23 October 2009


Indonesia has many resources to explore, and we have yet to discover what the best one is that will not be ran out of stocks for a long time and will not pollute our land.
I have known coconut as useful trees from my parents’ story about how our ancestors survived in the villages that suffers from lack of energy to be produced as electricity, fuel, etc. They ate the coconut as their food, used its leaves as the materials to build their houses and used its oil as the fried oil. Those things happened hundreds year ago when the technology was not even there. With such a high technology today, those simple things that our ancestors did could be more useful and grow better than that.
Using coconut-shell as briquettes is another step to an exchange of our non-renewable resources to the renewable one. Coconut trees could be found in almost everywhere in this country. Some areas, especially in Sumatra, are often recognized as coconut producers. And the business instinct of some people to use the resources available there, which is coconuts, is a brilliant idea as coconut is useful. Instead of polluting the area, coconuts waste can be used as fertilizer too.
I think the government has to support some kind of business like this, the one that is not just producing something, but also the one that help the environment to be greener than today.

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