03 January 2012

Gayo Coffee & Java Coffee

One day, I got invitation from a friend of mine, Ita Sembiring, to taste some coffees. Actually, this was a coffee launch event from Amway Indonesia. But since I came late, then I could only taste the coffees. 

The coffees we tasted at the events were the products from PT UKMI who works together with Amway Indonesia. In this event, the coffee served is UKMWay Premium Single Origin Coffee Gayo and UKMWay Premium Java Blend Coffee.

From the little knowledge that I have about coffee, I predicted that the Gayo coffee will taste stronger than the Java coffee.

Starting from its very strong aroma, Gayo coffee felt full in my mouth. It smelled like the green grass in the morning. Very nice! The thickness of the coffee flavor was perfect for my sleepy head in that afternoon. The Gayo coffee is made from the highest quality of 100% Arabica coffee beans from the highlands in Gayo, Aceh. It lies approximately 1200 meters above sea level.

The Java Blend Coffee itself was very soft. It felt like the silk that caressed my tongue. So light! The coffee is perfect to be drunk the whole day for a heavy coffee drinker like me. The Java Blend Coffee is made from a combination of selected coffee beans from various coffee plantations in Java. It is blended specially for the Indonesian coffee drinkers.

PT UKMI also produces other types of coffee: Toraja coffee, Bali coffee, Lintong coffee, Mandheling coffee, and others.

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