26 August 2009


Indonesia has this identity crisis. I, as a young generation, feels lost when I search for the uniqueness of my nation and my country. Those people outside only know that Indonesia is a big country, but what’s unique about Indonesia is still confusing.

We should continue what we have started before in our economic sector and explore new sectoral opportunities, but, I must add that the Indonesian Government must maintain them with good education so the outcome will be fully and perfect, without having to fall in the middle of the process.

We have so many natural resources, but they soon will run out and we can never renew them. And yes, the exploration of the natural resources in this country only benefits a few people and leaving some lost and pollutions to the others. So, yes, we have to find something else about Indonesia. With huge population, the Indonesian Government should be able to think about how to enrich its people with enough knowledge and add the value of them with proper education.

From here, I just want to say that it’s all back to the education and good schools that rarely well-present in Indonesia. With good education background, the Indonesian people can be able to find some sectors that haven’t been touch and explored. Creativity sometimes grows from the limitations that we have, but with good knowledge that we have, the creativity may go beyond the commonness. Look at some young people nowadays. They are creative enough to create some working space, like t-shirt makers, small printing factory, design houses, etc. Look at their format. They involve their brain, technology and what they can find around them, and nothing about drilling our natural resources. From what I know, these creative people have good knowledge about what they are doing.
So again, education and knowledge should be the based for our search of new opportunities for Indonesia.

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