Daily Network is about opening both the Fourth Chakra (Anahata Chakra) and the Third Chakra (Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra). At this yoga practice, I share the knowledge of loving the inner-self first before loving others and stabilizing the emotion of the inner-self to give us the confidence to choose which things in our life that deserve our loves more. Most of the participants are familiar with yoga, so it is easy for me to teach them the yoga I know. Again, it is a happy yoga event. 

The third yoga event with Femina Group is all about general yoga and stretching. This is good for beginners and those who are sick and stress. This is also good for those working people who sit all the time and have no time to move their body and exercise. It is a very relaxing yoga practice with all those happy and peaceful stretching. And everyone feels happy :-)  

At all yoga events, SunPride placed a desk of fruits where we can eat all the fruits they have! That is where I find out that SunPride is all about fruits, not just Banana. LOL! I can find apple, pear, guava, papaya, melon, pineapple, orange, kiwi, and many more! 
And what surprises me is that SunPride has their own plantations in some cities in Indonesia. So yes, most of the fruits by SunPride grow in the rich land of Indonesia. So proud to know that! 

While eating the all yummy healthy fruits, I read some of the fun facts about fruits that are shared by SunPride. So, let me share about them. 

Banana contains dopamin and serotonin that can lift up our mood and make us feel happy. Aha! That is why monkeys are the happiest creatures in the world ;-)) 
Don't worry if we see the black dots on the skin of a banana. It is a sign that the banana has sugar spots that can combat cancer and contains Tumor Necrosis Factor that can increase the blood system and rejuvenate our body. It can help those who want to stop smoking as it contains vitamin B and minerals that combat the stress caused by the stopping of consumption of niccotine.

Melon contains vitamin A, E, C, and K that can take away dead skin cell, enlighten skin and protect our skin from UV lights. It is just a great antioxidant! 
It is also good for curing cancer, increasing digestion, reducing heart disease & stroke, healing common cold. It also has mineral and calcium that support the growth of teeth and bones in the babies.

Papaya contains vitamin A, C, folat & pottasium. It is good for our skin, immune system, heart, fertility, digestion and can reduce the risk of cancer. It is good for those who are on a diet as it almost has no calories, fat and cholesterol. It is an anti inflammation to reduce the pain in our joints, to heal the wounds and good for our blood. By applying it on our skin, it can reduce acnes and wrinkles. 

Apple is good for combating cholesterol, asthma and diabetes. It can be used as a face mask to reduce wrinkles. 

Orange contains vitamin C that can enlighten our skin, increase our immune system, reduce the risk of lung cancer, heal irritation on our mouth and influenza. Its potassium can help to lower down the cholesterol and blood pressure. It is a stress reliever too. 

Kiwi is good for our digestion, healing the diabetes, and increase the growth of good cells in our body. 

In my own personal opinion, I love fruits as they help me to stabilize my weight and control my hunger. Fruits also perfect for me as I don't have to cook them and their taste is so nice as  they are naturally sweet! The latest experience I get is that fruits are good for increasing my stamina and endurance when I practice running.

Thank you, SunPride Indonesia and Kennedy Voice and Berliner for giving me the chance to share the goodness and the love of yoga to your partners and sharing the sweetness of the fruits from your plantation. The fruits are totally the gifts from heaven! 


15 November 2013

My Testimonial on CranioSacral Therapy

The testimonial was made after I apply CranioSacral Therapy that I learned from Cat Kabira & James Newman to my clients.

Here comes the testimonial:

[Cat and James are] “a Dynamic Duo. So perfect! The Craniosacral Therapy that I learned from Cat Kabira and James Newman is one of the most beautiful practices I have ever learned. It is a mind and body treatment with a very light touch, but has a deeper joy and a meaningful message. I always end my yoga session with a short CranioSacral Therapy and none of my clients want to miss the therapy. Some of them even prefer to have a quick Yoga session and have a longer CranioSacral Therapy session. One of my clients even admire the Craniosacral Therapy as a different style of healing and releasing therapy from what she knows in the market. And that is the difference between the general yoga in the market and the one I give to my clients….

In my experience, CranioSacral Therapy has stopped the seizures in an ephileptic client, has detected the blockages in the abdomen that causing a client of not getting pregnant, has released the stress and headache in many clients’ body, and has cured a client that has insomnia….

I am very happy to know that I can facilitate my clients’ body to heal themselves and send them to a deeper relaxation that can give them happiness and peace at their sleep.

10 November 2013

The Blind Man

Today, after I left the church, I saw a blind man who was waiting for something on the side of the road.

I approached him and started the conversation:

Me: Hi, Sir, may I know what are you waiting for? 
The man: I am waiting for the bus. 
Me: Do you want me to help you to see the bus? 
The man: No need. I can do it by myself. Anyway, thanks for your offering. 
Me: Ok, please take care, Sir. 
The man: Thank you. 

He amazes me! And I pray that may God always bless and protect him. Amen! 


04 November 2013

Lessons from the Sunday School

Some of the beautiful lessons I get from the Sunday School that I attend as the process to get the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Please open your heart and have no judgement when reading this. 

This is updated each time I attend the school. And the most updated one is placed at the bottom of the article. 

May God bless us & be with us all the times, so our life is safe and secure in peace. Amen! 


Keep learning and studying as long as we live. 

God gives power to humans to build and take care of the earth, not to destroy the nature and kill animals without fair reason. 

God lives in anything, especially in our breath. Breathe out our thoughts and worries to Him, He'll breathe in to work them out. 

God creates everything, while human only modify things He creates. 

Open our heart and mind, so God can work on our life. True and sincere love happens when God exists in our heart and mind. 

We don't have to be afraid of anything if we rely on God in our life. When the storm hits us, always believe God is with us.

Whatever your religion is, as long as you love all beings, conduct your actions based on love and believe in the love of God and His forgiveness, then heaven is surely your last destination. 

Love is the sign that God exists. Love is the foundation of our relationship with God and other all beings. Without love, the world will be damaged. 

Let the words you say and type be the tools to share love and blessing. 

Faith without good intentions in thoughts, actions and words is useless. We need to execute our loves for God by always being good & doing good for us and all beings, so everyone can be happy. The happy hearts are the great drugs, the wounded hearts dries the bones. 

The law of tender loving care is to pray for those who hurt and dislike us.