29 April 2016

Sunday Brunch It Up - Grand Kemang Hotel Jakarta

Grand Kemang Hotel Jakarta
Jl. Kemang Raya 2H,
Kebayoran Baru,
Tel: +62 21 719 4121 ext 8127
Fax: +62 21 719 4205
Email: pr@gk.mesahotelsandresorts.com
Website: www.mesahotelsandresorts.com/grandkemang

The Grand Kemang Hotel is known as the hotel and residence in Kemang, South Jakarta, for both travelers and long stay guests. When they invite me to try their new brunch program called "Brunch It Up", I wonder if their food will be the same like those food in the other hotels. Turns out that the Brunch It Up have their own signature, something different from what other hotels have. Wait until you finish reading this blog. Good one!   

Sunday Brunch is always a happy moment for me. It is the right time to repair the nutrition in my body. LOL!
Yes, after 5 days of practicing raw food diet and food combining diet, I don't mind to eat a big portion of anything at the weekend to keep my body away from being too hygienic. I let all the good bacteria to come inside me and help my digestion to work properly :-D

When the guests come to the Sunday Brunch It Up at Grand Kemang Hotel, they can enjoy the brunch with family and friends at both indoor venue (Sperta Dining) and also outdoor venue (Vibar Pool Terrace). This means that everyone, including children, can eat, drink and swim at the same occasion.

The buffet at Sperta Dining and Vibar Pool Terrace have many varieties and selections of food and beverage ranging from European Specialties, Asian Cuisine, Western Carving Station, Italian Pasta Corner, Dim Sum Station, Sushi Sashimi Corner, and Indonesian Corner. I can also find the French bread, cheese, dessert and pastries.

On the outdoor section, they have Beef and Seafood Grilled and Mongolian BBQ at the swimming pool. I also see the bar is located next to the pool. It sounds very nice for a pool party :-D 

For those guests who have children, the children can swim at the pool or they can enjoy other activities available in Kids Corner, such as coloring, drawing or watching children movies. Hey kids, let's play your game and have fun! 

As I come to the Sperta Dining area, I can see a lot of food right in front of my eyes. Oh my gosh! Can anybody help me on this?

Okay, let me take you to the "yum yum tour" :-D


Both of the Roasted Chicken and Roasted Beef Sirloin are crispy and tasty. The sauces are fine, but I prefer to eat them without sauce as the chicken and beef has already fine taste in them.


This is one of my favorite corners. I really like Sushi and Sashimi! The nice part is that this corner is facing the swimming pool outside. Very nice for my eyes :-)


Oh Lord! This is the best corner for me. Cheese is always my favorite food to chew. Wherever I can find cheese, that will be my paradise spot! In Sperta Dining, I am happy enough to enjoy its Blue Cheese. The more stink it smells, the better the taste is. Oh yeah! 

But the one that captured my tongue and throat is the Raclette Cheese Corner (Roasted Cheese from France and Switzerland) that is usually served with Parma Ham selections. The cheese is placed on an iron holder. Each time the guests want to consume it, the staffs at Sperta Dining will heat the cheese first until it melts down. A long spoon will be used to release down the melted cheese to potatoes in the plate. The salty taste of cheese that meets the plain taste of potatoes inside my mouth is a wonderful experience! Yum! Yum! Yum! 


I always love the oriental taste in Dim Sum. Between the light and deep texture of them, and between their salty to savory taste, I find the fullness of joy in Dim Sum. 


If you really read my blog, you know that I am not a big fan of cake and anything that have sweet taste. But Sperta Dining has something different to offer. Yes, they have so many kind of cakes, but their taste is not that thick. Too sweet things can cause me sick, but the cakes in Sperta keep me alive. LOL! 

But their best selling cake is the Hot Chocolate Pudding. It is served in warm temperature. The texture is very thick, creamy and chocolaty. From this Hot Chocolate Pudding, I learn that some sweet cakes are best to be consumed when they are in warm to hot temperature. Amazing! 


Look at this Indonesian Food Corner! This is a good way to promote and introduce Indonesia to the foreign guests who stay at the hotel, because nothing can beat the deliciousness of Indonesian Food. Yes, I always believe that love can sometimes start from the mouth to the belly :-))


The Seafood Corner in Sperta Dining has full of aroma and spices. You can really feel the sea and beach taste in the seafood. I can feel the spices is mixed in Asian way. Tasty!


Another hot spot for those who like seafood, processed meat and salad in a cold temperature. This is the best corner for those who practice raw food diet and food combining diet. This is also the best spot for those who don't like too much spices on their plate.   

Overall, I am happy with all the selections in Sperta Dining and Vibar Pool Terrace. You can find many food from around the world there. But what I can suggest is to try their signature food first, which is Raclette Cheese Corner and Hot Chocolate Pudding. 

Enjoy your weekend, everybody! 

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