23 October 2009


President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s decision on the new ministers at his new cabinet will affect the systems in Indonesia. Our country has more ministries than almost any other major country in the world and the numbers of ministries are often used as a political tool to reward other members of the coalition.
Before the election, we knew that so many parties supported SBY as the next president. And when the results came out that SBY won most of the votes, suddenly those parties open their “masks” and demanded to be placed at certain position in the cabinet.
Funny thing is that SBY somehow fulfills the demand by searching for the ministers from the parties instead of taking the right people with the best capabilities for the positions. And if it continues for the next five years, I am sure it will affect our country itself to the state of failure and will cost SBY to be the most “unwanted” high profile in this country.
My hope is high that SBY’s chosen ministers at his new cabinet are the talented people at their fields who will contribute their best for this county and work as well to bring Indonesia to the next level.

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