28 April 2010


Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB), founded by Veronica Colondam, has been paying more attention to street kids, especially to those who can not go to school due to their financial condition. YCAB believes that there is no reason for those kids for not having a proper education. That is the reason why they created Rumah Belajar Cinta Anak Bangsa (House of Learning Cinta Anak Bangsa).
By educating the kids, YCAB hopes that they can contribute something good for the better future of Indonesia and reducing the rate of criminality. Most criminality comes from poor economic condition and poor education.
Veronica Colondam as the founder of the foundation believes that education is the right weapon to kill the poorness.
The House of Learning was established by YCAB in 2003. The house provides education program that is equal with the education given at Elementary School and High School. The education given in the house is a non-formal education, but the students can automatically continue their study to the formal school. The students are also provided with other courses like sewing, beauty clinic, computer, and English Language. Besides the general education and the courses, the house also provides other subjects like percussion and theater.
In 2005, the house started to cooperate with Bina Nusantara Foundation to start the computer course. After that, more companies are hand in hand with the house to increase the quality of their education by giving some courses.
Until today, YCAB organizes three House of Learning in Jakarta located in Duri Kepa, Tegal Alur and Cikarang.
One of the House of Learning is located in Duri Kepa. It is a 2 storey-house building with more than six large rooms. The rooms are divided into back office, classes and library. They have classes for general subject of education, and laboratories for computer course, English Language course, sewing course and beauty course. The classes for general subjects can be used for several subjects, while the laboratories are only used for the special courses. While classes for general subjects should only be used for the students of the house, the course laboratories can be used by other children, not the students from the house, if they are interested to learn at the courses.
Before the House of Learning receives the children as the students there, a screening will be conducted to make sure that the children come from poor families. And the parents can send their children anytime they want to without being limited by the year of enrollment just like in other formal school.
When the house was built for the first time, it did not charge any fees to its students. But after some moments, the house applies charges to the students with IDR120 thousands per year per student. The school fees can be paid anytime when the parents have money, either by credits or cash. The purpose of the payment is that the house wants to increase the sense of responsibility of the students and their parents. By paying the school fees, they are expected to learn hard and be serious with their study.
Usually, the house accepts the children around the community. That is the reason why YCAB are gathering some more financial back up, so they can build more House of Learning in Jakarta and Indonesia.
House of Learning is supported by Bina Nusantara Foundation, Rudy Hadisuwarno, Sebastian Gunawan, Mustika Ratu, Putri Indonesia Foundation, Beauty Inc, and many others. The house also holds some charity events to collect more funds for the house. One of its efforts is by selling an IDR 20 thousand arm-band.
According to YCAB, until 2009, its House of Learning has educated more than 5,000 kids. YCAB hopes that by having more House of Learning, Indonesia is free from jobless.
Say no to ignorance, especially to education! Expensive education is only between your ears!

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