21 December 2016

Festive Season at JW Marriott Jakarta

I always love December, because December has two special occasions to celebrate. Yes, December has Christmas and New Year Celebrations. Personally, Christmas time is special for me because it is the right moment for me to celebrate the belief I choose. Yes, I am a proud Catholic! And New Year Celebration is a perfect moment to celebrate with the people I love. So yes, it is always be the Happy December! Yeay!

"Happiness is contagious!"

This year, I am lucky enough to have the chance to preview the Christmas Celebration in JW Marriott Jakarta. It is the time to TURN ON the lights of the Christmas tree in the hotel!

Christmas Tree

As I arrive at the Lobby Area of JW Marriott Jakarta, the Christmas atmosphere around it has greeted me. I used to feel that the lobby area looks very formal, but now the lobby changes its mood to look "very Christmas". I see a big Christmas tree, and I can't help to take a picture there. LOL!

"Dear Santa, I have been a good girl.
Can I get my present now?"

Santa's House

Not long after having conversation with the other guests at the event, it is about time to start the celebration! All of the sudden, the staffs from JW Marriott Jakarta open the curtains, and I see a giant JW Santa’s House with so many lights around it! So beautiful! This thing sets my holiday spirit. Welcome to Happy Holiday December moment! Yeay!

During the month of December, the Pastry Chef Indra and his creative team in JW Marriott Jakarta build a magical Santa’s House and they fill it with favorite Christmas goodies.

"Sometimes, all we need is one magic to live our life!"

Do I find my Christmas wish lists in that Santa's House? Yes, I do! I grab Santa Claus himself and ask him if I can take a picture with him. And he says yes! Hoorrraaayyy!

Live Christmas Carol

After enjoying the giant Santa's House, I see some children with Christmas costumes going down from the second floor to the lobby of the hotel. Wait! Who are these cute kids? What are they doing? It turns out that they are the children choir who will sing the popular Christmas Carols.

"Sing, and your heart will be happy!"

As I watch them singing, I enjoy the beautiful angelic voices from the children choir. The relaxing and soothing voices entertain me very much. They sound so cute, sweet, funny and beautiful. Yes, they have all the charms! I am very envy :-D

Video - Santa's House and Live Christmas Carol

You can watch the video of the opening of the Santa's House and Live Christmas Carol session by the children choir here:

Christmas Special Dinner

After all the joy I get from the Santa's House and the Live Christmas Carol, it is my time to enjoy the Special Christmas Dinner. All the chefs in JW Marriott Jakarta have worked very hard to serve some special Christmas food, such as Roasted Turkey (with bread stuffing, cranberry sauce, and giblet gravy), Roasted Rib Eye (with green beans casserole, rosemary and garlic jus, and red wine demi-glace); and Honey-glazed Gammon Ham (with green beans casserole, honey mustard sauce and creamy onion sauce).

"Fatty food, happy belly."

Christmas Desserts, Cakes and Cookies 

Christmas time is going to be lonely without some sweet bites. JW Marriott Jakarta understands the situation by preparing some Christmas desserts, cakes and cookies.

I see the selections of desserts, such as Plum Cake and Pudding, Ginger and Lemon Macaroon, and Ginger Cookies. The other mouthwatering sweets are Pepero Choco Sticks, Crispy Christmas Tree, Pandan Coconut Crunch Cookie, Choco Chip Cookie, Kaastengel, Mango Choco Peel, Red Velvet Truffle, English Christmas Cake and Nastar (Pineapple Cookie). There are also Yule Log and Christmas pudding.

"One sweet thing can create a better world."

So, what is my favorite cake? It is Stollen! Stollen is a sweetened fruit bread sprinkled with powdered sugar. I can taste dried fruits, nuts, some different spices, and a little bit of rum. Honestly, this is the first time for me to eat Stollen. As I take my first bite, I just fall in love with it. Yummy!

"Don't be afraid to try new things.
They will upgrade your thoughts."

Wine and Sangria

To complete the celebration, JW Marriott Jakarta distributes some Red Wine, White Wine and Sangria. Cheers!

"Cheer up, and the world will smile back at you!" 

Festive Take Away Package

Besides enjoying these yummy food at the award winning restaurants located in JW Marriott Jakarta, you can order these food to be taken away to your home because the hotel offers Festive Take Away Package if you plan to celebrate Christmas at your home. The hotel staff will prepare these food in thermo-insulated bag that will keep them warm and fresh as they reach your door. Yes, you can enjoy your Christmas without any hassle by letting JW Marriott Jakarta staffs to prepare the celebration for you!

With love!"

Video - Special Cocktails at Blu Martini Bar and Lounge at JW Marriott Jakarta

To celebrate the happy moments in December, Blu Martini Bar and Lounge at JW Marriott Jakarta offers some special cocktails that you can order in December. And I am very lucky enough to have the chance to sit down at the bar and witness the process of making the cocktails, while interviewing two bartenders personally. This time, the two bartenders mix two cocktails named Snow White Espresso and This is My December.

"Direct experience is always the best."

You can watch the live video of me at the Blu Martini of JW Marriott Jakarta enjoying the works of the bartenders to make two cocktails named Snow White Espresso and This is My December for me here:

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone! Ho! Ho! Ho!

"Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!
Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh!
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!
Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh!"

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