27 April 2015

Game Review: Line Bubble 2

One day, I receive a Line chat from Teddy Arifianto, the Team Leader of PR LINE Indonesia. I meet him several times when I attend some of the Line events in Jakarta, Indonesia. I still remember how excited I am to get the Brown character doll from one of the Line events. 

In the Line chat with Teddy, it turns out that he wants me to try out the new game from Line called Line Bubble 2, developed by LINE Corporation. This is the new version of the previously popular bubble popping game called Line Bubble.

Note: All the pictures here use the edit application in Ailis. Yes, I am a frequent user of Ailis – the photo editing and photo sharing application formerly named Line Camera.

Teddy send the link of the game via email, but I can just search the game at the App Store in my iPhone 4S so easily. So I download the Line Bubble 2 directly from the App Store and the game only takes 91 MB memory space at my iPhone. 

When I open the game, the preview is so cute as it comes in a video format. The video has a cute music too, so I know that the game can be played by all ages of people. The video tells a story that the Brave Brown is on adventure and suddenly he disappears. This news makes Cony sad. Suddenly, a big, red dragon appears out of nowhere and drags Cony into a mysterious world to do many interesting adventures. By playing this game, you can help Cony to find her best friend – Brown. 

The game makes you choose the language first before logging in to the game with Line ID or as a guest.

After logging in, the game will download some data that takes only a few seconds.

As I start the game, I realize that it is a very easy and fun game. All you need to do is to connect and match 3 or more bubbles of the same kind by tapping the bubbles to make them go POP! Just throw the bubbles! Well, this can be a good therapy for your stress too :-D

When you are inside the game, you can see the Friends list, such as ranking and invite.

You can see the Buddy page, the page that shows your buddies that make items.

The next is the page of Collection, where you can see the collection of your items.

The last one is the Gift page, where you can see how many gifts you get.

You can increase your combos to earn more powerful bombs, and you can also clear the different missions that appear in each stage. Each time you go to a new episode, there are more challenging obstacle bubbles and super scary Boss appear to try stopping Cony's adventure. Well, don't let them do it!

You can also go to the shop to buy more Ruby and to get special bonus.

Just like what they say, the more the merrier. You can invite more friends at your Line account to increase your power at the game and to make this game more adventurous!

The game can be played at anytime and anywhere, by anyone from all ages. This is a fun tool for killing your time while waiting for something, especially if you are stuck at a traffic jam. This game is also good to be taken as a fun bonding tool to build your togetherness time with your family and friends as you can play it together with them.

Good luck! Pop more bubbles!

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