04 November 2013

Lessons from the Sunday School

Some of the beautiful lessons I get from the Sunday School that I attend as the process to get the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Please open your heart and have no judgement when reading this. 

This is updated each time I attend the school. And the most updated one is placed at the bottom of the article. 

May God bless us & be with us all the times, so our life is safe and secure in peace. Amen! 


Keep learning and studying as long as we live. 

God gives power to humans to build and take care of the earth, not to destroy the nature and kill animals without fair reason. 

God lives in anything, especially in our breath. Breathe out our thoughts and worries to Him, He'll breathe in to work them out. 

God creates everything, while human only modify things He creates. 

Open our heart and mind, so God can work on our life. True and sincere love happens when God exists in our heart and mind. 

We don't have to be afraid of anything if we rely on God in our life. When the storm hits us, always believe God is with us.

Whatever your religion is, as long as you love all beings, conduct your actions based on love and believe in the love of God and His forgiveness, then heaven is surely your last destination. 

Love is the sign that God exists. Love is the foundation of our relationship with God and other all beings. Without love, the world will be damaged. 

Let the words you say and type be the tools to share love and blessing. 

Faith without good intentions in thoughts, actions and words is useless. We need to execute our loves for God by always being good & doing good for us and all beings, so everyone can be happy. The happy hearts are the great drugs, the wounded hearts dries the bones. 

The law of tender loving care is to pray for those who hurt and dislike us. 

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