07 November 2014

Food Tasting at 3 Wise Monkeys

3 Wise Monkeys
Jl. Suryo No. 26
South Jakarta

3 Wise Monkeys is a brand new Japanese restaurant in Jakarta.

One day, I am invited to attend its food tasting. Sounds great! 

The 3WM restaurant is located at one of the busiest roads in Jakarta where you can also find many other restaurants to visit to. So, it is a tough business, and the owners of 3WM are brave enough to be very confident in building this kind of business.

As I enter the 3WM building, I feel that it is built in a modern atmosphere. No, you will not find a full Japanese taste here. I can sense that 3WM wants to answer the need of people in Jakarta who want to eat and drink in a Japanese restaurant without leaving that metropolitan taste. So yes, you can hang out with your friends or date your lover here. 

Let me talk about its food now. At the food tasting, the 3WM presents its Kaiseki set. The kinds of food in the set are:

Zensai (appetizer)

Mukozuke (seasonal sashimi) 

Chawan Mushi

Agemono (fried dish) 

Nimono (steam tofu)

Yakimono (grilled seasonal meat)

All the food are delicious! My tongue says that the food have been adjusted into the Indonesian taste. This is good for Indonesian customers.

All the food are delicious! My tongue says that the food have been adjusted into the Indonesian taste. This is good for Indonesian customers.

But hey, let me talk about the food that capture my heart. I really love Yakimono. The meat taste so yummy. The slices of meat come with its sauce, but I prefer to eat them alone without the sauce. The meat itself has tasted so deicious, and adding the sauce will kill its taste. Just my two cents.
Its Chawan Mushi is rich with surprise contents inside it. It is not just an ordinary Chawan Mushi. It is perfect for people who want to eat something above the snack.

My special appreciation goes to its Garlic Rice. The garlic, the salt, the rice and other ingridients have made it perfect! So delicious! My Indonesian tongue can not lie about it. No, it is not in the list of Kaiseki set. The Garlic Rice is presented as a bonus food, but turns out to be my favourite one. Surprise! From here, I can learn that we can plan anything in life, but sometimes unplanned stuffs can be extraordinary too. Life is full with surprises.

Now, let me talk about the drinks here in 3WM. You can forget about Ocha or Green Tea or any other tea. 3WM has great selections of drinks and cocktails. One of them is the Sangria. Fresh, sweet, sour and bitter are inside the Sangria. I can imagine that I am sitting in a beautiful beach looking at the blue sea while drinking it. Oh well, the Sangria successfully brings the beach imagination into my mind ;-D

Overall, 3WM is a good place for eating, drinking and hanging out. You can feel the sense of Japan through the food in 3WM, while grounding your feet in Jakarta - the metropolitan city - through the collections of cocktails in 3WM.

Enjoy your celebration of life!

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