06 March 2018

My Staycation at Best Western Resort Kuta

Welcome to Best Western Resort Kuta, Astrid!

I am always excited to go to Bali, but most of my visits are related to works or yoga thingy (in Ubud). This time, I have a great time to really enjoy my holiday in the areas I have never stayed in Bali.

In this holiday journey, I make one of my stops at Best Western Resort Kuta. It is a huge old hotel in the centre of Kuta. I guess this hotel is created for those people who really want to rest and enjoy their holidays.

Best Western Resort Kuta

Lobby of Best Western Resort Kuta

Lobby of Best Western Resort Kuta

Lobby of Best Western Resort Kuta

When I arrive at the hotel, the lobby welcomes me with its warm atmosphere. In the lobby area, I find a check in and out counter at one side and a computer with Internet Access to be used by the guests at the other side. An officer from the hotel offered me a cold welcome drink while a receptionist handles my check in process. It takes a few minute for the check in process to be done. Oh, they found my name! Yeay! Great job, guys! So, let’s go to my room! 

Banyan Tree Lounge - I like to name it like that :-)

Banyan Tree Lounge

Banyan Tree Lounge

Banyan Tree Lounge

Banyan Tree Lounge

On my way to my room, I pass a huge area where I see a huge Banyan Tree. Around the Banyan Tree, there are sofas and tables that the guests can use for sitting, chatting and relaxing. Sounds like an outside extended lobby area and it is very cozy! 

Padmi Lounge Bar

Not far from the Banyan Tree Lounge (Well, it is not the name of this outdoor space, but I like to call it like that. Will the hotel management name it as I wish? LOL!), there is a bar where guests can order any drinks there. The name of the bar is Padmi Lounge Bar.

Room at Best Western Resort Kuta

Deluxe Pool View Room at Best Western Resort Kuta

It is time to talk about my room. My room is a Deluxe Pool View! It is very huge, and located in the highest floor in the hotel. When I look at the bed, the clean and comfortable bed is big enough for two to three people. 

My Bed at Best Western Resort Kuta

There are two small tables at the side of the bed. The left table is a place for a digital alarm clock, a tv cable channel list, a list of hotel phone numbers that connects to the operator, housekeeping, front desk etc., a telephone unit, TV remote, blank paper for notes and ballpoint. The right table is left empty.

Work Table at Best Western Resort Kuta

TV at Best Western Resort Kuta

Facilities in this room is quite complete. There is a small table and a bench with small pillows. There is also a work table equipped with electrical plugs of various types of feet, ranging from flat, round standard to a three-legged. In addition, there is also a large flat-screen television that attached to the wall.

Drinking Corner at Best Western Resort Kuta

Just behind the door and next to shower room, I can find Mini Fridge, a place to put luggage, bags and shoes, cabinets and clothes hanger and safety box. There is a small Drinking Corner too where I can find Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Creamer, Electric Teak, Cup and Glass. My small heaven! 

Bathtub at Best Western Resort Kuta

Washing Stand at Best Western Resort Kuta

There is a bathtub inside the shower with two body towels, two face towels, and various amenities, such as bath foam, shampoo, shower cap, brush and toothpaste, comb, cotton bud, two drinking water bottles, and a hairdryer.

Pool View at Best Western Resort Kuta

The room has a balcony with two chairs and a table. When I sit at the balcony, I realize that my room is located right in the middle facing to the swimming pool. That is why this room is classified as Deluxe Pool View! Woho!

Sitting Area

As I walk around the hotel, I find an interesting thing that every floor has an area where people can sit at a large wooden chair. There is a wooden table in front of it. It is a very good place to hang around and have some chats with the family and friends. Cool!

Ambrosia Restaurant at Best Western Resort Kuta

Ambrosia Restaurant at Best Western Resort Kuta

In the morning, I experience a very nice breakfast at its dining area, Ambrosia Restaurant. It is a buffet breakfast, so it is not a surprise to see a lot of food in the restaurant. 

Among all the drinks on the buffet set, such as fresh juice, milk, and tea, of course I choose coffee. Back to basic, people!  

On the food side, they prepare many food, from Chicken Porridge, Chicken Sausages, Fried Rice, Fried Noodle, Sauteed Mix Vegetables, Pudding, Croissant, Yellow Rice, Vegetables, Salad, Soft Roll, and many more! There is a special booth to cook eggs with a chef who is always ready to take your order. All of the food here are in medium taste which is good for both Indonesian guests and foreign guests.

Swimming Pool at Best Western Resort Kuta

Looking at the swimming pool from Ambrosia Restaurant

After the breakfast, it is the right time to hit the swimming pool! The swimming pool is located just next to the Ambrosia Restaurant. Very good spot for those who are always hungry after swimming. LOL!

Swimming Pool at Best Western Resort Kuta

The swimming pool is very big and its shape is like number 8. Very unique! Its depth is divided into four sections, the deepest in the left end is 3 meters, then 1,5 meters, 1,3 meters and the last one is the children's pool.

Matsya Pool Bar at Best Western Resort Kuta

The swimming pool is not only for those people who want to swim. If you want to sit around and drink up, you can do those at the pool. The swimming pool has a bar called Matsya Pool Bar. The chairs of the bar are planted inside the swimming pool. So yes, you can order the drink from the bar and drink the beverages you choose while you sit at the chairs inside the swimming pool. How cool is that? 

Spa Room at Best Western Resort Kuta

Spa Room at Best Western Resort Kuta

There is a room that provides Spa Service near the swimming pool. It is a good room for those who feel tired and want to relax and be pampered. 

Before I start swimming, I practice short yoga session. Please check my yoga video at the Swimming Pool of Best Western Resort Kuta here:

When I swim, I meet a group of frequent guests from Australia who have been staying at the Best Western Resort Kuta for almost a week. Well, how we meet is quite funny. As I sit next to them to prepare my swimming activity, one of them says that she feels tired just by looking at my yoga practice by the pool there. Hahahahaha!!!! Oh yeah, I can feel her! That funny chat becomes the start of a new friendship! Oh this is what I love about having holiday in Bali, everyone is relax and friendly. Yeay! I have a great time to chat with them, and I interview one of them for this blog. They love staying at the Best Western Resort Kuta. You can watch the video of the interview here:

Note: I know that I look messy on both of the video. First of all, I am in Bali where no one cares if I look good or not. Secondly, I practice yoga and do some swimming, so excuse the sweat and the wetness on my skin. I am on my holiday, people! So, relax, okay!

With Desak Trisnawati - Director of Sales and Marketing at Best Western Resort Kuta

At the end of my journey at Best Western Resort Kuta, I meet Desak Trisnawati, the Director of Sales and Marketing at the hotel, who prepares my beautiful room and accompanies me on my last day in the hotel. Thank you, ibu Desak, for arranging my beautiful room and for your hospitality. I hope to see you again soon!

That is all my staycation experience in Best Western Resort Kuta in Bali. I have a great time there and I really enjoy my holiday there. I hope to see you again soon, Best Western Resort Kuta and Bali! 

If you plan to stay at Best Western Resort Kuta, don't forget that it is not that far from the tourist destinations, such as Kuta Beach, Jimbaran Beach, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue, Dreamland Beach, Uluwatu Temple, Tanah Lot Temple, Kuta Shopping Center, Discovery Mall, Sukawati Market, etc. 

Enjoy your holiday, holiday people!

Best Western Resort Kuta
Jalan Kubu Anyar 118

Bali 80361, 

Tel. : +62 361 767 000

Fax. : +62 361 767 575

Email : reservation@bwresortkuta.com

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