21 February 2004

Amateur Review: Coffee Tasting - Nefo Ground Coffee

Brand: Nefo
Logo: AAA
Location of factory: Jambi, Indonesia
Specification: ground coffee
Color of box: Orange
Color of grinded bean: dark Black

The right and perfect composition for this coffee is:

• 1½ teaspoon of the coffee for one cup OR
• 1 tablespoon of the coffee for 1 glass

Mix it with boiling water and stir. You may add sugar and creamer or milk if necessary. I prefer just black.

After I stirred the coffee with boiling water, the color of the coffee still looked dark black.
The smell is so strong.
If made with a wrong dosage, the result of the coffee will be very bitter.

Surprisingly, I didn’t taste any ’acidity’ from this coffee. This is totally different from any other coffee that I found. Just taste right for a ground coffee drinker like me.

The dark black color that this coffee has might come from the roast of this coffee which was too ’well done’. I can smell it right before I mix the coffee with the boiling water.

If we compare this coffee with Starbuck (SB) ground coffee – the darkest roast, the similarity is only at the color of the coffee beans…dark black. The differences are in:

1. The texture: the texture of the SB coffee is too dry just like the instant coffee of Nescafe, while this coffee is a bit moist
2. The smell: the smell of the SB coffee is fresh and last longer after I mixed it with boiling water, while this coffee smells so-so – not that strong and gone too soon
3. The taste: the taste of SB coffee is lighter than this coffee

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