04 September 2014

Healthy Lifestyle with Wheatgrass

You are what you consume.

The words are quite true. When people ask me if the yoga practice that I teach can slim their body down, I definetely say that yoga practice alone can not cut down the fat in their body. They must take care of the food they eat too. And in my opinion, taking care of the food we eat does not mean that we do not eat at all. We just need to choose the food that we consume wisely at our right biological time.  

Recently I introduced myself to the world of Raw Food Diet. It turns to be a great diet for me. I sometimes mix it with Food Combining method. Both ways of diet are so good in my body. All I need is to know what my body needs and choose the right food at the right moment.

Talking about Raw Food Diet means talking about some green food as one of the sources of the nutrition. One of my favorite green food is wheatgrass. Yes, the color is green :-))
The first wheatgrass juice shot I tasted was the one from a restaurant in Ubud, Bali when I attended the Yoga Energetic Teacher Training in 2012. Yes, a very long time ago. It tasted so fresh! Sadly, when I came back to Jakarta, I can not find any places that sells the wheatgrass juice.

At the end of August 2014, I received an email from a company in Bali called PD Verdure Bali offering me to taste their wheatgrass product. Of course, I accepted the offer. After almost 2 years of looking for wheatgrass juice in Jakarta, it looks like the wish come true. Yes, this company from Bali can deliver their products to Jakarta.  

It turned out that the product is Frozen Wheatgrass. The product comes in a package of some small clear reclosable plastic bags. Inside the bags, I can see some green juice there. Oh, I like the green color!
As this is Frozen Wheatgrass, I need to keep it in the freezer.

The Verdure wheatgrass can be consumed with the juice shot, salad, water, any beverages, etc.
The first time I tried it, I mixed it with a glass of cold water. The taste was plain in my mouth.
At the second time, I mixed it with a half glass of cold water. It started to taste fine.
Well, I think the third time of tasting was the best time. It was because I darely opened the plastic bag and drink the wheatgrass directly without mixing it with water. And yes, I was right! It tasted so much better. Yummy! Okay, I officially decide to take the wheatgrass as a shot! If James Bond prefers his Martini to be “shaken, not stirred”, then I prefer my wheatgrass to be “pure shot, not mixed”. And maybe my last name is Bond too :-))

I am more in love with this wheatgrass when I know that wheatgrass has many benefit for our body. It is a great antioxidant that cleanses and detoxifies blood, liver, and other organs. It suppresses appetitte and aids weightloss. It boosts vitamin, mineral, enzyme and protein level. It enhances strength to your immune system, endurance and increases your energy. It improves digestion and blood sugar disorders. It heals skin problems too.

For the outside of our body, the wheatgrass can also be used as natural food coloring, food or pastry flavoring, beauty treatment (facial and scrub), and ingredients for shampoo or body wash.

The other thing I know about this wheatgrass is that it can be used as a perfume for my freezer. So I placed 4 packs of Verdure frozen wheatgrass in my freezer and the next time I open my refrigerator, I can smell a green grass field in my nose :-))

You can get this Verdure Frozen Wheatgrass at:
Email: info@verdurebali.com

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