09 March 2011

State of the Internet Southeast Asia 2010 (From comScore)

  • Indonesia’s internet users is 8.6 million and online hours / visitors is 14.8 hour.
  • Indonesia has the highest percentage growth in Southeast Asia (+32%) from 6.5 to 8.6 million online populations.
  • The female share of internet population in Indonesia is 36%.
  • At the Indonesia internet population, Facebook reach 87.4%, while Twitter reach 21% (4th globally).
  • With 8.6 million Indonesia internet users and the number of Indonesia’s Facebook users are 35 million, it means that, in average, each Indonesian has 4 Facebook accounts.
  • The most visited airlines sites in Indonesia are Lion Air, Air Asia, Garuda Indonesia.
  • Top banking destinations in Indonesia are Bank Mandiri, BNI, Citibank.
  • The world’s most video viewers are Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore.
  • The growth of blogs in Indonesia is the highest in Southeast Asia (+8%) from 63% (2009) to 68% (2010).
  • The world’s heavy searchers are the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore.

The Most Popular in Southeast Asia:

  • The most popular in Malaysia: Social Network, Search, Photos, Multimedia, Blogs.
  • The most popular in Indonesia: Social Network (90%), Search Navigation (85%), Photos, Blogs, News.
  • The most popular in the Philippines: Social Network, Photos, Search, Multimedia, Email.
  • The most popular in Hong Kong: Search, Social Network, Multimedia, News, Email.
  • The most popular in Singapore: Search, Social Networking, Multimedia, Photos, Email.