26 August 2009


I am proud that Indonesia has been producing some brilliant people that contribute a lot to the country, even to the foreign countries. People like Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Anis Baswedan, and Kuntoro Mangkusubroto have shared their big brainy ideas in their field to the community and the world. Not just sharing, but they also develop some new perspective about what they are doing. These skills can only be done by some people who know that what they share will not only benefit themselves, but also others. That’s what I call a leadership is all about. Not just being a leader of what people should do, but also the excitement to share the knowledge that we have.

Leadership should also begin from our family where parents share their knowledge and experience to their children and teach them how to be a good leader for themselves. If we have 5 kids with leadership skills, that were taught from their families, out of 10 kids, can you imagine how many new brainy breeds that we can produce for our future?

Let’s start this leadership from our own kids, then to our employees and the people around us. If we do this properly, I am sure Indonesia will have more people with advanced skills that will be so much useful for the better of Indonesia and maybe the world.

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