15 November 2013

My Testimonial on CranioSacral Therapy

The testimonial was made after I apply CranioSacral Therapy that I learned from Cat Kabira & James Newman to my clients.

Here comes the testimonial:

[Cat and James are] “a Dynamic Duo. So perfect! The Craniosacral Therapy that I learned from Cat Kabira and James Newman is one of the most beautiful practices I have ever learned. It is a mind and body treatment with a very light touch, but has a deeper joy and a meaningful message. I always end my yoga session with a short CranioSacral Therapy and none of my clients want to miss the therapy. Some of them even prefer to have a quick Yoga session and have a longer CranioSacral Therapy session. One of my clients even admire the Craniosacral Therapy as a different style of healing and releasing therapy from what she knows in the market. And that is the difference between the general yoga in the market and the one I give to my clients….

In my experience, CranioSacral Therapy has stopped the seizures in an ephileptic client, has detected the blockages in the abdomen that causing a client of not getting pregnant, has released the stress and headache in many clients’ body, and has cured a client that has insomnia….

I am very happy to know that I can facilitate my clients’ body to heal themselves and send them to a deeper relaxation that can give them happiness and peace at their sleep.

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