01 June 2017

My Staycation at Aviary Bintaro Hotel and Serviced Apartment Jakarta

How do you feel when you have the chance to witness the unique hotel concept in Indonesia? Well, you can experience it with me as I spend my weekend staycation in Aviary Bintaro, a 4-stars hotel and serviced apartment in Bintaro, South Jakarta. Let’s start the journey! 

When I first arrive at Aviary Bintaro Hotel, I am amazed with the road right in front of the hotel. So big, enough for around 4 cars side by side. Later I find out that the road is also used for Car Free Day in the area. So that means, if you stay at the weekend in Aviary Bintaro, you might have a chance to experience the Car Free Day in Bintaro too. Great one!

Aviary Bintaro has a spacious parking lot too. That is nice! 

As I open the front door of the hotel, I can feel that the lobby has a very relax and simple ambience. The grey unpainted wall welcomes me very well, and the simple mural is a nice one to look at. I love it!  

The Lobby at Aviary Bintaro

A very nice Mural at the Lobby of Aviary Bintaro


After the chek-in process has done, I go straightly to my room. I can see CCTV right in front of my room. So yes, I am safe! 

When I enter my room, everything looks very nice and neat! For a moment, I just sit and look around to enjoy the room. Very comfortable and classy! This is what I call a nice place to stay!  

Not long after I enter my room, there is a room service officer in front of my door who brings three kinds of complimentary breads from the bakery at Starling Eatery. The three breads are Cinnamon Bread, Cream Bread and Cheese Pretzel Bread. All of them are delicious!
I don't think it is a free complimentary food from the hotel, so don't expect that when you stay in Aviary Bintaro. Hahaha! But whoever gives the breads to me, I thank you for the special treatment. Yes, I am special :-)    

I continue the afternoon by walking around at the hotel. I can see that the hotel is already busy with a lot of guests from the state government and corporates. For a brand new hotel in Bintaro, this is a great news! It proves that Aviary Bintaro has something that attracts people to come.  


My second stop at the hotel after my room is the restaurant and bar in the hotel called Starling Eatery. I have tasted its breads in my room previously, and they are all very delicious. This is the reason why I believe that I better spend my dinner here instead of going out around Bintaro to find food for dinner. 

Starling Eatery at Aviary Bintaro

Starling Eatery at Aviary Bintaro

Starling Eatery at Aviary Bintaro

The Bar area at Starling Eatery in Aviary Bintaro

The Outside area at Starling Eatery in Aviary Bintaro

Starling Eatery has the restaurant space for your dining experience with important people in your life, the bar space for your hanging out experience with your friends and the outside space for smoking area. The guests can use all of the areas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night drinking. The management of the hotel plans to open the bar for 24 hours to accommodate the need of the guests who stay in the hotel and the guests from the outside of the hotel. Cool, huh?

After I get enough time to explore the Starling Eatery, it is about time for me to feed my hungry belly! Yeah! 

Let’s eat! 

Oyster Rockefeller at Aviary Bintaro

Oxtail Cannelloni at Aviary Bintaro

Coffee Butter Steak at Aviary Bintaro

Salmon Herb Crush at Aviary Bintaro

Iga Bakar Madu at Aviary Bintaro

Sausage Beads at Aviary Bintaro

At the dinner, I am lucky enough to sit down with three friends. It means that we can order our own food, and have the chance to taste each other's food. Yeay!

The food that I order is Oyster Rockefeller and Salmon Herb Crush. The Oyster Rockefeller is the best one as the oyster is fresh, and the combination between torched hollandaise sauce and creamed spinach on the top of it makes the dish taste so healthily creamy. Sluuurrrppp! There are salt around the dish on the wooden platter, but I don't think it is necessary to add the dish with salt. It is delicious already. Trust my taste!
Everything about the Salmon Herb Crush is crispy! Thanks to the crispy skin on the top of the Seared Norwegian Salmon, and the lyonnaise Potato that is thin and crunchy.

Here is my taste as I sample my friends' food. The Coffee Butter Steak is delicious and has the best taste of all, the Oxtail Cannelloni is very savoury, and the Iga Bakar Madu (Grilled Rib with Honey) and the Sausage Beads are fatty and happy!

For those who are meat eaters, Starling Eatery is the right place to go. The quality of all the meats here are great. They are chewy and juicy. Besides the quality of the meat, I guess the way the chef cooks is also important here. Great job, Chef!

Starling Eatery also serves great dessert and drinks from their kitchen and bar. Starting from pastry, bread, cakes, cookies, mocktail, cocktail, beer and wine. Just order and enjoy your time!


As the night falls down and when my eyes are heavy, I open the blanket on my bed in Aviary Bintaro and sneak myself in. The bed is very fluffy and the pillows are comfortable enough to protect me from the nightmare. Good night, Astrid. Sleep tight and sweet dream. The Archangel Raphael will protect you and love you. Amen.


As I wake up, I feel so fresh. Thanks to the fluffy bed, the warm blanket and the comfortable pillows at my room in Aviary Bintaro. As the morning sun comes to me through the window next to my bed, I am ready to start my happy day. Let's go!


I come down to Starling Eatery again to get my powerful breakfast. Every morning, I always try to have a breakfast like a champion, and Starling Eatery has everything that I want! I start the breakfast with such a very yummy ones. I get all the smoked meats, the Sunny Side Up Eggs and the Corn Soup. They can really power up my body!

Starling Eatery serves the breakfast in buffet style, so you can choose your favorite breakfast. Don't forget to order the morning coffee. The Black Coffee here is light and fresh. I love it very much that I order two glasses of it, the hot one in a cup and the cold one in a long glass. Hahaha! It is just the right companion for the happy day.

Check out this video to feel the sensation of my healthy Sunny Side up here!


Chef Yudha Prayogi at Starling Eatery in Aviary Bintaro

As I enjoy all the food and beverages I order from the dinner to the breakfast in Aviary Bintaro, I wonder about the person behind these delicious culinary. Well, I am very happy to have the chance to meet Chef Yudha Prayogi who has spent some years to learn about culinary and practice it very well at his kitchen. He is experienced enough to handle all the food chaos in the kitchen. Thank you, Chef Yudha, for successfully sending the happiness to my belly. My belly is too happy that I give up at the lunch time. Well, no more food for lunch for me! I have too much food already inside my happy belly. Happy belly, happy heart!


Just to wrap up everything that I see and feel during my stay at Aviary Bintaro. I am amazed to see the details in Aviary Bintaro. The stuffs that the hotel has are not just some stuffs, they are the selected ones.
Starting from the paintings I see in my room. It is a painting about some birds and their names. Just a small information that can be taken as a soft education for me as the guest. Nice idea!
The coffee and tea corner in my room is good enough to cool down my stay in the hotel.
Now look at the toiletries! The towels are nicely written with Aviary name, and the others are nicely wrapped in a good quality plastic wrapping type. And I love the soap and the shampoo in my room at Aviary Bintaro! They are very foamy, and they smell very nice!
And the last one is that I can see around 4 or maybe 5 electric plugs. It is more than enough for two people to recharge their electronic devices.
I am very satisfied with everything that I get in my room. The price of the room matches with the quality of the service!

The Painting in the room at Aviary Bintaro

The Coffee and Tea Corner in the room at Aviary Bintaro


During my stay at Aviary Bintaro Hotel and Serviced Apartment, I also have the chance to interview the owner of the hotel, Aswin Sumampauw. You can find the blog about my interview with Aswin that also talks about the complete facilities in the hotel here: My Interview with Aswin Sumampauw .

Thank you, Aviary Bintaro, for providing a nice place to stay. I am glad to choose you as a place to refresh and recharge myself. I enjoy my time. I will come back for sure!

With friends at the Lobby of Aviary Bintaro

With Miko, Adi from the Jakarta Post, Widya from Aviary Bintaro

Aviary Bintaro Hotel and Serviced Apartment 
CBD Bintaro Sektor 7
Blok B7 / No. D3-3A
Jl. HR Rasuna Said
South Jakarta

* Disclaimer: All the pictures here are made by myself. If you like them and want to share them at your social media, please go ahead. I am flattered. But please make me more flattered by asking my permission first. I will appreciate your good ethics. Thank you very much. *

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