29 September 2009


Frustrated Jakarta’s people and the need to be entertained, but lack of comfort places to go. That’s what I and many other Jakarta’s people can feel.
No decent places to go around Jakarta because of their lack of infrastructure have caused most of the Jakarta’s people to spend their holiday walking around at some great and luxurious malls in Jakarta. Malls are not holiday destinations; especially the discounts & the sale that will make you go broke for nothing but material satisfaction, not soul satisfaction. But the fact that the malls offer you some comfort, complete facilitates, and clean places have set the people’s mind that those malls are the best destination to spend our holidays instead of going to a city nearby Jakarta with poor infrastructure.
Bandung and Puncak have been the second home for some Jakarta’s people when it’s come to holiday, but it’s just making the two cities packed and trapped into a long traffic jump.
Don’t we think that it is now the right time for the other cities around Jakarta to fix their facilitations and infrastructures so these Jakarta’s people have better options for their holiday?

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