27 October 2016

Dinner at Publik Markette - Grand Indonesia

Grand Indonesia Mall, 
East Mall, GF Floor,
Jl. M. H. Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta
Tel: (021) 23581281

When you are really hungry and you want to eat a big portion of food, where do you usually go? Stop! You don’t have to think about it anymore. Just go to Publik Markette by Ismaya Group, one of the biggest food and beverages business group. It is located at the GF Floor of East Mall in the Grand Indonesia Mall.

As I go into the Publik Markette, the restaurant is big and has enough space for everybody. It has both non smoking and smoking areas. It is good for me, as I don’t like to sit with selfish smokers.
It is designed as a casual dining place where it is good to hang out in the restaurant with your family and your friends. Some plants, trees and flowers are placed to add more life to the dining area. So far, it is very comfortable.

After the waitress shows where my seat is, the waitress gives me a table number and guides me to the food gallery area where I can choose my own food from the counters. I can find various food to choose from the stations there. It has protein station (where I can see processed chicken, beef, pork, and fish), vegetables station, baked dish station (where I can choose quiche), dessert station and fresh juice station.
After I pick my own food and drink, I have to pay all things I order before the food and drink are served on my table. 

Wait! How come this concept reminds me of the canteens and food stalls on the street? Then I find out it is exactly the concept that Publik Markette offers. Canteen and food stall concept in bonafide place. LOL! 

Just like any other canteen and food stall, the option of food will be changed from time to time depends on the availability of the stock. So the food I eat today will be different from the food I will eat next week. For those who are easy to get bored eating the same food everyday, this restaurant is perfect. 

But hey, this is no ordinary canteen or food stall, because the price is expensive. The expensive price is nothing, because the portion of the food I order is quiet big. Woho! So if you are not that hungry, I suggest you to come to the restaurant with your family and friends, so all of you can share the food together. The more, the merrier! 

Enjoy your dinner! 

Dinner with Dave Graciano, Monica Liong, Burhan Abe and his friend

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