08 February 2016

Healthy Afternoon Tea at Fountain Lounge - Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta

Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta 
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28 – 30, 

I feel so happy when I receive the invitation to visit Fountain Lounge at the Grand Hyatt Jakarta. Only God knows when was the last time I visited this beautiful lounge. I remember that I used to go to the lounge frequently, because my office was just around the hotel. I came to Fountain Lounge with friends, so we could sit and look at the Thamrin Road and the famous Hotel Indonesia Roundabout (Bundaran Hotel Indonesia) while enjoying the teas, coffees and desserts in the afternoon; and cocktails and live music from the piano in the evening at the lounge. And when I came alone, it was a perfect spot to wander around while enjoying the heart of Jakarta. 

Well, let's find out if the lounge still has its charm on those fields :-)

That day, when I arrive at Fountain Lounge in the afternoon, I can sense that the lounge is still a perfect place for business meetings and casual gatherings.

The purpose of the invitation is that Fountain Lounge wants to introduce its new Afternoon Tea menu. Sounds very elegant for me. I feel like a member of the Royal Family from the Buckingham Palace :-D 

But wait! How does this Afternoon Tea start? How come it becomes a tradition? I am so curious to know about it. Then I find out that there are many interesting facts about this Tea Tradition. Yes, let me tell you about its history first! 

The History of Drinking Tea Around the World 

"Drinking Tea" tradition was a usual thing in China and Japan until the rest of the world popularized the ritual of Afternoon Tea and High Tea. 

The "Drinking Tea" tradition arrived in Paris in 1636 and quickly became popular among the aristocracy. But it was still not enough to make it popular, until it arrived in the Britain!

In the late 1670s, the tea trade begins in Britain. After that, King Charles II - grown up in Dutch - and his wife the Portuguese Infanta Catherine de Braganza brings the tea tradition from Dutch to England. It becomes the beverage of choice in English high society, replacing ale as the national drink. 
The "Drinking Tea" tradition became even more popular when Queen Anne chose tea as her regular breakfast drink.

That "Drinking Tea" tradition evolves into two traditions, that is "High Tea" and "Afternoon Tea". 

The High Tea tradition started in the Victorian Period where the table would be set with any manner of meats, bread, butter, pickles, cheese and of course tea. Because it was eaten at a high dining table rather than the low tea tables, it was termed "high" tea. 

The Afternoon Tea tradition started in the 19th Century when Anna Maria Stanhope (Duchess of Bedford), the creator of afternoon tea time, starts her ritual to invite her friends for an afternoon meal at five o'clock with small cakes, bread and butter sandwiches, assorted sweets, and, of course, tea. Suddenly, the other social people follow this ritual, and it became routine activities among high level societies in the country.

The "Healthy" Afternoon Tea at Fountain Lounge

After knowing and understanding the history of "Drinking Tea" tradition, the Afternoon Tea session at Fountain Lounge is not an ordinary session for me anymore. With so much of history and stories behind it, it becomes a bit sacred for me.

Just like the Afternoon Tea tradition that serves the light snacks and drinks before dinner, Fountain Lounge offers its Afternoon Tea from 3 PM to 6 PM. The guests can enjoy the tea and the deliciousness of its sandwiches, breads, desserts and drinks. Woho! 

The Afternoon Tea session at Fountain Lounge sounds like a special thing for those sweet tooth people, and I am not that kind of people. From here, I start to wonder if I can enjoy the session or not. But I don't have to worry that much, because they promise that what they offer is a different kind of afternoon tea. They offer a Healthy Afternoon Tea that features a three-tier cake stand of nutritious treats. That is good!

As the Afternoon Tea set arrives, I am amazed by the cuteness of the cakes there. They are too beautiful to be eaten ;-D 
The Afternoon Tea set consists of a pot of Rose Flower Tea and a three-tier cake stand contains of sweets, cakes, and breads.

Healthy Afternoon Tea Set at Fountain Lounge

A pot of Rose Flower Tea

Scones, Brownies, Sandwiches and Breads

The Afternoon Tea set is definitely something to be shared with friends. It is enough for 2 to 4 people. 

A guide to remember: The best and correct way to enjoy the Healthy Afternoon Tea meals at Fountain Lounge is from the bottom tier up to the top one. The Afternoon Tea journey starts from the sweet ones to the salty ones; and it ends at the fresh ones. 

Let's do it!

Bottom Tier - the Sweet Ones

At the bottom tier, I can find all the sweet treats that will open my sense of taste and chew :-D

On the plate, the four Scones (the ones in yellow to light brown) are made from high-fibre whole wheat. Such a healthy choice! I like the taste of the Scones. Very light in my mouth. It feels like eating whole wheat bread and cake at the same time. The cheese cream and strawberry jam are perfect companions for the Scones, but I prefer the cheese cream. I bet you know why :-)

Note: A scone is a single-serving cake or quick bread. They are usually made of wheat, barley or oatmeal. They are often lightly sweetened. Scone is originally from the United Kingdom. 

I can also find two Organic Sorghum Chocolate Brownies on the plate. They are made using high-quality local chocolate, and they contain less sugar than typical brownies.
For a person like me who don't like to eat sweet that much, usually a large portion of brownies can bring uncomfortable feeling to my belly. But hey, the size of these Healthy Brownies is small bite. Perfect enough for my belly. Yeay!

The Scones and Brownies on this plate are such worry-free meals! They are not as sweet as I think, but still taste delicious. These are perfect choices for those who want to enjoy their afternoon with friends, chit chat and snacks, but still maintaining their diet. Yes, it is so me :-)) 

Middle Tier - The Salty Ones

As a salty tooth person, my mind is very happy to meet the Healthy Sandwiches and Healthy Mini Breads on the middle tier. The four cuts of Sandwiches are filled with Salmon, Tomato, Lettuce and Cucumber offering vitamin C and Omega-3 which are good for the skin and reduce the risk of heart disease. The two Mini-Burgers have Olives inside that can help prevent premature aging and reduce the risk of diabetes. These healthy meals bring goodness to your skin, liver, heart and digestive system. My favorite!

After reaching this middle tier, my belly is still alright. Not too full, and still hungry. I guess I am ready to go to the top tier. LOL! 

Top Tier - The Fresh Ones

At the top tier, some fresh and healthy desserts are waiting to be chewed by me. Two Low-Calorie Malt-Chocolate Cakes, two small bowls of Carica and Strawberry Salad full of antioxidants, and two shoots of Collagen Shakes that are good for the skin. They are both healthy and sinfully delicious. Nutrition for my body, food for my soul. Such a guilty pleasure!

My favorite is the shoots of Collagen Shakes and the bowl of Carica and Strawberry Salad, as they are the perfect throat cleaner after all the "dry" meals I eat on the previous plates.

Note: Carica can also be called as Mountain Papaya. It looks like a smaller size of Papaya. It tastes a bit sour but has nice aroma. Its texture is a harder than Papaya. Carica is stronger than Papaya in case of facing the cold temperature and virus. It is originally from Andes, South America. Before the World War II, the Dutch Colony brought Carica to Indonesia. Nowadays, you can find Carica in Indonesia in Bali and Dieng Plateau (Wonosobo Regency, Central Java). 

Rose Flower Tea

The Rose Flower Tea is made from whole, dehydrated rose blossoms. These make a fragrant brew that is light-tasting, fruity and low in calories. The soothing Rose Flower Tea can help relieve menstrual cramps and is rich in natural antioxidants. It is truly tea for the ladies :-D

When I have chat at Fountain Lounge with Miss Gina Desmeralda and Miss Chariskha Lidwyanthi from the Public Relation and Marketing Communication Department, Mr. Philippe Mauron (Executive Assistant Manager F&B at Grand Hyatt Jakarta) comes to our table. After a few words, he suggests that I try the Oolong Tea that might be good for me.

Oolong Tea

The taste of the Oolong Tea is woody and bitter, and it has full aroma. As I drink the Oolong Tea, I can feel that its bitterness can calm down all the over-excitement tastes in my mouth after I eat all those tea's treats. I feel like meditating as my tongue is going to a peaceful state of mind. Yes, Philippe is right. Thank you, Sir!

I guess the bitter Oolong Tea is perfect for the guys who like stronger taste. So, the Rose Flower Tea is for the ladies, and the Oolong Tea is for the gentlemen. Sounds fair, right?

Pineapple-Grape Juice  

The Healthy Afternoon Tea session includes homemade pineapple-grape juice to complete the enjoyable and healthy meal.

All the meals at the Healthy Afternoon Tea set at Fountain Lounge have similarity. They have fibers, vitamins and nutritions. As a person who is always looking for healthy snack in the afternoon, this kind of tea drinking session is definitely my style. I definitely will skip my lunch and eat all the tea's treats without having to worry about calories and fat. 

What the Indonesian people should be proud of is that all ingredients of cakes, scones, sandwiches, brownies, breads and teas are from the local producers in Indonesia. Local ingredients in international style. Cool!
There are many places out there that brag around about the imported stuffs they can sell, but a 5 Stars Hotel like Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta even supports the local stuffs. Thank you, Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta, for supporting Indonesian products! 

For all these healthy delicious local meals and teas I eat and drink that afternoon, I surely blame Executive Chef Rolf Knecht for his creativity to explore around Indonesia looking for our unique ingredients and to create such delicious but healthy cakes, brownies, scones, etc. Yes, everyone loves Chef Rolf!

One thing that I am happy to tell the whole world is that Fountain Lounge has become a non-smoking lounge since 1 October 2015. Hooorrraaayyy!!! This is good for a person like me who hate smokers. It means that I can sit in the lounge without having to worry about the cigarette that will kill the aroma and flavor of the coffee I sip. Nice! 

Wait! Do I order a cup of coffee? Yes, I do! Okay, I know that the coffee will ruin the Tea atmosphere, but what can I do? I love the Cappuccino at Fountain Lounge! Sorry, I just can't help it :-))


Thank you for reading. Enjoy your tea time with your friends!

01 February 2016

Le Gran Cafe - Gran Mahakam Hotel

For once again, I make my way to the Le Gran Cafe at the Mahakam Hotel. I start to get really familiar with this hotel. I take my parents for a buffet lunch at the cafe, my Aunt has her wedding ceremony at the hotel, and I come for an event held by a woman magazine in Indonesia at one of the ballroom at the hotel too. I become a frequent visitor here :-)

You can read my previous visit to the Gran Mahakam Hotel at: http://astridamalia.blogspot.co.id/2015/09/exploring-le-gran-cafe-and-aoki.html

Le Gran Cafe is famous for its Indonesian Cuisine. Recently, their Nasi Daun Jeruk receives an award as one of the best food in town. Wow! Congratulation, Le Gran Cafe!  

Recently, I visit Le Gran Cafe again because they want to promote their Lunar Chinese New Year and Valentine Day programs. 

But before all, let's hit the belly with the amazing food at the restaurant!  

Black Angus with Sweet Potato and Morel Sauce

Black Angus with Sweet Potato and Morel Sauce is a special dish for the Valentine Day! I really love the Black Angus that is crispy and easy to chew. And the Sweet Potato balances the savory taste of the sauce. Delicious!   

Sushi and Sashimi Corner

This Sushi and Sashimi Corner is always the first choice each time I visit Le Gran Cafe. I know that the taste of Sushi and Sashimi are the same in anywhere around the world, but again, this is my favorite spot. The Sashimi is fresh and the Sushi is nice. 

Oyster and Prawn

For those who can guess that the Oyster and the Prawn are my next best destination at the cafe is correct! The Oyster is fresh, but the taste will be so much better if you eat it with the sauce. 

Lontong Mahakam

This is my first time to eat this Lontong Mahakam. I don't know how come I miss this dish each time I visit Le Gran Cafe. But oh, this is yummy! It reminds me back when I was a Muslim and celebrated the Eid al-Fitr day with my family. This kind of dish is one of the main menu that my Mom cooks at the big day. The dish reminds me of my history. History? Yes, because I am a Catholic now. Thank you.
Lontong is a dish made of compressed rice cake rolled inside banana leaf and boiled, commonly found in Indonesia. The one in Le Gran Cafe is special as it is wrapped with fried tofu skin and nori. Yum! 
In the bowl, you can find Tea Egg, Vegetables cooked with Coconut Milk, Chicken cooked with Coconut Milk, Sliced Dried Meat, Compressed Rice Cake, Deep Fried Cracker, etc. 

Seafood Steamboat

Woho! Seafood Steamboat! Another great discovery! This is nom nom nom! I am more than happy to eat a big bowl of this savory and spicy dish. Seafood never fail in my mouth! 

Bakso Malang

This Bakso Malang (Fish Balls from Malang) reminds me of the root of my family. I have visited Malang, East Java for many times because my Mother comes from the city. I know very much about the food in the city, and the Bakso Malang that Le Gran Cafe has is very authentic. I like it.
They say that the best companion for a rainy day is this hot Bakso Malang. Hhhmmm.... :-) 

Dim Sum

Baked Macaroni

Kue Ape

Kue Ape is a cookie originally from Jakarta.You can find it on the street or at the Le Gran Cafe too :-D 
Sweet and fresh, and there is a taste of Pandan leaves. The main ingredient of the cookie is Screwpine Leaves. Kue Ape is also called Kue Tete or Breast Cookie. Well, see it and tell me if it reminds you of something :-D

Bird Nest Dessert

The Bird Nest Dessert is only served at the Lunar New Year Celebration. Fresh, sweet and healthy, it is very good to close the big dinner I have. 


Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Xin Nian Kuai Le! 

On 7 and 8 February 2016, the whole restaurants in the Gran Mahakam Hotel (Le Gran Café and AOKI Japanese Cuisine) will celebrate the Lunar New Year with their great dishes. The hotel will present Barongsai dance performance too. And there will be Tarot Reader who will read your fortune in 2016. Yeay! 


On 14 February 2016, the Valentine Celebration will be special at the Gran Mahakam Hotel as it serves delightful cuisines at Le Gran Café and AOKI Japanese Cuisine accompanied with melodious live music performance. Don't forget that Le Gran Cafe is very good at making delicious cake that will give sweetness to your Valentine Day. And for those lovebirds, you guys will get sparkling wine, roses and memorable photograph if you celebrate Valentine’s Day at Hotel Gran Mahakam. Wow! 

Jalan Mahakam I no.6, 
Blok M, Jakarta 12130 
Tel: (62 – 21) – 720 99 66
Fax: (62 – 21) – 725 20 11
E-mail: dopr@granmahakam.com, aprm@granmahakam.com, pro@granmahakam.com
Website: www.granmahakam.com 

26 January 2016

Noodle Time in Shiraku Soba

Ruko Elang Laut
Blok D / No. 39
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta 

Shiraku Soba is a brand new restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta. Just around one month old. When I come to the premises of the restaurant, it is all in simple design. There is nothing fancy when I come there, just a room with a bunch of tables and chairs. If the restaurant is very simple, I bet there is something good about the restaurant that makes people come and stay there. 

From my recent visit, these are what I can find about the restaurant:      


As it is said by the name of the restaurant, they sell soba and its relatives. All the soba and everything else in your bowl in Shiraku Soba are freshly made by the restaurant itself. Very nice! 

For those who don't know what Soba is… Soba is thin noodle made from buckwheat flour, and in Japan can refer to any thin noodle (unlike thick wheat noodles, known as udon). There are a few noodle dishes named soba that are not made with buckwheat noodles. However, "soba" always refers to buckwheat noodles.

What so special about the bowl of soba in Shiraku Soba is that it is served dry, no soup at all. As I believe that I should not consume too much liquid during my meal time for a health reason, this is very good. The soba can be digest better and my belly is not filled too full with the soup. That means I can fill up the other side of my belly with some yummy drinks from this restaurant ;-))

I enjoy my dishes by using my chopsticks to lead the noodles into my mouth while making a slurping sound. Awesome! 
Note that the slurping enhances the flavors and helps cool down the hot noodles as they enter your mouth.

For those who are not friendly with the soba, Shiraku Soba serves dishes with rice and ramen too. 

Shiraku Soba serves 5 appetizers, 8 soba dishes, 6 donburi dishes, 5 additional food, 8 flavored green tea, and 7 drinks. The dishes are topped with chicken, ox, pork, or sirloin steak. Yummy!  


Shiraku Soba serves 8 flavored tea from Japan too. You can choose your favorite tea as follows: 

  • Genmaicha (Sencha Green Tea, Roasted Rice, Matcha Green Tea Powder)
  • Strawberry Field (Green Tea, Papaya Bits, Freeze Dried Strawberry)
  • Cherry Blossom (Green Tea, Rose Petal, Freeze Dried Pineapple)
  • Tropical Sunset (Green Tea, Pineapple, Mango, Calendula Petals)
  • Exotic Escape (Green Tea, Mango, Pineapple, Papaya Rose Petals, Calendula Petals, Blue Cornflower)
  • Peach Obsession (Green Tea, Freeze Dried Peach Bits, Blue Cornflower)
  • Pomegranate (Green Tea, Green Rooibos, Rosehip, Pomegranate)
  • Lychee Twist (Green Tea, Pineapple Bits, Pink Cornflower)

The best seller flavored tea in the restaurant is the Tropical Sunset. Don't forget to try it! 


Check the pictures of the desserts in Shiraku Soba and tell me if you are not drooling :-D

The best one is the third dessert. It is ice cream with Mochi around it. Nom! Nom! Nom! 


So how many restaurants in the world that sacrifice their taste by giving up their rooms to the bad smokers? Well, there are a lot of them. But not in Shiraku Soba. In the restaurant, smoking is not allowed. Oh yeah! This is nice for me who is allergic to the cigarette and the smoking people.

Excuse me, but I hate smokers. They are selfish aliens who spread disease to others and the nature! 

So, thank you, Shiraku Soba, for keeping your restaurant space safe from cigarettes for everybody. Good work! 


Shiraku Soba is owned by Chef Ridwan Kumala. Chef Ridwan has been dealing with the culinary world for a long time. He started his culinary experience when he lived in Australia some years ago. Now he is at home and bringing all he can to spice the culinary experience in Indonesia.

Usually, Chef Ridwan is busy cooking at the kitchen of Shiraku Soba. But if you stop by at the restaurant, just ask him to accompany you. He will be happy to talk about his food with you. Oh by the way, the wife of Chef Ridwan is around the restaurant to help him. She is a friendly woman. Ask her, and everything will be alright ;-)  

Chef Ridwan is also associated with Carnivor BBQ, Cut 'n Grill and Carnivor Sky Bar.

Enjoy your lunch, everyone!  

12 January 2016

Christmas Joy at the Park Lane Hotel

The Park Lane Hotel
Jalan Casablanca Kav. 18,
Menteng Dalam,
Jakarta 12870
Phone: (021) 828-2000

These are some of the joys that happen in my Christmas 2015. Enjoy my happiness!


Christmas is always special in my heart. How much I love the moment of Christmas, the Christmas songs, the Christmas gifts, the Christmas tree and the visit to the church.

In Indonesia, no one has the real Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is always from plastic or any artificial ones. But hey, my friend tells me that there is a Christmas tree that is made from pastries.
What? Pastries? Wow, it must be a yummy Christmas Tree. LOL!

My high school friend, Desiree Merlina, tells me that the Park Lane Hotel where she works has the tallest Christmas Tree from pastries in its lobby. As she knows that I celebrate Christmas, she invites me to come and enjoy the Christmas tree.

On my way to the Park Lane Hotel, my mind is blurred as I don't know what kind of Christmas Tree the hotel make. But my mind becomes clear when I arrive at the lobby of the hotel and discover the Christmas Tree with my own eyes.

Tallest Christmas Tree from Choux Pastries

Wow! It is a very tall Christmas Tree from pastries. Choux Pastries! But how do they make it?

Turns out that the Christmas Tree is made by making a 9 meter high iron frame in Christmas Tree shape first before they place around 18,000 Choux Pastries around it. Cool!

With Desiree Merlina from the Park Lane Hotel and the World Tallest Christmas Tree Award

Knowing that they have worked on this Christmas Tree for 15 days, it is not a surprise that the hard works are paid with the award from Indonesian Record Museum (Musium Rekor Indonesia - MURI). The Christmas Tree is awarded as the World Tallest Choux Pastry Christmas Tree! Congratulation, the Park Lane Hotel!      


During the lunch celebration for the awarding moment for this tallest Christmas Tree, they serve many food and wine. But my heart falls in love with the Croquembouche on the table. They taste very delicious for me. They come in various flavors, such as Green Tea and Coffee. As a person who doesn't like too much sweet things, the Croquembouche tastes just right for my throat. Not too sweet, just nice and chewable. This is my most favorite pastry in the Park Lane Hotel.


The Christmas celebration still continues to the next week when I receive another invitation for Christmas Lunch at Riva Grill Bar and Terrace at the Park Lane Hotel. This is a very awesome Christmas Lunch!

Let's join my happiness by enjoying the food pictures I take from the lunch :-))

Zuppa Soup

The Zuppa Soup is a perfect one to open the throat channel, so the next food can be delivered in a yummy way :-)

Stone Heart Wood Oven BBQ Spring Chicken

Oh this Spring Chicken is delicious! It is rich in spices. Name your flavors! Spicy, hot, sweet, salty and savory! This dish is perfect for Indonesian people who like many spices on their plates. Its size is enough for one to be happy.

Green Salad

This Green Salad is my perfect choice. Yes, before hitting all those fat and calories, this salad really calms my hunger, so that I don't eat too much :-D

Grilled Australian Lamb Chop

The Australian Lamb is something good for those who like heavy weight dish. The sauce is a perfect match with the crispy lamb.

Slow Roast Pork Belly

Pork! Pork! Pork! What can I say? The pork belly has its special taste that you know it is a pork belly although your eyes are closed when you eat this. Fatty and thick! You can expect the richness of its texture and taste. This dish is not for everyone. Only the legal ones who can eat this. LOL!

Tenderloin Steak Rossini

The steak is perfect for a romantic dinner. There is a deep taste of intimacy when I eat it. The richness of its sauce cover all aspects of the steak.

Seared Norwegian Salmon Medallion

The Norwegian Salmon Medallion is the winner! It is not a surprise as I always like anything in fish. The crispiness of the fish matches with the creamy sauce on the side. You might want to double the portion of the sauce as it is very die die yum yum!

Well, Christmas day is over, but its joy and happiness stay forever in my heart. I always love Christmas as much as I love Jesus and the happiness that come with them.

It is always not too late to say this....

Merry Christmas, everyone!
May peace be with you all the time!
May God bless you and me!

08 December 2015

My Residence ONFIVE at Grand Hyatt Jakarta

Residence ONFIVE  
Grand Hyatt Hotel
5th Floor 
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28 – 30, 

Astrid Amalia at Residence ONFIVE

The moon and the stars in the sky.
The walls that touch the sky.
The yellow of the lights.
The beach of people.
The sea of wine and cocktail.
The ocean of food and sweets.

Can you feel the love that I feel that night?

The visit to Residence ONFIVE changes my perspective about Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta. The hotel is not just a hotel anymore. It becomes a perfect place to getaway the way I make my getaway to Bali.

Let me tell you the story.

I come to the Relaunch Party of Residence ONFIVE at the Grand Hyatt Jakarta in the late afternoon. It is located on the fifth floor of the hotel. 

Garden at Residence ONFIVE

When I arrive at the front yard, the very friendly staffs in the residence welcome me with their big smile that makes me feel so warm. So warm like home. 
When I walk to the Residence ONFIVE, I have to pass a big beautiful garden around the residence. As I look at the garden, I ask myself: "Where am I? Jakarta or Bali? In the city or at the beach?"

Swimming Pool at Residence ONFIVE

Oh, the garden is so beautiful! The green grass, trees, and swimming pool cool me down. How can this beautiful garden be on the fifth floor of this hotel? Dang! This is amazing! 

Terrace at Residence ONFIVE

After passing the beautiful garden, I climb up through the elevated terraces before I enter the residence. These terraces are so wonderful! Again, I feel like standing in some beautiful places in Seminyak and Nusa Dua, my favorite places in Bali - a city where I call home. 
I can see the beautiful sunset that day from the terraces. Orange sky with golden sunset. I love this feeling!

Living Room at Residence ONFIVE

Inside the Residence ONFIVE, I take a glass of red wine and walk around the residence. A friendly staff from the Grand Hyatt Jakarta takes me around the residence. She explains that previously the name of the premises was ONFIVE. It was officially opened in 2008. Recently in 2015, the Grand Hyatt Jakarta re-launches “ONFIVE” as "Residence ONFIVE”.
As I look around the Residence ONFIVE, I can feel that it is a perfect place for high-level business meetings, events and functions. The concept is clear that it is a residential-style multi-functional event facility in the city.

Sitting Dinner time at Residence ONFIVE

Just like their smile, the Residence ONFIVE feels like home. It is a very big home at the rooftop of the Grand Hyatt Jakarta that has a beautiful swimming pool, Balinese gardens, four modern meeting rooms with natural daylight, a communal area with a show kitchen where coffee breaks and meals are freshly prepared, a living room, two multipurpose cabanas and four terraces.

Meeting Room at Residence ONFIVE 

Drinking Corner at Residence ONFIVE

The Residence ONFIVE is so big that I can feel that the number of guests that night is around 500 to 800 guests. So many people, so many food, so many drinks, so many smiles!

Indian Food at Residence ONFIVE

Peking Duck Corner At Residence ONFIVE

Fruit Corner at Residence ONFIVE

I am sure that the never ending food and beverages at the event of Residence ONFIVE are from the most yummiest dining places at the Grand Hyatt Jakarta. The hotel has Indonesian fare and international cuisine at Grand Café, al fresco dining at Seafood Terrace, traditional Japanese dining experience at Sumire, freshest seafood and prime cut steak cuisines at C’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant, and great drinks at Fountain Lounge and Burgundy.
If I am greedy enough, I can just book an event in Residence ONFIVE and order food and beverages from all of the dining spots in the hotel. Isn't it nice?

Sashimi and Sushi Corner at Residence ONFIVE

Dessert Corner ar Residence ONFIVE

That night, while I enjoy all the delicious food and beverages they serve, I can enjoy the beautiful view of Jakarta at night from the terrace. The jungle of luxurious residential and office towers that touch the night sky look so pretty with thousand lights around them. 

Jakarta at night from Residence ONFIVE

Did I say about the sunset at the Residence ONFIVE? Yep, I see it, but I don't have the chance to take the picture of it. Why? It is for a silly thing. I am busy polishing my nails. Wait! Polishing nails? In the Residence ONFIVE? Oh yeah, the residence provides a fun service to polish the guests' nail that night. But it is only for that night to cheer up the party :-)

Nail Art Corner at Residence ONFIVE

My Fuchsia Nails

I pick Fuchsia as the color for my nails. That night, I am the lucky girl at the Nail Art Corner, because I choose the most beautiful and expensive color that the corner has. And I am the only one that get the color. Oh what a night :-D    
Thank you, Residence ONFIVE and Melda Lazuardi from Luz Bello 3D Nail Art, for making me feel so beautiful and special :-))

The night is fun too, because the event at Residence ONFIVE invites a magician who fools the guests and teases the children. The magician steals a guest's watch without him knowing it, plays around with cards, and puts a mobile phone into a ballon. Crazy! LOL! 

The phone and ballon are still separated

The Magician and Gina Desmeralda from the Grand Hyatt
with the phone inside the ballon!

The nail polishing and the magician things show me that Residence ONFIVE is good for both official and fun events.    

With Gina Desmeralda from Grand Hyatt Jakarta, Dave Graciano the Wine Expert,
Petty Elliott the Chef, Burhan Abe from MALE Magazine
at Residence ONFIVE

An important note that I get from the event is that the food and drinks are still available until late at night. Some guests tell me that Grand Hyatt Jakarta is always being generous in delivering food and beverages at its event. Cool! Good job, Grand Hyatt Jakarta!

The sexy night is closed with a glass of red wine surrounded by old friends and new friends. What a lovely moment at my Residence ONFIVE!
Mine? Yes, I can always dream about it :-D

Home sweet home, everyone :-)

Cocktail Time at Residence ONFIVE

Sake Time at Residence ONFIVE

Residence ONFIVE