19 April 2019

When Lord Jesus Christ Makes Me Live Again, Heals Me And Changes My Personality - Happy To Be Catholic

"This is my story about how I got an accident that made me coma, died in a short time, lived again, was sick, healed and resumed my life in a different way. This is just my way to remember what happened to me, feeling grateful to have become a Catholic and loving my Lord Jesus Christ."

The Accident

On August 22, 2018, after teaching a yoga class at my client's home, I had an accident when I sat in the back seat of a motorcycle. When the accident happened, I did not realize how the accident happened and I felt nothing.

*** Note: Later on when I could go back to my life again, the doctors told me that I was taken to two hospitals because I was in coma after the accident happened to me. Because there was severe bleeding in my head, a surgery was done in my head. During the surgery, there were some parts inside the head that were taken, and something else happened at another point in my head. I accepted all the informations from the doctors, but I still did not understand and I did not realize it. ***

Later on when I could be alive again, some people told me that the accident might happen because I did not wear a helmet. I told them that they were wrong, because the helmet was on my head. If people see the pictures when I was in coma, they can see that I had wound on my chin. The wound on my chin is the sign that the helmet was on my head, and the rope from my helmet tightly tied my neck and chin to keep the helmet stay on my head. Yes, I always wear helmet if I go out with someone's motorbike.

The Meeting With My Late Father When I Was in Coma

I was not aware of the accident that happened to me because when I had coma and surgery in my head, I met my deceased Father who had died on December 24, 2017. My Father died when he was 80 years old, but it was strange that he looked very young like 40 years old when I met him when I had a coma after I got accident. At this time, my Father asked me not to talk and he took me to many places that he liked to walk with and to enjoy the various places we visited. I could see many people when I walked with my deceased Father, but these people could not see us. When I looked down, I found a strange thing that I did not move my legs to move from one location to another. I moved my body like flying. Why did this thing happen? I have no idea. Until today, I myself do not know why this thing could happen.

At the end of the meeting with my late Father, he took me to a room. In my eyes, I saw that the room was a hospital room and I saw my body lying on the bed with a sad condition, that I saw the presence of various tools on my nose, head and arms. At this time, I realized that my real body was in a coma.

*** Note: Later, I have various questions about what happened to me. How could I separate from my body? Then, who went out with my deceased Father? Was that my own soul? How could I still remember it until now? Until now, I really do not know the answers to all of my questions. ***

Before I returned to my body, my late Father gave many sentences and advices and said, "Daddy will pick you up before Daddy picks up your Mother."

If this was a sign from my late Father that I would die first, I accept this condition. I also realize that my life and death can only be determined by my Lord Jesus Christ.

When I returned to my body, I could not remember various other things that happened to me.

*** Note: I only found out later on after I realized and returned to health that I was in a coma for 3 days, and I asked to go home on day 5. When I asked to go home, I was not conscious and I did not realize that I had asked for it. I did not know why, but it really happened. Was this a way from my Lord Jesus Christ to save me and heal me in a faster way? I do not know, but I am sure that the one who saved and healed me was the Lord Jesus Christ. ***

The Injuries On My Body

These are some pictures that show a lot of injuries on my body after the accident that happened to me on August 22, 2018. These photos were taken on August 27, 2018. That day, I still had a lot of wounds and pain in my brain, head, face, ears, neck, shoulders, hands and feet. The wounds on my body might look very scary, but I had absolutely no complaints and no anger. I received the injuries and pain in my body, and I felt very eager to be patient.

Back To My Life Again

When I arrived home, I was not fully conscious for several days. But after that, I began to regain consciousness and began the healing process in an amazing way.

When I finally got back to my life again and entered the healing process, then I was told about what happened at the hospital and what happened to my body and my head. I accepted all the information that I received, but most of the times, I believe that my soul was separated from my body so that I could meet my deceased Father. 

When I Could Live Again And Could Be Cured In A Very Fast Way

When I could live again after a very heavy surgery and could carry out the healing process in a very fast time, it is the most extraordinary thing that has ever happened in my life. I am sure that the one who brought me back and healed me quickly was my Lord Jesus Christ.

I know that the doctors who did the surgery on me and handled my condition when I went into a coma were the most meritorious people. They were the ones who fixed the things that were broken in my body. But there are three things that make me continue to believe that only the Lord Jesus Christ had the greatest power to make me live again. First, I got information from my families who were waiting for me when I went into a coma that the doctors stated that I might die if my body could not accept the repairs and surgery that had been done by the doctors. Second, all doctors always try hard so that the patients they handle can return to life and be healthy, but the final and most powerful decisions can only be determined by the Almighty God. Third, I believe that the process of birth and death that occurs in every living thing can only be done by the Almighty God.

Thank you very much for the doctors who have handled health in my body well, but I convey my greater gratitude to my Lord Jesus Christ who decided to make me live again and gave a very quick recovery process.

My recovery process went through an extraordinary way. How could I recover quickly if I myself decided to stop taking medicine from the doctors at the hospital and stopped seeing the doctors too? How could I decide that too? Was that a decision taken by my Lord Jesus Christ? Until now, I still do not know the answer.

In my prayer to my Lord Jesus Christ, I told Him that I accepted everything that happened to me and I thanked Him for all the good healing processes that had happened to me. I also stated to the Lord Jesus Christ, if the thing that happened to me was a form of small hell that had to happen to me, then I accepted all of the punishment with an open heart. I realized that I was an ordinary human who had done various negative and bad deeds, and I accepted if the Lord Jesus Christ gave a little punishment to me.

Dear my Lord Jesus Christ, please forgive me. Amen. 

My Relationship With The Motorbike Driver

Did I sue and punish the motorcyclist who caused me an accident? No, I did not punish him and I did nothing to the motorcyclist who caused me to get an accident. I myself thought that maybe the accident that happened was my fault too, and I did not want to blame others.

When I was at home, the motorbike driver and his various relatives were invited to my house, so that I could thank them for my safety from the accident and the speed of my healing process. Why did this thing happen? I thought this was the way from my Lord Jesus Christ who wanted to strengthen my strength to give forgiveness to others. In the end, I did some right things to do, and I did it because of the good thoughts given by my Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you very much, Lord Jesus Christ, for giving me the positive feelings about my accident, injury, and pain. I did not feel too angry and too sad, because the Lord Jesus Christ gave me a deeper level of sensitivity. The Lord Jesus Christ also gave me a high level of patience to accept all the things given to me. The Lord Jesus Christ did make a big change in my life. I also realized that I was very fortunate to have changed my religion to become Catholic and knew that the only and best God for me was the Lord Jesus Christ. I became a better human being for myself because of the Lord Jesus Christ. I love You very much, my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

The Change In My Life

In my second life, what I feel now is very different. There are changes in the way I sleep, the way I eat, the way I think and the way I do and see in my life. I still feel pain in my body now, but I accept it for my life. I hope that all the pain, hurt, change and difference are good for me and for my life.

One of my new lifestyles is that I have a lot of good conversation and get closer with my Lord Jesus Christ every day. In so many times, I like to ask about many things to Him and I always get the answers from Him.

Another special thing from my Lord Jesus Christ is that I get many views and signs given directly by Him for many things that will happen in the future. If I meet someone, I might have the opportunity to see something. If I get something that I see, I will say that to that person. One of the things that really happened was when I saw something going to happen to someone in my family. So I told her about it and it really happened 2 weeks later. How I get these views and signs is still a big question in my mind until now. I think maybe the Lord Jesus Christ is now using me to convey His messages to people and to help others too. But if some people come and ask me about what views and signs I see in them, then I certainly can not answer them. This is a very clear sign from the Lord Jesus Christ that the Lord Jesus Christ will only use me to do good work from the Lord Jesus Christ. I am not a fortune teller, so I do not have any special magical abilities in my body. I believe that all good and true miracles always come directly from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Leaving the Old Way of Life and Starting a New Way of Life

The high healing rate that happened to me made many changes to the way I thought and looked at my life. My new mind that always thinks positively asks me to start a new lifestyle by doing things that are right and not doing things that are not right anymore. In the past, I did things that were seen as modern things, and I followed trends and social things because of my age and my unmarried status. However, my new mind gives signs that the things that I did in the past might be the wrong things. In the end, now I always limit my activities and I always try to do good and right things. In this new situation, I feel that I have a much better level of life, because I can do many things and talk to people in a smarter and positive way. I realize that my Lord Jesus Christ wants to show me that having a clean and righteous life is a good and suitable life for me.

I also met several doctors, and they informed me that it was amazing to know that I could recover very quickly after the hard accident that happened to me.

Thank you very much, Lord Jesus Christ, for healing me quickly, blessing me with many good ways of thinking, giving Your love and Your kindness to me, and for not giving me a feeling of sadness, an angry heart and a stressed mind. Thanks a lot, my Lord Jesus Christ, for giving me the strength to start a cleaner, more righteous and healthy lifestyle. I know that I had made many mistakes in my life in the past in my first life, but I do not want to do it again now in my second life. I hope the Lord Jesus Christ forgives me, and I will always do my best to appreciate the second life that the Lord Jesus Christ gave me. I always love the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope the Lord Jesus Christ also loves me too. Amen.

The Lord Jesus Christ Always Listens To Me, Always Protects Me and Always Helps Me

One of the real moments in my second life was when the Lord Jesus Christ answered my question and gave His extraordinary answer.

I once said in my prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ, that I was worried about something. I asked Jesus Christ whether or not something in my mind would happen. I also asked the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive me if I did something wrong. The next day, something good that I asked for in the prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ on the previous day really happened to me. I was quite certain that the Lord Jesus Christ answered my question with His real actions. I feel grateful to know that the Lord Jesus Christ always answers all my questions, always calms my worries and always listens to my stories from my heart and my mind. I hope these things are various wonders that come from the Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ always listens to me, always protects me and always helps me.

Lord Jesus Christ, thank You very much for always paying attention to me, always listening to me, always being near me and always caring about me. I love the Lord Jesus Christ even more. I always hope my Lord Jesus Christ always loves me too. Amen.

"I hope this story of my life can encourage people to love the Lord Jesus Christ more and believe in Him more. The Lord Jesus Christ always loves and protects the people who place Him in the first location in their lives. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you all. Amen."

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