03 September 2014

My Teaching Experience in the Yoga Therapy Training 30 Hours

One day, I received a message from a Yoga Therapy Teacher, Willy, who asked if I was willing to teach at 30 Hours Yoga Therapy Training held at his yoga studio in the Align Yoga Studio in Alam Sutera. At that point, I was not sure if I was able to teach because my teaching experience in the yoga world is still new. But then, I accepted his offer. I was happy to accept the good offer and challenge to share my love in this yoga world.

The subjects that I presented in this training is Yoga for Women's Health and Menstrual Cycle - associated with hormone changes and disease.

For several weeks, I prepared the material for these subjects. While preparing lesson materials, I was still wondering if I was able to carry out this task. With the happy mind, I finally felt excited to prepare everything well.

After several discussions with Willy, we decided that my class was held at 9 am on Friday, August 29, 2014.

One day before the training was held, I still continued to read the subject material and fixed them if I felt the presentation would not look right. And my heart felt so nervous! I felt like a celebrity who was on her way to get her Grammy Award or Oscar :-))

At 7 am on August 29, 2014, I went to Alam Sutera with a surrender feeling. What would happen, I would let it happen.
At 8 am, it was the first time for me to visit the Align Yoga Studio. Willy was still teaching yoga on the 2nd floor. I could only look at him behind the glass walls of his classroom.
At 9 am, I finally met Willy for the first time. Willy turned out to be a friendly yoga teacher. He is always happy to help. He can be serious but playful too. His laughter will invite us to laugh too:-))
After completion of preparing classes and many other things, then my class began. Surprisingly, the nervous feeling in my heart since a few days before was suddenly gone. And without any hesitation, I began to speak in front of the participants who were mostly yoga teachers and owners of yoga studios in Jakarta and outside of Jakarta. Finally, once again, I found pleasure to share my knowledge with others. There was a happy feeling when I could brighten the world of others. Finally, from the 3 hours of teaching duration, I had to ask for an additional 1 hour time to finish the subject I presented. This was where I found the other side of me that when I am talking about things I really love, then I may need endless time to talk about it :-)) 

Between the training time that day, the participants held a birthday celebration for Willy. Happy Birthday, Willy!

By the time I left the studio to go to another place where I had to teach my private yoga client, Rosa - one of my yoga practice buddies at a fitness center in Jakarta - asked me to come along with her. Along the way, we talked about a lot of things that helped to enlighten my soul.

I finished the day with a lesson that I have the knowledge that needs to be shared with others. Good knowledge should not be kept alone. Because I have gained good knowledge, then I have to share them with others. May the spirit of sharing knowledge is still there inside me forever.

Thank you, Willy, for the opportunities and the challenges given to me. It was a valuable experience for me and my career in this yoga world. It was an honour for me to share my knowledge with yoga teachers and yoga studio owners in this yoga therapy training.

May all living beings in this world be happy. May God and the universe also be happy with us.


The 30 Hours Yoga Therapy Training was held at:
Align Yoga Studio 2
Yoga Learning and Therapy Center
Ruko Prominence 28 E No. 2
Alam Sutera - Tangerang
Email: alignyogacenter@live.com

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