26 August 2009


On the game of Google vs. Microsoft, I must say that the winner is still Google. I am a consumer here, and from the consumer’s perspective, Google is much easier product to apply with.
Whenever I want to search something, I will use Google to do the job. So far, Google has been the best tool for it and nothing can beat it. Google also has complete applications that we can use. Name it. Starting from email, images, video, maps, books, blog, documents, groups, etc. They are free and online, which means we can connect them with the account of our friends and public.

So call me a Google defender, but face it that Microsoft has failed to meet the public expectation for so long for the expensive price of its license. So, even if the Microsoft gives their software for free, I guess people will still choose Google for its simplicity and its high technology that has been tested and proved by its customers.

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