27 November 2014

From Japan with Love

This is the story of my holiday traveling to Japan. It takes place somewhere on 2011. It is a bit too late to write it, but I write it anyway. I think the best way to keep the good memories is to write it, so the whole world know that I am happy. 

So let me express how I feel about visiting some of the corners in Japan.


The hotel is chosen because it is near with the airport. It is located outside of the busy life in Japan.
Around the hotel, I can see many great trees.
What I like from the hotel is that they serve good breakfast with a lot of porks. Oh yeah!


The place is just like New York. I can find many famous branded stores here.
The roads around the area are quiet, not so busy. And it has bicycle parking space. Great one!


Hachiko is the most faithful dog in the history of Japan. There is a movie about it and Richard Gere is acted as the owner of the dog.
The statue is created to honour the dog. The statue is situated in a public park. There is a train too in front of the statue that represents the transportation taken by the late owner of Hachiko.
This area is also used a meeting point.
One of the known transportation here is Shibuya Community Bus.
Not far from the statue, there is a large sport center or stadium.


I can find many malls and department stores here.
Some of the great transportation here is the underground trains that connect one area to another. Very affordable transportation in Japan.
In the area, I also experience their own red district where I can see night pubs, drinks, and erotic shows. Interesting ;-D


This is one of the famous tourist destinations in Japan. It is minus four degree Celsius when I come there, but the sun is kind enough to warm me.
The mountain is located around the jungle of trees. We need to drive on long roads to get there.
One of the stores there knows Indonesia very well. They can speak Indonesian language too. The owner of the store tells me that there are many Indonesian people visit the area. So glad to know it!


This is the Kingdom of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse! Yeay! I am so happy that I can see my favourite cartoon figures here!
Just like its name, this Disney is located in the middle of the sea. I do not know if the sea is man made or not, but it is beautiful! I can also see mountains and trains.
Some of the interesting adventures I visit are the Pirates of Caribbean, the Kingdom of Mermaids, the Journey at the Center of the Earth, and the Kingdom of Aladdin.
This place is so big that I get lost too many times! But I thank God that there are many people work in the Disney Sea that are willing to help me to find my way back to the tour bus ;-D


This is the place where I can find Tokyo Tower. It looks like the miniature of Eiffel Tower in France. The tower is the brightest spot in the area.
Around the tower, there are real Japanese restaurants, Hanamasa and Yoshinoya. We have these two restaurants too in Jakarta, right?
Not far from the tower, I can see Decks, the restaurant that uses boats over the river as their eating place. Very nice!


The temple is located near a quiet road. The temple is big and red! Wow!
Inside the temple's complex, I can see some drinking fountains and future reading spot. The future reading spot is a place where I can take a paper randomly from a cupboard and read what my future will be written in the paper. And what I get is interesting ;-)
Near the temple, there are street market, housing complex and apartments. And surprisingly, the area is so clean!


Alright, this place is a heaven for the shoppers! This is the place where shoppers can buy branded stuffs with cheaper price. The place is huge! It is like a shopping town.
This place is also known as a place for the Japanese people to meet up, hang out and take their dogs out too.
As the place is so huge, I get lost here too. Oh well! But there is one security officer who helps me to find my tour bus by walking with me all the way from one point to the other point. Thank you, Sir!


After I visit Japan, i guess I am falling in love with Japan.
Japan is a very clean country. Anywhere in the country, I do not see junks. The public toilets are also clean! The toilets can sing, dry and spray you as well. Oh so fun of them ;-))
The Japanese people are very discipline, polite and honest. They are always on time and always want to take what they deserve only, not more than that. If I buy some stuffs, they will give the change no matter how many cents it is. If I ask them to keep the change, they will refuse it. Such a great attitude! And do not forget the way they bow to each other. The greatness of their tradition!
The Japanese people love dogs. You can find many cute dogs walking around the streets with their owners. So cute!
The Japanese people are also healthy, because some of them choose to use bicycle as their transportation. And that is the reason why I can see many bike lanes and bicycle parking spaces.
I am also excited to see a lot of vending machines there. You can buy anything, including Kimono - their traditional costumes, from the vending machine. Well, Japan knows very well about the efficiency of shopping ;-D
And, Japan is one of the best place to eat porks. The Japanese people can cook porks very well that they taste so delicious! I guess this is what I call heaven ;-D 

Dear Japan and the Japanese people, I am so in love with you. I hope I can come back soon. See you soon! 

Enjoy your holiday, everybody!

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