18 February 2004

Amateur Review: Vasse Felix Classic Dry White 2002

Last night, I went to my friend's house and had a dinner there. My friend served me a beef steak and two kinds of salad.

But one thing for sure, I grabbed a bottle of white wine from the bar and tried to enjoy the night. Though the food didn't match with the white wine, but it was OK for me. At least, I enjoyed the night.

Well, let me review the wine, though I am not the expert of it.

Name of wine: Vasse Felix Classic Dry White Wine
Year: 2002
Prod: Margaret River
Official Website: www.vassefelix.com.au

The producer of the wine said in the label that the white wine is the blend from semillon and sauvignon blanc. The producer also stated that the taste of the wine will be dried, full bodied, and refreshing.

Here's opinion: My nose said that the wine smelled so mellow and soft, not that strong. My mouth thought that the wine was truly dry and, once again, soft. But it was not that refreshing....only cold as it just came out from the cooler.

The wine made me feel high in a slow slow slow motion...very slow...which was good for me...realy made me feel calm and beautiful :))
The situation was getting excited as I listened to the songs from George
Michael (Kissing a Fool & I can't make you love me if.....).

The wine is trully a match for a light class drinker like me.


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