24 April 2017

My Journey at Reiki 1 Course from Usui System

This is my journey when I attended the Reiki 1 Course with Niina Strobel, the owner of Soul and Spirit Spa in Jakarta, and when I practiced the Self Cleansing Process with Reiki for 21 days. There were so many miraculous things happened in this journey. Prepare yourself to enjoy the miracles that happened to me.

After I completed the Yoga Teacher Training and CranioSacral Therapy in 2012 (astridamalia.blogspot.com/2012/07/my-journey-at-yoga-energetics-teacher.html), I continue my life by teaching Yoga and giving CranioSacral therapy to my clients. After several years of doing Yoga and Therapy works, suddenly I wanted to add more skills by learning Reiki. Actually, I had been interested in Reiki since a long time ago when I began to practice Yoga, but I was not interested in taking a Reiki course yet at the time. At that time, I just had a hobby to read books about Reiki. But recently, the intention to attend the Reiki course rose again and I really really wanted this! As always, if I really want it, this means I have to find and get it immediately!

When I tried to find a reliable Reiki courses in Indonesia, I was quite surprised to find the facts relating to this Reiki courses. There was a course that promises the students that they would gain inner power instantly. There was other course that offered the students that they could get a Reiki Master's degree in a short time by paying expensive course. Other Reiki course had supernatural and mystical subjects in their curriculums as a part of the science of Reiki. Oh no! So scary!

As I did not want to choose the wrong Reiki course, then I changed my research methods by widening the range of my research on Reiki based on the circle of friendship I have. Suddenly there were two friends of mine who suggested the same name. Wow! It sounds like a miracle! The two friends of mine, Cat Wheeler in Ubud, Bali, and Joshua Lie in Jakarta, advised me to see a Reiki practitioner in Jakarta named Niina Strobel. When I contacted Niina, the time was right as she was preparing the next Reiki course. The universe really answered my wish! A magic had happened to me! Yeah!


In the Reiki 1 Course, there were 4 other students besides me (Budi, Helen, Ingrid, and Deborah). The course itself were held for two days at the very beautiful and comfortable home of Niina Strobel.

Reiki 1 Course is a Certified Reiki Program for Beginners. It is for those who want to learn Reiki from the beginning. The two-days course is studying about the art of healing the practitioners themselves naturally, the people around them, and the pets. Once they are used to the Reiki practice, Reiki practitioners will have the Reiki for a lifetime.

In Reiki 1 Course, we learn about the history of Reiki, the basic knowledge of Reiki, and the various Reiki techniques to heal the practitioners themselves, other people and animals around us.

The Reiki 1 Course taught by Master Niina Strobel comes from Mikao Usui, the founder of the Usui System of Natural Healing Arts.

Reiki is an art that makes its practitioners as the channel between the powerful and great energy from the Universe and all the living beings and objects around the practitioners. To be the channel of the energy, there should be a process of “attunement”. It is a process to open and harmonize the various channels in the body of the practitioners with the energy from the Universe. We got the attunement two times per day, so we got 4 attunements in total during the 2 days Reiki 1 Course.

In the Reiki 1 Course, we learn that the power of Reiki is one of the best natural healing methods. We learn to appreciate the power of the Universe, to share the kindness to all beings and objects that God creates, to spread the values ​​of love, and to make the world a better place for everyone and everything.

In the Reiki 1 Course, we are taught that the greatest force of Reiki comes from our intuition and intention, from the Reiki exercises that we do constantly every day, and from our willingness and trust to believe that there is the higher power from the Universe that can be used by us to make our life better. When we learn about Reiki, it also means that we learn to surrender ourselves so we can allow the power of the Universe to take care of things that we can not handle by ourself.

The power and energy from the Universe are not mystical and creepy. It is totally not a black magic. The energy from the Universe are naturally existed in the world. If you know the force of earth gravity, then that is one of the natural energy from the Universe. A variety of living things grow because of the energy from the Universe. Various objects can move and have their own process because of the energy from the Universe. The energy from the Universe are given for free at any time by God. Reiki comes as the eye and heart openers for practitioners and those who receive Reiki treatment that God has provided the things that we need. All we need is to master it and use it. Reiki also comes as a reminder that the current modern lifestyle separates the human from the nature and the natural things, and that situation creates the imbalances, blocks and damages in their bodies and souls.

In Reiki 1 Course, we were also taught to provide Reiki therapy to others by practicing it with the students in the course. We surely learned a lot while having fun. Yeay!

In the classroom, we also had many discussions about our sensitivity toward ourselves and the people around us, about how to heal ourselves, about how to shield ourself from negative things with our intention and thoughts, about the chakras and aura, about showering ourselves with many positive sentences that are good for our body and soul, about our energy and the energy from the Universe, about the water that can cure many living things, about some ways to cure cancer naturally, about the sad fact that natural healing and natural medicine are separated from us by the commercial pharmaceutical industry for their own benefits, about the Archangels who guide and protect us during the Reiki therapy we do, and many more. Very interesting discussions!

Angel Cards

There was an interesting story that happened to me at this Reiki 1 Course. On the first day of the course, all students must take one Angel card, and Master Niina Strobel said the card that we took was never wrong. When I took my card, I was surprised with what the card said!

“ENTREPRENEUR: Self employment suits your disposition and intentions. Working for yourself allows you to better follow your intuition and Divine guidance. We are your co-workers and teammates, who remain loyally by your side to ensure your success in all way.”

Wow! I was really surprised to read the card! Was it a miracle or just a coincidence? The card really showed what has been happening to me lately. I have been working for myself for the past 5 years and I am very happy with my job until now. I really hope this is a good sign that I need to continue all the work I have been doing lately. Thank you, Universe, to keep showing me the signs that I am walking on the right way of living. Now I feel more and more confident. I will continue my best works for You.

On the second day of the Reiki 1 Course - which was the last day of the course, we had to take one more Angel card. This time, the Angel card was smaller than the first one. But something strange and funny had happened to me before we were told to take a second Angel card. I found a card on the floor right in front of my feet before receiving the third attunement conducted by Master Niina. When I saw a small gray card on the floor in front of my feet, automatically I took the card and turned it over to read a word written on the back of the card. The word was: SIMPLICITY.
It seems that the Angels have sent the card to the floor, so I could find it. Yes, this was my card!
The second card I took after Master Niina Strobel asked us to take one small card from a bowl filled with many small cards. It should be a second card but became the third for me after I found a card on the floor previously. The word from my third card was: COMMITMENT!

I guess the first card that I took on the first day on the Reiki 1 Course described my current condition, and the two cards that I took on the second day explained about what I should do in the present and in the future.

My beloved Universe, I am ready to accept whatever You give. My whole heart, my mind and my soul are opened to accept whatever You give. I feel very positive with all the things that happens. Yes, I hear it, I feel it and I watch it.


Finally, after studying Reiki therapy for 2 days, we passed the Reiki 1 Course and earn a degree called Shoden or "the graduates of Reiki Level 1 Course".

The two-day course was maybe short, but what we got during these two days were very helpful and meaningful. The two-day course has become the foundation for us to be the human being that can be useful for anyone and anything around us. This can also be used as the starting point for us to start sharing more loves to the people around us. Please wish us luck. Amen.


After graduating from Reiki 1 Course, all the students must do a self-cleansing process for 21 days or 3 weeks by applying Reiki therapy to ourself.

This was my experiences when I did the cleansing process.

First Week

One day after I completed Reiki 1 Course, I fell asleep for 5 hours, then woke up to do Reiki therapy to myself for 1 hour, and then went back to sleep for 8 hours. Such a long sleep! Hahaha!

At the first week after I frequently practiced Reiki therapy to myself, I fell asleep easily like a baby. I sometimes fell asleep in the middle of the Reiki treatment to myself. Hahaha!

During the Reiki treatment to myself, I do two kinds of hand techniques. The first technique is to put my hands directly on my skin. The second technique is to put my hands a little bit far from my skin, like three centimeters above my skin. I feel more vibration and warm when my hands are a bit far from my body.

Another funny story that happened when I practiced the cleansing process to myself with Reiki. At home, there are many cats walking around to find food and affection, but they have never been walking in front of my room. A few days after I frequently practiced Reiki to myself, suddenly there was a cat meowing in front of my room. Usually when I find a cat, I will try to make the cat go away. On that day, I tried to practice Reiki on the cat. I put my hand in front of the cat, and the cat suddenly came to my hands and followed where my hand went. Then I guided the Cat to the front door so that the cat could play outside, and the cat obeyed my silence instructions. Wow! The power of Reiki is amazing. Cool!

Second Week

On the second week of the process of cleansing myself with Reiki, I had some diarrhea for a couple of times. It turns out that this usually happens in the body after applying Reiki treatment to ourself, because the body will try to clean up things that are not good for the body.

During the cleansing process, I could feel that my energy and emotions were going up and down. Sometimes too strong, sometimes too weak, sometimes too sleepy, and others. Master Niina Strobel said that it was fine. Humans have various emotions inside them that can occur due to various problems, trauma, and others. With Reiki therapy, those emotions can be solved easily. There are some emotions that can be reduced, there are also other emotions that can disappear altogether, there are also some emotions that remain in the body but in the end are still fine because there is a change in the way of our thinking. Whatever the result, all are the natural healing process that take place in the body.

In the second week, I began to offer Reiki therapy to my yoga clients. My first yoga client is a woman who is expecting her first child. My client could feel the warmth from my hand even though I did not touch her body. After the Reiki treatment is completed, she could tell which areas in her body where I put my hands without touching them. And she loved it! She said the Reiki therapy I applied to her could make her feel calm, relax and sleepy. Hahaha!

The second yoga client that I gave the Reiki therapy is a woman who holds an important position in the company where she works. Before exercising yoga practice, she had told me that she felt a little bit tired and asked for a light yoga exercise. Then I decided to give her a short yoga practice for 30 minutes and gave her a full Reiki therapy. She slept during the Reiki therapy for 1 hour. After the Reiki therapy was completed, she said the therapy was very soft and make her feel relax. In fact, she said that her sleep during the brief Reiki therapy was more deeper than the long period of her sleep at night. In the end, she felt that she was not exhausted anymore and she could go to work as usual. Yeah! I was happy that I could make her feel better. Thank you, Reiki!

There was another miracle that happened in this second week. My ex-boyfriend who lives in the United States suddenly made a video call to me, and we talked for almost two hours about our life today after not being together anymore. The same thing happened to one of the students in the Reiki 1 Course too! So, yes, Reiki therapy can connect us with the people from our past. Amazing!

Third Week

On the third week, I still got diarrhea sometimes, with just one time of a really bad diarrhea.

Also on the third week, I felt that I lost the sense of vibrations and warmth on my hands when applying the Reiki therapy to myself. Master Niina Strobel said that it was common. Maybe I felt that the vibe and the energy of Reiki were missing from my hands, but actually the Reiki energy was still there inside me, just that I did not feel it. She suggested that I need to always hear the voice of my heart and instincts, always believe in myself, and always train myself frequently to get used to this Reiki therapy.

After I felt the loss of vibration in my hands when applying the Reiki therapy to myself for sometimes, I finally got them back in a night when I practiced Reiki therapy to myself. I felt there was very strong waves that ran at the point where my hands were, especially on my face and my head. The waves were very strong that I felt my head was moving and my eyes wanted to jump out of their place.

Sometimes, I felt a little bit of electricity on the surface of my skin where I put my hands on. I felt like there were electric shocks for a few times. These made me shocked, but I was still fine.


After the process of cleansing myself with Reiki for 21 days is over, I feel like a new person with a new lifestyle, and clean as well. A month before attending the Reiki 1 Course, I have started a healthier lifestyle by stopping the consumption of coffee, various colored drinks, and alcoholic drinks. The healthier lifestyle truly facilitates my process of learning Reiki perfectly. It seems that my body has prepared to accept all the good things that are given by the Reiki therapy.

Through Reiki therapy, I also learn to have a deeper meditation where I can have time to talk with myself. In one of the conversations with myself, I finally realize that I have made some mistakes in my life. This is the moment when I feel that I have increased the capacity to listen to myself and becomes more sensitive to the voice of my heart ever since I practice Reiki therapy to myself.

After practicing Reiki therapy, sometimes I feel that my emotion which is associated with grief can be felt so deeply. Master Niina Strobel says it is a sign from my body that the emotion I bury a long time ago wants to get out of my body. When the emotion is so deep, that is the right time to feel it, hear it and forgive it. One way to make it feel better emotionally is:

  1. Breathe in and breathe out,
  2. Feel the emotion,
  3. Talk to ourself about the emotions,
  4. Practice the breathing method that can cure it. Inhale to increase the Reiki energy, and exhale to release these emotions from the body,
  5. After we feel enough, say these words: "To the emotions inside me, now you may go out of my body."

I also get used to apply Reiki therapy to children, animals, plants, water that I drink, the food that I eat, various items that I wear, and others.

Right now, I combine Yoga practice, CranioSacral therapy, Thai massage and Reiki therapy in the healing session that I provide to my clients, and they are happy to accept them.

The lessons, discussions and experiences that I get from the Reiki 1 Course are very interesting. They add more knowledge to my mind. Reiki Master Niina Strobel is a friendly teacher. She teaches clearly with a sincere heart, and she teaches the Reiki therapy that is very useful for myself and hopefully also useful for all living beings and objects around me.

Thank you, Niina Strobel, for the Reiki 1 Course that has been given to me. Thank you for sharing your good energy with me.

Thank you, Universe, who have brought me to the Reiki therapy, Master Niina Strobel, new friends from the Reiki 1 Course and many miracles that you show me. These will be ones of the most useful things in my life.


The Reiki Ideals

Just for today, I will let go of anger.
Just for today, I will let go of worry.
Just for today, I will give thanks for many blessings.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbor and every living being. 

If you are interested to learn about Reiki, please contact:

Website: https://www.soulandspiritspa.com/ 
Email: niina.strobel@soulandspiritspa.com 


  1. Hi Astrid,

    I don't know if you remember but we met last year through a meetup group! Btw, I was googling for Reiki workshop in Jakarta and found this blog post. Thank you for sharing, I am now registering for their next session. Can't wait :)



    1. It is good to know that the Reiki Gangsters will have a new member. I have told Niina about you, just to make sure you are taken care of. Hahaha. Good luck, Listya! Hope to see you again soon! Cheers!