08 October 2015

Sehat dan Ramping dengan Makanan Mentah - Topik Siang ANTV

Senang sekali bisa menjadi narasumber untuk topik pola makan makanan mentah atau Raw Food Diet di acara Topik Siang (Viva Life) di saluran televisi ANTV
Tautan dari berita dan videonya berasal dari: 

Di bawah ini, saya tampilkan teksnya agar mudah dibaca. 

Selamat membaca!


VIDEO: Tren Raw Food, Sehat atau Berbahaya?
Awalnya lemas. Selebihnya emosi lebih terkontrol.
Rabu, 12 Februari 2014

VIVAlife - Raw Food. Pola makan serba mentah ini tengah menjamur menjadi gaya hidup sehat masyarakat urban. Jenis yang disajikan tak jauh dari sayur, buah, dan kacang-kacangan. Bagi yang belum biasa, rasanya memang sedikit aneh, namun pola makan ini diyakini mampu membentuk tubuh sehat dan ideal dalam waktu singkat.

Salah satu pengikut raw food, Astrid Amalia mengaku sudah empat tahun menerapkan pola makan ini. Tapi Astrid tak melulu mengonsumsi sayur, buah, dan kacang-kacangan. Ia mengimbangi kebutuhan nutrisi dengan daging dan sumber karbohidrat.

Wanita yang berprofesi sebagai praktisi yoga dan craniosacral therapist ini mengatakan: makanan mentah jauh lebih sehat karena kandungan gizinya tidak terbuang saat proses memasak. 

Aturan konsumsi

Selain sehat secara fisik, dirasakan Astrid, ia lebih bisa mengontrol emosi. Awalnya ia sedikit lemas. Menjadi malas marah, apalagi menangis.

Astrid menjelaskan, untuk mengonsumsi raw food ada tahapannya. Tujuannya agar sistem pencernaan tidak kaget. Terutama bagi mereka yang tubuhnya sensitif, pola makanannya harus benar-benar diatur.
"Kalau yang sensitif mungkin akan diare, buang air terus. Dan, kalau gak kuat bisa pusing."

Hal yang harus diperhatikan dalam mengonsumsi makanan mentah adalah kebersihannya. Karena makanan ini sangat mungkin mengandung dua bakteri: Salmonella dan Escherichia. Keduanya bisa menyebabkan beragam penyakit pencernaan diantaranya diare, disentri dan tifus. Agar terhindar dari bakteri, sayur dan buah mentah harus dibersihkan secara bertahap. Selain itu, penggunaan cairan disinfektan juga harus dihindari untuk membersihkan buah dan sayuran mentah. 

"Cairan sabun disinfektan mungkin bisa mengurangi kadar bakteri, tapi harus tahu cara membersihkannya. Karena, selain bakteri, kandungan zat kimia sabun bisa masuk ke dalam tubuh," kata DR. Ir. Ahmad Sulaeman MS, PhD – Pakar keamanan pangan & Gizi IPB.

Berikut tahapan membersihkan buah dan sayuran mentah: 

- Buah dan sayur lebih dulu dicuci dengan air mentah
- Rendam dengan air garam sekitar 5 menit
- Cuci dengan air hangat bersuhu 60 derajat Celcius.
- Khusus buah dan sayur impor yang banyak mengandung lilin, harus dicuci berulang dengan air matang dan disajikan setelah dikupas.

03 October 2015

Amazing Yoga and Grills with Roger Mooking

Astrid Amalia and Roger Mooking at the dinner event

What happens when two of your favorite things can come together at one moment? Do you feel lucky? Well, it can happens in one's life that two of the favorite things - yoga practice and food - come together at one good moment. So, who is the lucky girl? Oh yeah, she is definitely me :-D 

The good journey starts when I receive an email from the people from Asian Food Channel asking about a yoga practice for their client. After we achieve an agreement about the practice, location and price, then they tell me that the client is Roger Mooking, the Canadian celebrity chef, musician, food book author, and TV host of Man Fire Food show in Cooking Channel / Asian Food Channel and Heat Seekers show with Aarón Sanchez on Food Network. Roger is invited by Asian Food Channel to visit some of the countries in Asia, so he can bring his "kitchen" there and meet his fans in Asia too, and Jakarta is one of the countries that he visits.  
I am a food blogger who likes to watch cooking show at the television, and this is a truly good news for me. I am going to meet and teach my idol! Woho! 

I feel both excited and nervous. I am always excited to teach yoga to anyone who wants to learn yoga from me. But I am so nervous too, because this yoga student is one of my favorite chefs in the world. I feel almost like dying in happiness :-)

On that Saturday evening, I have prepared everything that I have to face my idol :-))
Before the yoga practice starts, I have a great chat with Liyana - my new friend from Asian Food Channel - about the culinary world. After I finish preparing all the things for the yoga class, then I meet Roger Mooking himself. Oh my gosh! That big guy is right there ready to practice yoga with me!

Astrid Amalia and Roger Mooking after the evening yoga practice

The yoga practice with Roger Mooking is awesome! He is basically a guy who likes sport. He recently likes yoga practice for many reasons. So, you can imagine how good he is on the yoga mat. It is a good coincidence that his background is Ashtanga Yoga, the style that I have practiced at the beginning of my yoga journey. Those jump back and jump in, those flowing vinyasas, those flowing breathes. And don't forget those flowing sweats and tears :-D 

I am glad to share my energy that lightens his asanas. He also shares his powerful energy that gives me strength and happiness. Can you feel the positive energy between us? Yeah! 
I am glad that we both learn many things from our yoga practice that day. 

When I make the agreement with the Asian Food Channel about the yoga practice, they say that Roger Mooking can only do one yoga practice due to his busy activities in Jakarta. But hey, he decides to have another yoga practice. Yeay! Awesome!
And I promise him that I will introduce him to another yoga style I know, Energetic Yoga or Forrest Yoga.  

The second yoga practice is on Monday Morning. That Monday is beautiful as the sky is clear, and the wind blows a bit strong that it can fold and fly the yoga mats :-D

Astrid Amalia and Roger Mooking after the morning yoga practice

The Monday Morning Yoga Practice is awesome too. I have the chance to combine the Ashtanga Yoga with the Energetic Yoga or Forrest Yoga. Still the same jump back and jump in, and the same flowing things. But the different is that I steal some moments of the practice to teach him about maximizing the core strength builder with just small movements. I am glad that he feels it on his core muscles!
As I always, I end up the yoga practice with very short Thai Massage and CranioSacral Therapy to calm all of his stretched muscles down. 

That Monday becomes Super Happy Monday when he tells me that he invites me to his private dinner event called "Amazing Grill with Roger Mooking" held by Asian Food Channel and Indovision at the Bluegrass Bar and Grill Restaurant. Oh yeah! Super awesome! 

As soon as I know that I will attend the dinner, I do my own fasting until the dinner time. I want to give more space to my belly so I can eat all the food Roger cooks :-D

Bluegrass Bar and Grill 
Komplek Rasuna Epicentrum
Bakrie Tower lantai GF
Jl. HR Rasuna Said
Jakarta 12940
Tel: (021) 29941660

When I arrive at Bluegrass Bar and Grill, the crowds are excited to wait for the Roger Mooking show. I also meet some food blogger fellows I know. I can feel the excitement there. The crowds are excited to meet Roger Mooking, I am excited to eat his food. LOL! 

Befote the dinner starts, Roger says that his cook at the dinner will be inspired by many cultures he knows, and some of them will reminds the guests of Indonesian food too. He also warns us to prepare our belly well to finish all the food he cook. Oh yes, I am so ready for this!  

When the dinner starts, I guess heaven showers me with its love :-))

Let's talk about the food Roger cooks! 

First Course - Appetizer
Steamed Duck Egg
King Oyster Mushroom, Sesame Oil, Razor Herbs

The food without the bread is nothing, as the bread is actually the essential part to add more flavor in the food. I don't know how many eggs Roger puts at this food, but it is more than one egg. From here, I think this is perfect for breakfast too to replace the toast and egg we usually eat in the morning.  

Second Course - Soup 
Green Coconut Curry 
Whitefish, Moo's Chutney 

This food is very Indonesia! It reminds me of Indonesian's Opor Ayam or Chicken Braised in Coconut Milk, but Roger replace the chicken with fish. Opor Ayam is usually presented at Eid Al-Fitr day. The one Roger cooks is a bit hot from the ginger he adds, but this makes a difference between Opor Ayam and his food. 

Third Course - Salad 
5 Spiced Floats 
Braised Lamb, Micro Greens, Pickled Carrots, Ginger 

Where in the world you can find Salad with Lamb? Only when the chef is Roger Mooking. LOL! Yes, he mixes Salad with Lamb, and it turns out that the food match to each other. The combination is perfect. The Lamb is delicious, and the Vegetables are fresh.  

The Cooking Demo

Before going to the Main Course, there is a break where Roger demonstrates his skills in cooking. This is the one that we are looking for! At this session, Roger shares his method of cooking, like how to keep the beef tender and how to cook vegetables in healthy way. Very inspiring!

Fourth Course - Main
Beef Tenderloin with Black Bean Shrimp and Broccoli Dust 

The beef is very tender. It means the chef knows how to cook it. I also taste that the sauce is almost like black soya sauce or Indonesian people call it Kecap. Because of the soya sauce taste, the food reminds me of another Indonesian food called Semur Daging or Beef Stew. Yes, I can feel another Indonesian taste here, but in dry version and exclusive look :-)

Mango Lassi Ice Cream, Honey Rosewater, Pistachio, Indian Puffed Rice

The Mango Lassi Ice Cream is sweet, and the Pistachio stabilizes the sweetness from the ice cream. The Indian Puffed Rice gives crunchy sensation in my mouth. It is perfect dessert to close the dinner.

The taste of all of Roger Mooking's food are very strong and full of spices. In most of the food, I can taste ginger. This is because Roger Mooking has received several cultural influences, like Caribbean, Asian and European backgrounds, that inspire his cook. During the dinner event, Roger is also mingling around to ask guests about the food and receive the feedbacks from them. That is what I call a good chef!

The dinner has vegetarian options, but of course I don't choose it. During the dinner, the servers who work in the restaurant offer me wine, so I choose red wine that is perfect for the whole food in the dinner. The servers who serve my table also know anything about the food. They can explain about the ingredients, the sauces, how they are made, and how to eat them. Fantastic! They are really 5 stars quality servers! 

And do you know what? That night at the dinner, I win a food and beverage voucher to eat and drink at Bluegrass Bar and Grill. Thank you very much, pak Rudy Tanoesoedibjo from Indovision who takes my business card from the bowl and announces me to be one of the winners of the voucher. Happy! What a lucky girl I am!
(The picture below is taken from the Indovision website).

And the dinner event ends with a happy belly and a happy heart inside me. 

Over all, I am still surprised by the generosity of Roger Mooking when he adds another yoga practice and invites me to his dinner event, but then I know later that basically he has a kind heart. Turns out that he is also known for his charity works with both local and international organizations. Yes, the world need more people like him! 

Just like Roger Mooking who can combine his love of music along with his love for food, I also hope that I can combine my love of yoga practice along with my love for food. The different is that he cooks, while I eat and enjoy :-))

Thank you very much, Roger Mooking! It is amazing to practice yoga with you and to taste the delicious food you cook! You are amazing! Thank you for all the positive energy and kindness you share with me and the world. The world can be a better place with more people who have the same positive energy and kindness like the ones you have. I really hope to meet you again soon! 

Astrid Amalia and Liyana Morrison

I would also like to express my gratitude to the Asian Food Channel / Scripps Networks people: Jing Lee, Liyana Morrison, Fairenza Cheng and Jimmy Cheang. You guys are the door to my happiness. Thank you very much! I really hope to meet you all again soon! 

Astrid Amalia, Fairenza Cheng and Liyana Morrison

The story I write in this blog will be remembered in my life with a happy smile. I will never forget the yoga practices with Roger Mooking, the happiness and the luckiness I get from the dinner event with him, and the new friendship I make with the people from AFC. Thank you, Universe and Mother Nature, for the precious chances you give me.   


02 October 2015

My Article about Tugu Kunstkring Paleis - JAX

This is the piece I write for JAX about Tugu Kunstkring Paleis in Jakarta.

The original article with photos and video can be found here: http://jax.co.id/tugu-kunstkring-paleis/


Tugu Kunstkring Paleis

Text by: Astrid Amalia


Despite its 300-year colonial, the Dutch has unquestionably left some historic trails in the archipelago. In Jakarta, there are still several old buildings sumptuously standing with their own history to tell, tracing back to the old story of Batavia (the former name of Jakarta).

Heading to the center part of the capital is where you can find Tugu Kunstrking Paleis, a Dutch colonial heritage building where you can trace some of the trails that leave Indonesia’s romantic nostalgia.

Entering this beautifully preserved building, which today functions as F&B establishment, you will not miss the grand lounge with art objects surrounding the interior. The restaurant, lounge and café at Tugu Kunstkring Paleis are stylish, exotic and romantic in setting.

The grand historical building originally housed the Fine Arts Circle of the Dutch East Indies (Nederlandsch-Indische Kunstkring of the Dutch East Indies) when it was first opened on April 17, 1914. This organization was founded on April 1, 1902 in Batavia, with the purpose to promote the practice of and the enthusiasm for the fine and decorative arts of the Indies. Throughout the history, the building has had various functions, as it stays faithful to the mission of promoting anything related to the art. It featured various creative artworks between 1934 and 1939 as well as world-class masterpieces of Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, Marc Chagall and the likes.

“Under the management of Tugu Hotels & Restaurants Group that works together with Lingkaran Seni Indonesia, the grand building has been decorated and returned to its original splendor as the center of art exhibitions, as well as other events with high appreciation to the beauty of arts and history. It also houses a gallery where patrons can buy beautiful artworks, jewels, lifestyle products and other design items, aside from functioning as a fine-dining restaurant, a grand elegant lounge and a tea house”, Rosiany Chandra, the Public Relations manager, says.

The Prince (Pangeran) Diponegoro Room is something that you will not miss when entering the building. It’s a dining room with a grand-high ceiling space featuring the beautiful 9 x 4 meters painting, called “the Fall of Java”. The picture tells about the capture of Prince Diponegoro on March 28, 1830 at the house of Magelang Residence, after the betrayal of General De Cock from the Dutch-Indies Government. In Indonesian art history, this legendary scene of Prince Diponegoro’s capture has only been shown through paintings by J.W Pieneman and Raden Saleh. This makes “the Fall of Java” as the third painting in the world which portrays one of the most iconic events in Indonesia history. At the sides of the room, there are ancient guardhouses used to place beautiful flowers.

Suzie Wong Bar is where patrons usually have a sip of drink after the main courses in the dining room. The bar is inspired by the famous novel and the big hit movie in the 1960s The World of Suzie Wong by Richard Mason, which starred William Holden and Nancy Kwan. The movie is about bittersweet love story that took place in the Hong Kong post-war in the late 1950s. It’s a romance of a beautiful prostitute known as Suzie Wong and an English painter who had just arrived in Hong Kong, Robert Lomax.

The bar also displays the signboard of Nam Kok Hotel, the brothel in Wanchai where Lomax rented a room to live in and also the Suzie Wong’s world – the world of the Hong Kong brothels. The bar is also decorated with two giant posters about the movie created in 1960s, a rickshaw from Wanchai, and many other ornaments that bring back the romantic aura of the movie.

On the second floor, there is Sukarno Room in 1950. The room is dedicated to the proclaimer of the Independence of Indonesia, the first president, the national hero and an avid art lover. Bung Karno’s taste of art and beauty can be seen from a large photo depicting him sitting with three exotic Legong dancers from Bali. Besides metal heritage pieces and other paintings that show the beauty of Bali, there are many pictures of Bung Karno that tell the historical stories of his life from his teenage to his last farewell when he was buried in Blitar, East Java. Patrons can sit on an oversized table of solid wood surrounded with 24 seats while seeing all the pictures in the room.

The bar also displays the signboard of Nam Kok Hotel, the brothel in Wanchai where Lomax rented a room to live in and also the Suzie Wong’s world – the world of the Hong Kong brothels. The bar is also decorated with two giant posters about the movie created in 1960s, a rickshaw from Wanchai, and many other ornaments that bring back the romantic aura of the movie.

On the second floor, there is Sukarno Room in 1950. The room is dedicated to the proclaimer of the Independence of Indonesia, the first president, the national hero and an avid art lover. Bung Karno’s taste of art and beauty can be seen from a large photo depicting him sitting with three exotic Legong dancers from Bali. Besides metal heritage pieces and other paintings that show the beauty of Bali, there are many pictures of Bung Karno that tell the historical stories of his life from his teenage to his last farewell when he was buried in Blitar, East Java. Patrons can sit on an oversized table of solid wood surrounded with 24 seats while seeing all the pictures in the room.

Created by the inland Dutch to explore the best of what Indonesian food has to offer, the grand meal consists of dozens of different Indonesian dishes varying in spices, color and flavors, mainly from the island of Java.

The waiters, uniformed in Betawi circa 1910 style, present the dishes in the artistic Betawi yoke (pikulan-pikulan). This ceremonial dining is enlivened by musicians who usually perform the festive, traditional music of the ‘Ondel- Ondel Betawi’, a pair of colorful giants characterize old Jakarta street parade. The number of waiters who serve the Rijsttafel depends on the number of the menu presented; it therefore can be two, 12, 22 or even more waiters. The maître d’hôtel expertly explains miscellaneous menu to the host of the party who is usually seated at the end of the table. It is usually served in the Diponegoro Room.

Patrons can go to the Ban Lam Wine Shop & Tasting Room for a wine. The place was previously known as Stam en Weynes, a very popular café serving fine food and wine while offering the view of Menteng neighborhood from Balkon van Menteng.

“We want the guests to enjoy the old and new beautiful artworks, feel the souls that have been living inside the beauty of the art, and experience the romance in remembering them in our Kunstkring”, Rosiany Chandra, Public Relations Manager of Tugu Kunstkring Paleis.

01 October 2015

My Article about Morrissey Hotel - JAX

This is the piece I write for JAX about Morrissey Hotel in Jakarta.

The original article with photos and video can be found here: http://jax.co.id/morrissey/



Text by: Astrid Amalia


Unlike many five-star hotels built in grand size delivering various luxury services, Morrissey is focused more on satisfying its guests with the intimacy of high-standard comfortable stay. The hotel is infused with unique and elegant design wrapped in a homey atmosphere.

Starting from the interior design, you can see the simplicity of its shape and the modern look at the ornaments. As we enter the lobby of the hotel, we can sense that the entire premises are tailored to accommodate cosmopolites wanting to feel at home while staying at the hotel.

The lobby area was built to resemble a living room, which is located next to a restaurant called “Home”. In addition to a number of dog cages placed on top of the lobby and the restaurant, there are dog miniatures around the halls. This indeed creates the feel of dogs being around to guard us. “The owner of the hotel is a dog lover, so he wants to add the touches of what he loves here”, says Danny Hoo, the hotel’s duty manager.

Entering Morrissey, one can notice the hotel’s luxurious design being the heart of the building’s architectural style; from each side of the rooms, the meeting rooms, to the shape of the chairs at the lobby and swimming pool area.

Aside from providing the self-service business center, the hotel unveils its unique side seen from the meeting rooms, which look like classes in a school. The meeting rooms are called Klasse and Lecture.

As we walk further, we enter the Resident’s Lounge that is connected with the swimming pool. The lounge is filled with wood interior that truly gives a warm feeling. It’s an ideal space for guests seeking a fun activity with their family and friends.

Morrissey offers studio room, studio luxe, city luxe, two-story loft and apartment – all designed to fit the needs of urban guests.

Each room is equipped with kitchenette, and the hotel also provides self-service laundry on the third floor. “We want to make everything in this hotel easy for our guests”, Danny Hoo asserts.

While exploring the hotel, we have the chance to have a chat with Mary Austin from the UK, a frequent guest. She’s currently doing her PhD research and says that the location of the hotel is a perfect fit for her.

“The location of the hotel is strategic, as it is close to malls, restaurants and hangouts around Wahid Hasyim, Sabang, Cikini and the National Monument,” she remarks. “And the staff here at the hotel are very friendly and helpful. That’s very important for me as a guest.”

To go to the surrounding areas, guests can have the privilege to use bicycles or Ed, the transportation that looks like Tuktuk, provided by the hotel. But if they are too tired to go far from the hotel, they can head down to Ocha & Bella – an Italian Restaurant adjacent to the lobby of the hotel.

Morrissey is also known for its long stay residence. As for the rates, the hotel is considered affordable especially when compared with its high quality services. It’s a luxurious affordable hotel; it’s what it is.

28 September 2015

Fashion Report: Indonesian Traditional Fabric in Modern Style

Today, we can wear Indonesian traditional fabric at any events. We can wear it at both casual and formal event, in both traditional and glamorous way. We can also play around with the way we wear it. 

Together with Femina Magazine, Estee Lauder and Gran Mahakam Hotel, Didiet Maulana - the Creative Director of Ikat Indonesia - shows the public that the traditional fabric can be used in modern style. 

Ikat Indonesia wants to bring the nation’s cultural heritage through modern fashion with its simple and minimalist style.

Didiet says that we need to choose the fabric that fits with our body and the color of our skin. Before we wear the fabric in sarong or twist style, we need to pay attention with its natural pattern and design so it will look nice and proportional in our body.

We may mix and match the fabric with almost anything, especially some plain tops. The other main things that can be used for mixing and matching the fabric, especially to add more glamorous effect, are accessories, make up and hair do.

Didiet also shows how to wear the fabric by making it as skirts or pants, and by adding different accessories for different occasions.

So, don't say it is hard to wear traditional fabric. Be creative! Show the world about the beauty of our heritage in modern way.

26 September 2015

6 Gerakan Yoga Sederhana di Kantor (6 Easy Yoga at the Office) - Mommies Daily

Senang sekali rasanya menjadi narasumber untuk Mommies Daily tentang 6 Gerakan Yoga Sederhana di Kantor. 

Tautan asli dari artikelnya adalah: http://mommiesdaily.com/2015/05/13/6-gerakan-sederhana-yoga-di-kantor/ 

Agar mudah dibaca, maka saya mencantumkan isi artikelnya di bawah ini.

Selamat menikmati!


My 6 Simple Yoga Poses at that is made with Mommies Daily. The article is in Indonesian Language.

The original link to the article is mentioned at the beginning of this post.

You can enjoy the article here as I attached below.



Kesibukan di kantor seringkali berujung pada terganggunya kesehatan tubuh. Gangguan sederhana yang kerap menyinggahi ibu bekerja di antaranya adalah pegal-pegal di sekitar leher, tangan, pundak dan menjalar ke punggung.  Anda bisa mengatasinya dengan melakukan gerakan yoga di kantor.
Apakah Anda salah satu yang pernah merasakan beberapa gangguan di atas?

Karena saya sering mengalami keluhan semacam ini. Lalu, bagaimana cara mengurangi keluhan ini? Saya sempat bertanya kepada Astrid Amalia – seorang instruktur Yoga, ternyata menurutnya untuk mengurangi rasa pegal tesebut saya bisa  melakukan 6 gerakan Yoga Stretching. “Dan, gerakan-gerakan yoga ini bisa dilakukan di mana saja, bahkan di kantor. Asalkan terdapat  bangku dan sandaran yang memadai,” jelas Astrid.

Kiat melakukan Yoga Stretching dari Astrid:

  1. Perhatikan kursi atau sandarannya, jangan yang bisa bergerak tanpa kita komando. Harus stabil, tidak beroda. Kalau bisa agak berat sedikit.
  2. Kalau duduk posisikan bokong ada di ujung bangku, karena perlu keleluasaan bergerak ke segala arah.
  3. Usahakan mengenakan baju yang nyaman untuk bergerak ke segala arah.
  4. Tidak memakai sepatu atau alas kaki lainnya. Kaki itu banyak syarafnya. Kondisi kaki yang sehat adalah yang dipakai tanpa menggunakan alas kaki.

Berikut beberapa gerakan Yoga Stretching yang dapat Anda praktikkan:

1. Leher

Tarik dagu ke arah kiri, tangan rileks letakkan di atas paha. Hitung mundur dari 5 secara perlahan. Lalu tarik napas kembali dan hembuskan secara perlahan ke tengah sembari menarik dagu ke arah kanan dengan cara yang sama.

Pelan-pelan setelah leher terasa rileks, tarik napas kembali dan buang napas (dalam hitungan mundur dari 5). Lalu tarik napas kembali dan kondisikan dagu ke arah dada dan hembuskan dengan hitungan yang sama. Tarik napas pelan-pelan kembali ke tengah.

Sambil tarik napas, tangan kanan mengambil kuping sebelah kiri, buang napas dan rasakan ada tarikan di leher, sehingga leher yang pegal bisa terasa lebih nyaman. Tarik napas dan buang kembali, tangan kiri ambil kuping kanan, tarik perlahan dan buang napas.

2. Bahu

Tarik napas dan angkat tangannya lihat ke atas, buang napas turunkan tangan dengan perlahan (boleh lihat ke bawah atau ke depan). Tarik napas dan angkat tangannya lagi, buang napas turun tangannya. Lakukan sebanyak tiga kali untuk gerakan ini.

Terakhir tarik napas sambil angkat tangan yang panjang, buang napas pelan-pelan lihat ke depan, turunkan tangannya – kalau sudah di situ tarik napas, agar bahunya lebih terangkat lagi, rekatkan jari tangan, buka telapak tangannya ke atas, jempol jadi satu dan dorong pergelangan tangan ke atas, lihat ke depan, lalu tarik lagi ke atas, tarik dari ketiak. Tarik napas, buang napas turunkan tangannya pelan-pelan ke bawah.

3. Perut

Setelah bahu terasa terbuka sekarang kita masuk ke bagian perut dan tulang punggung agar lebih rileks, karena biasanya bagi yang bekerja di belakang meja, bagian ini akan terasa kaku.

Caranya pegang lutut, tarik napas dan buka dada ke depan lihat ke atas, pada saat buang napas, punggung melengkung ke belakang dan lihat ke bagian perut. Tarik napas dan buka sambil lihat ke atas, buang napas, kembali punggung melengkung ke belakang dan buang napas. Tarik napas dan angkat, buang napas. Lakukan gerakan ini sebanyak tiga kali.

4. Pinggang

Kaki buka, lebih lebar dari pinggul. Pada saat kita membuka pinggul, lakukan hal yang sama dengan bahu (direggangkan). Untuk pertama kita buka pinggul dulu tarik napas dan pada saat membuang napas, tundukkan punggung Mommies, tangan rileks. Kepala jatuhkan saja ke bawah, rileks dulu di situ – buang napas sambil menghitung mundur dari lima.

Tarik napas angkat kepalanya dulu, agar tulang punggung tidak berat, buang napas pelan-pelan. Kalau sudah, mulai dari bahu, kita juga akan membuka pinggul kita. Tarik napas, roll ke belakang, tangan ada di belakang diikat, tarik tangan ke belakang, tarik nafas di bagian ini. Dada mulai condong ke depan, buang napas pelan-pelang, turun ke bawah. Kalau badan Anda fleksibel silahkan turun ke bawah. Turun, angkat tangan ke atas, tarik dan kepala rileks ke belakang, hembuskan napas dalam hitungan mundur dari lima. Tarik napas saat Anda masih di posisi ini, pada saat buang napas, angkat kepalanya, turunkan tangannya dan angkat badan Mommies. Selalu ketika ketika naik, posisi kepala di angkat dulu, sehingga tulang punggung tidak berat.

5. Kaki

Masih posisi duduk di ujung bangku dengan kaki rapat sejajar dengan punggung. Setelah itu tendang ke arah depan dan biarkan agak menggantung, tahan di posisi itu, ambil napas dalam lima hitunagn. Buang napas turun ke bawah, tarik napas dan tendang lagi, pelan-pelan turun. Lakukan bergantian pada masing-masing kaki.

6. Punggung

Kalau terasa kurang, Mommies bisa menambahkannya dengan gerakan merenggangkan punggung. Caranya dengan membalik kursinya, dan pegang punggung dari kursinya. Lalu mundur, sehingga punggung sejajar dengan bahu dan buka kaki selebar pinggul dan dorong bokong ke belakang – pelan-pelan luruskan tangannya, kuatkan kakinya dan posisi kepala rileks ke bawah. Lalu tarik perut ke atas sehingga punggung bisa netral, jangan lupa aturan napasnya ya Mommies.

Kalau mau ditambah dengan peregangan kaki, angkat jari kaki dan tekan bola kaki ke bawah, tahan di situ dan napas. Pelan-pelan turunkan jari kaki, angkat kepala dan baru jalan ke depan secara perlahan.

Kalau sudah, masih keadaan berdiri, tutup matanya dan tenangkan diri dulu, sambil bernapas tekan kaki ke arah bumi. Tarik napas angkat tangannya, buang napas turun ke bawah (lakukan gerakan ini tangan ini sebanyak tiga kali). Pelan-pelan turunkan tangannya ke arah dada, secara bersamaan dagu ke arah dada, pelan-pelan buka mata dan rasakan sensasi tenang dan segar sesaat melakukan ritual ini.

Selamat mencoba di kantor :) 

Video Yoga untuk Menghilangkan Stres (Yoga Video for Stress Relief) - Mommies Daily

Video Yoga untuk Menghilangkan Stres yang saya buat bersama Mommies Daily.

Tautan asli dari video ini adalah:
1. http://mommiesdaily.com/2015/06/05/yoga-stres-reliefe/
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?t=396&v=fRcUxX0NDX0


Yoga Video for Stress Relief that I made with Mommies Daily.

The original link from this video is:

1. http://mommiesdaily.com/2015/06/05/yoga-stres-reliefe/
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?t=396&v=fRcUxX0NDX0


Dengan beberapa gerakan sederhana yoga, ternyata mampu membuat kita lebih rileks, bahkan mampu ‘melepaskan’ stress.
Dalam hidup, pasti kita nggak akan bisa lepas dari masalah yang bikin pusing tujuh keliling. Dari pada menghindarinya, lebih baik latih diri kita menjadi pribadi yang lebih tenang. Tahukah Mommies, dengan melakukan beberapa gerakan yoga ternyata bisa membantu sendi-sendi dan peredaran darah menjadi lebih lancar?

Berikut ada beberapa gerakan yoga yang sederhana dan bisa kita lakukan di rumah. Gerakan ini dipercaya ampuh untuk membantu kita lebih tenang saat menghadapi stress. Kita praktik, yuk.

Video Yoga di Kantor untuk Ibu Hamil (Yoga at the Office Video for Pregnant Mother) - AyahBunda

Saya merasa senang dapat menjadi konsultan untuk video Yoga di Kantor untuk Ibu Hamil yang dibuat oleh Majalah AyahBunda.

Simak penjelasan saya tentang gerakan yoga ini pada akhir video.

Link asli dari video ini adalah: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3IQynkObWE


I am happy to be a consultant for Yoga at the Office Video for Pregnant Mother that is made by AyahBunda Magazine.

View my explanation about the yoga poses at the end of the video.

The original link to the video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3IQynkObWE

24 September 2015

Bourbon Tasting - Between Wild Turkey and American Honey

Stronger and sweeter. Well-aged and better quality. That is what Bourbon is all about compare to other whiskeys. It has to be distilled from at least 51% corn, aged at least two years in new charred oak barrels and contains nothing but distilled water. Bourbon can only be made in America, and most of them are produced in Kentucky.

When you go to a Bourbon bar, try this password to open its barrel of happiness. 
Neat for only Bourbon. 
Rocks for the Bourbon with ice. 
Straight up for shaken or stirred with ice and strained into a glass. 
Cocktail for mixing it with any other drinks.

Recently, I receive an invitation to taste and compare 5 kinds of Bourbon from Wild Turkey - Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey by Master Distiller Jimmy Russell and Master Distiller Eddie Russell. From the event that night, I learn that tasting the Bourbon is just like tasting the wine and coffee. 
First of all, you need to check its color that tells you about its age. More color means it is well-aged. 
Secondly, you need to smell and taste it too. These words will come out from your senses: woody, vanilla, caramel, leather, tobacco, honey, etc. 
And at the end, you need to tell how you feel after drinking it. Smooth or kicking? Spicy or hot?

Wild Turkey 101 Proof - Bourbon is the first one ever produced. Its color is deep amber. Its taste is full and bold. There are oak and coffee flavors in between the smell. The brown sugar and tobacco after-taste bring a stronger kick.

Wild Turkey 81 Proof - Bourbon has a mellow characteristic. Its color is lighter than Wild Turkey 101. It smells and tastes like burnt caramel and almonds.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon is bottled directly from a variety of barrels. Its color is darker than Wild Turkey 101. It smells like tobacco. It tastes like spices in our kitchen. Chillies, black pepper and ginger. Spicy and hot.

Master's Keep - a Bourbon 17 Years in the Making, looks a bit clear with its light brown color. Its aroma is like caramel. Its taste is between spices and oak.

Wild Turkey American Honey is a mix between pure honey and real Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey. It tastes smooth and sweet, with a smell of caramel and orange. This is definitely my favorite one!

At the end of that night, I also learn that the Bourbon works better than a man. When the Bourbon is getting older, its taste is getting better. When a man is getting older, there must be one thing from him that is not working properly. So, ladies, when your man is broken, it is the right time for you to turn to a Bourbon.

Enjoy your drink, everybody!