23 October 2009


Sumatra, especially Riau, is very important for Indonesia. I know that some ports in Sumatra are the busiest in the country as so many foreign stuffs mostly come into Indonesia through the ports there. Talking about the poor infrastructure occurs in Riau, I must say that it occurs everywhere in this country.
Every place in this country is potential enough to be money suppliers for the cities themselves and the country. But the poor facilities, the lack of infrastructure and the less-educated human resources have caused the fortune to stop at its place just like what happens these days. Why the Government can’t see these troubles and try to fix them so every province in the country could live on their own without depending so much on the central Government in Jakarta.
The autonomy in those provinces can’t work at its best because it is used by some people to corrupt more. But if the Government has its initiative to increase the quality if infrastructure based on the specialty of each province, I am sure Indonesia will be more than just a big country by size, but also becomes the rich country by its productions and facilities.

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