01 June 2017

My Interview with Aswin Sumampauw - Aviary Bintaro

During my visit to Aviary Bintaro Hotel and Serviced Apartment - the brand new 4-stars hotel in South Jakarta, I have a special moment to interview Aswin Sumampau - the owner of Aviary Bintaro. If you meet him at the hotel, I bet you will never know that he is the owner of the premises. He is a young, relax and low profile guy. He walks around the hotel to check everything wearing t-shirt, jeans and sandals. Trust me, he looks like “just a guy”. LOL!
But if you have a conversation with him, you will start to change your view about him, because he is confident in what he does. Good personality!

You can read my staycation experience at Aviary Bintaro Hotel and Serviced Apartment at: My Staycation at Aviary Bintaro .

Room at Aviary Bintaro

Bathtub at Aviary Bintaro

As we sit down together, we talk about his hotel and serviced apartment. Aswin Sumampauw says that Aviary Bintaro Hotel and Serviced Apartment is the only hotel in Indonesia that uses birds as its main theme. This theme makes Aviary as one of the ecofriendly lifestyle hotels and serviced apartments in the world too. With this concept, Aviary Bintaro will have about 18 meters high giant bird cage in the middle of the hotel that will connect the lobby and the restaurant. The cage will be filled with the birds that lives in Indonesia. The guests can start to enjoy the birds at the giant cage starting from August 2017. Sounds amazing, right? 
It is easy for Aswin to have the birds in Aviary Bintaro, because his family is a part of the owners of Taman Safari Indonesia. Taman Safari Indonesia is the conservation and recreational parks, conservation institute and also one of Indonesia’s most popular natural theme parks located in Bogor, Pasuruan and Bali. No wonder! 

Living Room at the Serviced Apartment in Aviary Bintaro

Dining area at the Serviced Apartment in Aviary Bintaro

Kitchen area at the Serviced Apartment in Aviary Bintaro

The other concepts of Aviary Bintaro Hotel and Serviced Apartment is to combine environment and art into one. Aswin Sumampauw says that the guests can also find the touch of arts around the hotel area and inside the rooms, and breath freshly with the trees inside and around the hotel.

Ballroom in Aviary Bintaro

Open Air Function area in Aviary Bintaro

As Aswin Sumampauw wants to fulfill all the needs in property fields, he builds Aviary Bintaro as hotel and serviced apartment that has 125 units that consist of 96 deluxe hotel rooms, 29 apartment suites and 9 meeting rooms. The guests can choose from one bedroom apartment to three bedroom apartment. Woho!

Playground in Aviary Bintaro

Gym area at Aviary Bintaro

Swimming Pool area in Aviary Bintaro

As one of the two hotels in Bintaro area, Aswin wants to provide Aviary Bintaro for both of local and foreigner guests who are looking for a nice place to stay for their holiday, business trips, ceremonies, meetings and gatherings.

Serviced Apartment in Aviary Bintaro

Serviced Apartment in Aviary Bintaro

One of the best thing in Aviary Bintaro Hotel and Serviced Apartment, as Aswin Sumampauw tells me, is the simplicity of its services. The guests of the hotel and serviced apartment can see the simplicity by experiencing one number they can call that will give any services the guests want. Just one number, nothing else! 
The other simplicity fact is the food and beverage menu at the restaurant and bar, Starling Eatery. It is only a sheet of paper that can be read without having to turn any pages. Yes, it sounds very simple!
Based on my own observation, the simplicity can be seen clearly at the wall of Aviary Bintaro. Just a grey wall, without any paint on it except the mural ones. Very simple but artistic!   

Trees at the Free area in Aviary Bintaro

In a depth interview that I record in a video, I discuss with Aswin Sumampauw about the concept of Aviary Bintaro Hotel and Serviced Apartment, the differences between the hotel and the other hotels in Bintaro and Jakarta, the birds that will live in the hotel, the other things that the guests can see at the hotel, the bar that will open for 24 hours, the numbers and the type of the rooms in the hotel, how he can manage to have the birds inside his hotel, his hope when he builds his hotel, the facilities in the hotel, why he builds the hotel in Bintaro, and the plan of green building for the hotel. 

You can find my interview with Aswin Sumampauw - the owner of Aviary Bintaro Hotel and Apartment here (PS: Please stay focus on our conversation, not on his Oscar t-shirt. Hahaha!):

Aviary Bintaro Hotel and Serviced Apartment 
CBD Bintaro Sektor 7
Blok B7 / No. D3-3A
Jl. HR Rasuna Said
South Jakarta

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