28 July 2015

Celebrating The 1st Anniversary of AW Kitchen

AW Kitchen Pasta House by Akira Watanabe 
Senayan Plaza, 4th Floor 
Jl. Asia Afrika,

It is a great moment to be invited to the 1st Anniversary of AW Kitchen Restaurant in Jakarta. It is an appreciation night for the people who have supported the restaurant through their delicious time :-D

It is another great visit to the restaurant after my first one at lunch time here: Lunch in Japanese and Italian Style at AW Kitchen

The dinner is set in such a romantic theme. Many flowers with some lights from the candles, good food on the table and good friends we know around the table. Such a warm dinner scene!

The romantic yummy dinner starts after breaking the fasting with some dates, dried fruits and cookies. Yes, the dinner is held on one night during the fasting month.

Aren't you curious about all the dinner menu they have prepared for us? Alright, let's start drooling :-))

Gazpacho Shrimp Pinchos 
Caponata Canape 
Yellow Tail and Salmon Carpaccio 

These three foods are served in one plate and all of them are delicious. I eat the Canape first to open the taste channels in mouth. Then when I chew the Shrimp, the flavor in my tongue starts to increase. And when I end the food in this plate by eating the Yellow Tail and the Salmon, my life becomes clear and open! Yes, the Shrimp, the Yellow Tail and the Salmon deserve a 5 Stars rating. Oh yeah, I always love seafood!  

Cold Capellini with Salmon, Capers, and Lemon Sauce 

This is our favorite! Everyone who attend the dinner agree that this is the best food we eat that night. Besides the Salmon, there are Salty Fish Eggs (or maybe I can call it Caviar) on the top of the cold pasta. The Fish Eggs are the main factor why this food is delicious. As I bite the Salty Fish Eggs, they explode in my mouth giving me some exciting sensation :-D
The taste of the Salty Fish Eggs balances the juicy of the Salmon and the coldness of the pasta. A truly perfect match! It is like a paradise is happening in my mouth!
The funny thing about the pasta is that it is made in a cold condition. For me, this food is a clear sign that the food in AW Kitchen is a combination between Japanese food and Italian food. Cold pasta reminds me of cold soba or cold noodle. Cold soba is from Japan, but AW Kitchen replaces it with pasta, which is from Italia. Such a clever idea!


For this menu, the restaurant gives two choices of food and we need to choose just one of them. Just one? My belly disagrees with the rule :-D

Black Angus Tenderloin with a choice of Porcini or Wasabi Pepper Sauce

I take a picture of the steak from my friend who sits next to me. No, this is not the food I choose. I try a bite of it and it tastes fine.

Salmon With Salsa Sauce

This is the food that I choose! I always like fish, because its taste is richer than meat, and I consider fish is healthier than meat for their non-stop swimming activity in the water. In my imagination, the fish have more healthy muscles than meat :-))
I am satisfied with the salmon as it meets my expectation. The Salmon is juicy and fatty, while the Broccoli and the Asparagus freshen the taste. Good choice of mine!

Orange Lychee Sorbet 

The Sorbet is made specially by the Chef from Japan. It is made by his own hands in front of us! So one person from the restaurant will pour the Orange Lychee liquid to a bowl while the Japanese Chef mixes it using a large spoon until the liquid is thicken and cold. Some smokes come out from the bowl that makes the process looks so dramatic! Woho!
This is amazing for me, as I have never seen the process of making sorbet like this before. Such a great experience!  

The restaurant has some great cocktails in their menu, but they don't serve it in this celebration dinner because it is held in the fasting month. I just wish they could copy the other restaurants that can serve cocktails and the other alcoholic drinks after 8 PM during the fasting month. I hope next year AW Kitchen can serve cocktails and alcoholic drinks after 8 PM during the fasting month ;-)

And just before we go home, AW Kitchen prepares beautiful gifts for us. Yeay! Thanks a lot, AW Kitchen!

In December 2015, AW Kitchen will open another restaurant in Plaza Indonesia with some new food in their list. The restaurant will have more cold pasta, one of the best selling food in the restaurant. I am excited to wait for this new restaurant, especially for the new menu, and the location is just around my corner.

Thank you, AW Kitchen, for the invitation to celebrate your 1st Anniversary! After all, life is all about celebrating your moment, right?

Enjoy your happy moments, everyone!

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