08 December 2015

My Residence ONFIVE at Grand Hyatt Jakarta

Residence ONFIVE  
Grand Hyatt Hotel
5th Floor 
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28 – 30, 

Astrid Amalia at Residence ONFIVE

The moon and the stars in the sky.
The walls that touch the sky.
The yellow of the lights.
The beach of people.
The sea of wine and cocktail.
The ocean of food and sweets.

Can you feel the love that I feel that night?

The visit to Residence ONFIVE changes my perspective about Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta. The hotel is not just a hotel anymore. It becomes a perfect place to getaway the way I make my getaway to Bali.

Let me tell you the story.

I come to the Relaunch Party of Residence ONFIVE at the Grand Hyatt Jakarta in the late afternoon. It is located on the fifth floor of the hotel. 

Garden at Residence ONFIVE

When I arrive at the front yard, the very friendly staffs in the residence welcome me with their big smile that makes me feel so warm. So warm like home. 
When I walk to the Residence ONFIVE, I have to pass a big beautiful garden around the residence. As I look at the garden, I ask myself: "Where am I? Jakarta or Bali? In the city or at the beach?"

Swimming Pool at Residence ONFIVE

Oh, the garden is so beautiful! The green grass, trees, and swimming pool cool me down. How can this beautiful garden be on the fifth floor of this hotel? Dang! This is amazing! 

Terrace at Residence ONFIVE

After passing the beautiful garden, I climb up through the elevated terraces before I enter the residence. These terraces are so wonderful! Again, I feel like standing in some beautiful places in Seminyak and Nusa Dua, my favorite places in Bali - a city where I call home. 
I can see the beautiful sunset that day from the terraces. Orange sky with golden sunset. I love this feeling!

Living Room at Residence ONFIVE

Inside the Residence ONFIVE, I take a glass of red wine and walk around the residence. A friendly staff from the Grand Hyatt Jakarta takes me around the residence. She explains that previously the name of the premises was ONFIVE. It was officially opened in 2008. Recently in 2015, the Grand Hyatt Jakarta re-launches “ONFIVE” as "Residence ONFIVE”.
As I look around the Residence ONFIVE, I can feel that it is a perfect place for high-level business meetings, events and functions. The concept is clear that it is a residential-style multi-functional event facility in the city.

Sitting Dinner time at Residence ONFIVE

Just like their smile, the Residence ONFIVE feels like home. It is a very big home at the rooftop of the Grand Hyatt Jakarta that has a beautiful swimming pool, Balinese gardens, four modern meeting rooms with natural daylight, a communal area with a show kitchen where coffee breaks and meals are freshly prepared, a living room, two multipurpose cabanas and four terraces.

Meeting Room at Residence ONFIVE 

Drinking Corner at Residence ONFIVE

The Residence ONFIVE is so big that I can feel that the number of guests that night is around 500 to 800 guests. So many people, so many food, so many drinks, so many smiles!

Indian Food at Residence ONFIVE

Peking Duck Corner At Residence ONFIVE

Fruit Corner at Residence ONFIVE

I am sure that the never ending food and beverages at the event of Residence ONFIVE are from the most yummiest dining places at the Grand Hyatt Jakarta. The hotel has Indonesian fare and international cuisine at Grand Café, al fresco dining at Seafood Terrace, traditional Japanese dining experience at Sumire, freshest seafood and prime cut steak cuisines at C’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant, and great drinks at Fountain Lounge and Burgundy.
If I am greedy enough, I can just book an event in Residence ONFIVE and order food and beverages from all of the dining spots in the hotel. Isn't it nice?

Sashimi and Sushi Corner at Residence ONFIVE

Dessert Corner ar Residence ONFIVE

That night, while I enjoy all the delicious food and beverages they serve, I can enjoy the beautiful view of Jakarta at night from the terrace. The jungle of luxurious residential and office towers that touch the night sky look so pretty with thousand lights around them. 

Jakarta at night from Residence ONFIVE

Did I say about the sunset at the Residence ONFIVE? Yep, I see it, but I don't have the chance to take the picture of it. Why? It is for a silly thing. I am busy polishing my nails. Wait! Polishing nails? In the Residence ONFIVE? Oh yeah, the residence provides a fun service to polish the guests' nail that night. But it is only for that night to cheer up the party :-)

Nail Art Corner at Residence ONFIVE

My Fuchsia Nails

I pick Fuchsia as the color for my nails. That night, I am the lucky girl at the Nail Art Corner, because I choose the most beautiful and expensive color that the corner has. And I am the only one that get the color. Oh what a night :-D    
Thank you, Residence ONFIVE and Melda Lazuardi from Luz Bello 3D Nail Art, for making me feel so beautiful and special :-))

The night is fun too, because the event at Residence ONFIVE invites a magician who fools the guests and teases the children. The magician steals a guest's watch without him knowing it, plays around with cards, and puts a mobile phone into a ballon. Crazy! LOL! 

The phone and ballon are still separated

The Magician and Gina Desmeralda from the Grand Hyatt
with the phone inside the ballon!

The nail polishing and the magician things show me that Residence ONFIVE is good for both official and fun events.    

With Gina Desmeralda from Grand Hyatt Jakarta, Dave Graciano the Wine Expert,
Petty Elliott the Chef, Burhan Abe from MALE Magazine
at Residence ONFIVE

An important note that I get from the event is that the food and drinks are still available until late at night. Some guests tell me that Grand Hyatt Jakarta is always being generous in delivering food and beverages at its event. Cool! Good job, Grand Hyatt Jakarta!

The sexy night is closed with a glass of red wine surrounded by old friends and new friends. What a lovely moment at my Residence ONFIVE!
Mine? Yes, I can always dream about it :-D

Home sweet home, everyone :-)

Cocktail Time at Residence ONFIVE

Sake Time at Residence ONFIVE

Residence ONFIVE

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