23 October 2009


I am wondering how come education as the basic of everything in this life can not be accessed by a greater part of the people in Indonesia caused by the high cost and the policy that keep changing from time to time.
In the past, it was so easy for most of the students to go to school with the available books that were sometimes inherited by their siblings or their seniors at schools. It was because the policy stays the same for some years. Even if it changed, it would only change some aspects of the policy. And the cost of education that time was affordable by the common people, while the high class would normally choose to go to private schools.
But today, look at the policy of education that keeps changing following the change of its officials at the department. Some say: “When the officials change, they will change the policy too.”
And look at the cost that has been increased in the name of new books, new uniforms, new chairs, new tables and new facilities that never affect the quality of education given by the schools. Yes, the stuffs are new, but the quality of education is stay in poor level.
These poor pictures of our current education condition worries me that our next generation would not be able to build our country and reach the same level with other generation from other countries.
I just wish that the Government acts right to make an education policy that supports more access for the poor to better education so we can build a great nation in the future that is ready for the next higher challenge and competing with other countries. Those poor people have the same rights with the other rich people to have the same level of education and the same access to any education sources.

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