29 September 2009


Islam is not terrorists, and terrorist is not Islam. They are two different matters. There’s a struggle in Islam life, but bombing some places that kills other people’s life, especially Muslim’s, is not the struggle that Islam has been promoting. That is a wrong way of struggle. Jihad means to do your responsibility to the fullest and not by bombing some places and kills others. I have no idea how some extremists could plant some wrong lessons about Jihad
I agree that other foreign countries should not isolate Indonesia. The support from other countries for Indonesia by not releasing travel ban to Indonesia will wake up the eyes of terrorists that Indonesia is not the right field for them to execute their struggle to fight against the Western. But on the other hand, I think it is only the foreign governments that are concerned about the travel issues, as I know that most foreign tourists are still flying to Indonesia and enjoy their holiday in Indonesia and think that Indonesia is still a safe place for them.
And I support the Indonesian Terrorism Law for its effectiveness to search, hunt down and combat the terrorists. Nobody should be worry about the law at all. Instead of being worry that the police will abuse the law, they should support the law that will make this country free from terrorist, safe for them to live and work here. They should also give more space to the Armed Forces to save this country, as that’s the job from the Armed Forces to defend this country from any disturbances. If more people believe and agree with these, I am sure Indonesia will be successful in combating terrorism.

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