29 September 2009


I am a Muslim and I am concerned of what the Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) doing these days. They have been releasing some unnecessary bans, starting from the ban to smoke, gambling, the plan to ban yoga (which then they canceled), and recently, the ban for the poor to beg on the street.
Instead of releasing unnecessary bans that invites some laughs at them, it is better if MUI start to do real act to improve the wealth and condition of the Muslims. I think MUI have the ability to share their ideas on what every Muslim should do to increase their quality of life and make a better Islam way of life. And after that, I am sure that those things will invite more respect by Muslims and non-Muslims to MUI.
Some bans only create hates and separate one to another. In this case, forget about unity in diversity, not even diversity in unity.
And may I add that Indonesia is not the biggest Islamic country, but a big country that has a lot of Muslim people living in the country, so that’s why tolerance for other religions’ interests is necessary.

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