28 May 2015

Experiencing Argentina at C's Steak and Seafood Restaurant

Grand Hyatt Hotel 
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28 – 30, 

Each time I hear about Argentina, all my mind goes to its handsome football players. How I want to meet them someday. But I guess I need to hold that kind of imagination as I am about to meet other handsome star. That star is Chef Federico Ferrari from Park Hyatt Buenos Aires. He might not know how to please my mind with with his kick at the football field, but he surely knows how to please my belly with his food. 

As usual, I come to the lunch event with some friends I know. Such an intimate lunch in one hot sunny day in Jakarta!

Amazingly, I find some Indonesian tastes in some of the food from Argentina. Are you ready to explore the Indonesian taste in the food from Argentina with me?  

Let's start talking about the food! 


Provoleta de Cabra 
Provolene cheese with preserved tomatoes, mint and almond sauce 

The cheese tastes so good and the sauce adds more sweetness to the cheese. The sauce taste like a strawberry jam. So maybe at home, I can combine my cheese with some strawberry jam in case I miss this Provoleta de Cabra :-))

Empanadas de Carne 
Classic Beef Turn Over 

I know this one! Indonesian people, especially from Manado, have this kind of food. We call it Panada. And in Argentina, they call it Empanada. So similar! But what the difference is the filling. Panada is filled with fish, while Empanada is filled with beef. And I like the Empanada as much as the Panada.

Mollejas Caramelizadas 
Caramelized Sweetbreads with Sweet Potato and Orange Puree, Blood Sausage Sphere 

Once again, I can taste the Indonesian feeling in this food. The Mollejas Caramelizadas taste like the food made from brain that we can find in any Padang restaurant in Indonesia. The feeling of brain in the Mollejas Caramelizadas can only be eliminated if I eat it with red wine. So yeah, this food is a good companion for the red wine.


Raza Black Angus 
Tenderloin 250 grams 

Raza Wagyu Argentina 
Prime Rib-Eye 250 grams 

Octopus Cooked Two Ways

All the main courses above are served with Mashed Potatoes with Semi-Salted Butter, Smoked Pumpkin Puree, and Seasonal Mushrooms with Fresh Herbs. I like the pumpkin and the mushroom better. It is just that the pumpkin tastes very sweet and nice, and the mushroom tastes very yummy and bold.


Budin de Pan 
Bread Pudding 

The bread pudding taste so sweet, and the chocolate around it can turn the sweetness down to an acceptable level, while the ice cream adds more creamy feeling to the dessert. Just perfect!

Rogel Con Dulce de Leche Y Merengue 
Cake with Dulce de Leche and Meringue 

The cake is so soft that somehow you don't need to chew it. The brown drops around it tastes like an old caramel candy called Chelsea. And when I combine them with the ice cream, I can feel a cold caramel cake in my throat. Such a good closing for the lunch.

The lunch is accompanied with the five wines. I will write about it later. Please wait for it :-)

Thank you, Chef Federico Ferrari! Your cooking hands are truly handsome :-D

And since the event is sponsored by Qatar Airways, can I also dream that someday I will fly to Argentina with its plane?

Have a great lunch, everyone!

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