25 April 2008

Dinner in Japanese style

When I had an idea to have a dinner in Japanese style, my Japanese friend, Kaori, offered he house to be used as the place to do the dinner. Cool!!!

We did the dinner on the last Saturday night, after stretching our lazy muscles at 3 yoga classes. In the situation like this, our stomach deserved to be treated well with some delicious food.

Our first target was the Japanese supermarket called Papaya in Melawai area. When we arrived there, we found out that they didn’t have sushi anymore. So we only bought some fried food and sashimi. Kaori also did her monthly shopping for her kitchen and chatted with some of her Japanese friends. Some of the stuffs that she bought were a part of the food that she would cook that night. So Kaori would cook… Yeaaahhh!!!!

After finishing our shopping, we went to her house and started the cooking process.

Kaori started to cook the rice that she would use to make sushi. She mixed the Japanese rice, a bit of sugar and vinegar. It should be served cold so we can use it to make sushi.

While cooking mishosu shiru soup wit some vegetables, she heated the fried food, the grilled fish and also fried Hangpeng. Hangpeng is made from fish and flour. Hangpeng was fried with a bit of wijen oil.

She then cut the sashimi and placed them on top of some fresh vegetables.

And…. The dinner started……

After eating the mishosu shiru soup, we made our own sushi. That cold Japanese rice was placed on top of the seaweed sheet. We should press the rice so it would stick to the seaweed. After that, we can put anything on top of that. Anything like grilled fish, sashimi, or even the Japanese snack.

Besides all the food that I mentioned, there were also the Japanese tea made from rice, and the sake in the box.

The point is we enjoyed our dinner. We ate the food that Kaori cooked, and also chatted about anything that made us laugh. Happy belly, happy heart….

Below is some of the picture of the food from the dinner. Enjoy!!!

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