10 May 2011

Social Media in Indonesia – What’s Trending?

Social Media is a hot issue in Indonesia. Most people, companies and brands have agreed that they have to use the Social Media to be existed and engaged with their friends, family, employees, customers and clients. But the question is: How do we use Social Media in the right way? What’s hype in the Social Media? How smart are we to use the Social Media and get benefit from it?

We are lucky to have four experts in Social Media joining our Indonesia Mobile Monday to share with us their knowledge on the world of Social Media. 

The first speaker is Andy Sjarif, the CEO of SITTI, who talked about how he mapped the Indonesian Social Media through SITTI. SITTI captures the words from the internet and maps them to get the conclusion. From here, SITTI helps the internet users to use the words that are hype, most used and trending to be monetized. SITTI can also help the people to create force for a mission through the words in internet.
For example, from Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan case, SITTI can show how Americans and Indonesians reacted on the case. Americans asked about the news, while Indonesians asked more about where to download the video. Other samples are the topics on Tifatul Sembiring, Melinda Dee, etc. Pretty interesting presentation!
Andy ended his presentation with: “Every word you wrote, every mood you have, any friends (or enemy) you have are captured in Social Media. Understanding this will – someday – shift the direction of this nation.”

The second speaker is Danny Wirianto, the CMO of Kaskus.  Danny said that Social Media is about shifting on lifestyles, behavior and how we use things. Social Media is also about the change from institutional control to social control. This is shown from a research that 7 from 10 journalists get their story ideas from the internet & rely on the news from the internet.
Social Media can also be described as Social, Share & Speed. Danny added that companies should be engaged and creates an experience, instead of selling products & services.

The third speaker is Johan Kremer, Head of Alliances for Research In Motion Southeast Asia. Johan showed the recent data that there is growth for smartphones in Asia that would attract more developers. One of the local Blackberry applications, Love Indonesia, was selected last year as the Asian regional Super App winner. Love Indonesia is an application location-based lifestyle-portal that guides us in finding anything we need with its different type of search feature.
Other great thing about the new Blackberry is the integration with Facebook, Bloomberg, etc.
Johan revealed that the biggest Blackberry applications downloaded in Indonesia is IM & Social Networking (33%), Themes (22%) and Shopping (11%), while the driving force of Blackberry is Blackberry Messenger and local applications.
The best points about Blackberry Messenger is that users are more connected with their family and friends as they send more messages everyday and BBM was rated with the highest level of satisfaction score by users across all markets and platforms.
He added some great news that there will be Blackberry Developer Day in Bandung on 24th of May and the Blackberry's Playbook will be launched officially next on June!

The last but not least, the fourth speaker is Enda Nasution from SalingSilang who discussed about the Social Media Landscape in Indonesia. Social Media is people having conversations online. People use Social Media to report news. And the “online reporters” could be news organizations, journalists and decision makers, and also “Alays”. From here, SalingSilang engine collects all the conversation and news sent to the Social Media like Twitter, blogs and Facebook.
It is found from SalingSilang that the peak hour and the peak day of Twitter in Indonesia are at night and on Thursday. And the busiest city for Twitter in Indonesia is Jakarta. On the tools, people mostly post their tweets from Ubersocial, Twitter for Blackberry and Snaptu.
SalingSilang found that there are 5 million people in Indonesia do the blogging on May 2011. Enda concluded the event by saying that the Social Media industry is growing & needed its foundation.

For the full slides and presentations from the speakers, please click this link: http://blog.mobilemonday.co.id/2011/05/slides-from-may-2-event/