13 May 2008

Anomali Café

Anomali Coffee
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 35
Tel: +6221-5292-0102

About 8 moths ago, I received an e-from Abgari or Abgar who asked about my drinking coffee activities. Well, actually he wanted to build his own café. Not long after that, he also invited me to come to his café, Anomali Coffee.

Then I found out that there was media coverage about this Anomali Coffee. One of them was my best friend, Ree. She went there before me hehehe.

The last Sunday, after working out at 3 yoga classes that made this body tired and hungry, I and my Japanese friend, Kaori, decided to go to the Anomali Coffee.

After calling out Abgar asking for the way to get there, we found out that Anomali is quite near from our gym. Yippee let’s go, girls!!

When we arrived, the place is so cozy. Not that exclusive cozy, but this is more to warehouse environment. Some of the interior of Anomali were left unfinished, just like an unfinished warehouse.

After observing the area, we decided to move upstairs to the second floor and sat at the chairs at the outside balcony. Suddenly, a waitress told us that rain might come and a bit ordering us to sit inside. Eh what?? Hey, we wanted to get some fresh air here. But anyway, as the day was too beautiful to argue with unimportant matter, then we did what the waitress wanted.

As we moved inside, we took the chairs next to the glass windows and started to order from the menu. Kaori ordered Caramel Nut Latte, and I ordered Black Forest Latte. For our snack, we chose to share the Anomali Club Sandwich. What kind of snack sandwich is hehehe.

After waiting for some moments, then our drinks came. The Caramel Nut Latte that Kaori ordered tasted like the Caramel Cafe Latte from the other café. Eh, which café is it hehehe. Try to guess, OK. Meanwhile, my Black Forest Latte tasted better. At the bottom of the drink, I could find some delicious granules. So this delicious drink was made from the mix of coffee, cream, and black forest cake. So delicious!!

Then finally, here comes our snacks. This was not just some snacks. The sandwich came in 4 slices and was big enough for both of us. Inside the whole wheat bread, there were cheese slices, smoke beef, some vegetables and sauce. A very healthy snack. The sandwich was delicious. Was it delicious or were we to hungry after stretching our lazy muscles at 3 yoga classes hehehe.

Abgar came right after we finished our sandwich. He joined our table and chat around about Anomali things.

Anomali only sells single origin coffee. A single origin is a coffee from one region. This simply means that many plantations from one region contribute to a coffee type. When you take only the best beans from a specific region and roast them to perfection the coffee you get is truly remarkable.

All coffee in Anomali comes from the land of Indonesia, such as Java Jampit, Toraja, etc. Anomali has its own roaster machine. It is placed in the middle of the area at the first floor. That is why Anomali also call itself as Specialty Coffee Micro-Roaster.

Its coffee storage is placed in the middle of stairs to the second floor. Interesting concept!! Anomali is listed in the Specialty Coffee Association of America. This is to keep the quality and standard of Anomali in shape. As I said earlier, the interior of Anomali is left unfinished to create the coffee warehouse environment.

Abgar said that he was interested in coffee from a long time ago and learned it by himself from browsing at the internet. He and his partner, Irvan Helmi, are the coffee roasters in Anomali. They call themselves as the Coffee Chief. Yeah!!

When talking about coffee, suddenly Abgar asked a waitress to make a black coffee using the Java Jampit beans. Yup let’s start the coffee cupping!! When the black coffee came, Abgar stirred and knocked the side of the cup using a spoon with style. Yeah right, that kind of style!! And yes, the coffee tasted so nice.

The coffee cupping would not be completed if we did not chew the coffee bean. The beans come on a small plate, and we chewed them just like chewing some nuts. So crunchy!! And Kaori got a new experience that chewing coffee beans is also nice. The rule is that the beans should be fresh roasted within 2 weeks. If we chewed over 2-weeks-old beans, then the beans would not be so crunchy and nice.

After we chat around here and there, Abgar allowed us to go touring in Anomali. He showed us the roaster machine, the coffee storage, and the coffee bar. The most interesting part was the big banner above the coffee storage that urges the readers to support the Indonesian coffee farmers and the Indonesian coffee itself. Yep, let’s support that!!

By the way, Anomali provides free internet hotspot facility for its guests to surf on the internet. Sadly that I did not bring my laptop that time.

After all the chat, questions and tour in Anomali, I and Kaori decided to end the beautiful day and went back to our homes.

Maybe next time, I will go back to Anomali and bring my white Mac book and sit in the corner while enjoying a cup of hot coffee.

Enjoy some pictures I took in Anomali!!

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