13 November 2014

A Great Representative of Catholic

One day, I read an article from: Roti dari Ibu Ade Sara  .

It is written in Indonesian language. Let me give you the translation of the article roughly from my understanding.

The situation is taken from a court. The case from the trial is the murder of a girl named Ade Sara Angelina Suroto. The murderers are her ex boyfriend, Ahmad Imam Al Hafitd, and his new girlfriend, Assyifa Ramadhani.

Recently, while waiting for the trial, the mother of the late Ade Sara, Elisabeth Diana, gave breads and drinking waters to the murderers through another person.

From the previous news, the parents of the late Ade Sara have forgiven the murderers, but still want the law to be applied on them.

The late Ade Sara comes from a devoted Catholic family. She was the only child in the family.

After reading the article, I am amazed of what Elisabeth has done. Such a compassion she shows the world. Not just forgiving the murderers, but she also gave food and drinks to them.

Elisabeth shows that no cruelty in the world can take off the loving kindness in her, even if the cruelty killed her only daughter. I can see Jesus in her. I guess Catholic does not need 1,000 influencers to tell the world about its loving kindness. Catholic only needs one person like Elisabeth to open the eyes of the world abouf the honest value of compassion in Catholic. Elisabeth is truly a great representative of Catholic. May Jesus bless Elisabeth! Amen. 

Dear Elisabeth, thank you for showing your true compassion to the world and sharing it with the bad people who killed your only daughter. A great lesson for me as a new member of the Catholic world and the rest of the Catholic people. Because of you, I am so proud of my new religion. I am proud to become a Catholic.

I am a proud Catholic.

May Jesus bless us! Amen. 

(Note: The picture is taken at St. Theresia Church, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Indonesia)

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