20 April 2015

Cheese and Meat Galore at C's Steak and Seafood Restaurant - the Grand Hyatt Hotel

Grand Hyatt Hotel 
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28 – 30, 

The award winning C's Steak and Seafood Restaurant is located in the Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta, a 5 star luxury hotel located in the heart of Jakarta's business district. The C's Steak and Seafood Restaurant offers a great dining experience as it serves the freshest seafood and the finest choice of prime beef as well as a unique farm-to-table dining experience. The restaurant also has a wine cellar that can give the guests a time to relax. The sophisticated yet relaxed-ambience's restaurant offers two open kitchens, so the guests can enjoy the interesting live actions from the chefs and their crews. There are eight fish tanks to ensure that all the seafood meets the highest quality standard before being prepared. 

One lovely evening, I and my friends are invited to the C's Steak and Seafood Restaurant to taste the new menu created by Chef Matt Demery who wants to introduce his new food that have more innovative presentation and more flavors. In our conversation, Matt says that around 80% of the food and spices in the C's are from Indonesia, so they can provide affordable dining experience to some people who want it. The C's still imports food and spices from foreign countries, like Australia and New Zealand, and this is the option for the people who want to experience the luxurious food in a high class style. For me, both options are fair for everyone. Great job! 

As I sit down and enjoy the lovely evening with some friends, I can feel that the outside table where we sit down is the perfect place for us. We can have our privacy while talking about many things and laughing at anything. This shows that the C's can give us both a fine and a warm dining experiences. Such a nice experience! 

After some opening words from the restaurant manager and the chef, the food start to come to our table. So, here I share you how I feel about the food.

Smoked trout roe, uni, lemon, violas

This is one of the best food I taste that evening. The freshness of the seafood, the happy colorful taste that comes out of it, and its unique presentation. Yes, the crab is placed in a can and over a stone plate. I feel like eating the crab directly from the sea. This is freshly delicious!    

Mac and cheese, white asparagus, morel ravigote

I am a big fan of cheese. So, don't be surprise if the cheese really charms my tongue. This is a good thing for me to know that cheese does not have to be with bread only :-) 

Confit potato, roasted carrot, house made steak sauce 

This is the first time for me to taste 45 day dry aged steak. The flavor is naturally great, the meat texture is very tender, and the steak feels so crispy and crunchy. I do not feel any fat inside the meat. The carrot and the puree that accompany the steak give more colorful taste to the yummy-nutty-cheesy steak. This is definitely a great food for serious eaters! 

Red wine apple butter, granola, norlander

Epoisse is the name of a village in France. It is also a French word meaning “completely worth the effort”. For me, it becomes “completely yummy to the maximum”. As I tell you, cheese is one of my favorite food. And this Epoisse truly satisfies the sensual curiosity in me about culinary. Nothing can beat the sensation when the milk cheese melt into my throat. Its soft texture brings me to a long deep journey to a peaceful meditation. 


The marshmallow in the Smores can really make me say “Some more, please”. Its soft texture covers my mouth with love and its sweetness lights up my feeling. So sweet that I will remember it when my life becomes bitter. It is a very good closing for the night. But on the other part, I feel like half of my soul travels to a campfire in the United States of America :-)

By the way, according to the history, Napoleon Bonaparte was a particular fan of cheese. So probably, one night in my life, I can have a dream to be the Queen of all cheeses ;-D 

Enjoy your dinner, everyone! 

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