30 September 2016

Dim Sum Brunch at Catappa - Mercure Kemayoran

Grand Mercure Maha Cipta Jakarta Kemayoran
Jl. H. Benyamin Sueb Kav. B6
Superblok Mega Kemayoran
Kota Baru Bandar Kemayoran
Central Jakarta
Tel: (+62)21/22601111
Fax: (+62)21/22602222
Mail : H9896-RE2@ACCOR.COM

Dim Sum is always one of my favourite food. I always look for it at any parties and any events. So when I receive an invitation to spend my Sunday with a Dim Sum Brunch at Catappa Restaurant in the Grand Mercure Maha Cipta Jakarta Kemayoran, I definitely take the offer. Yeay!

Dim Sum is a traditional Chinese cuisine. It is specially made as small bite-sized portions of food. It is served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. Dim Sum is all about to eat a little something :-)

All this time, I know only 4 to 5 kinds of Dim Sum. The steam ones! But when I come to Catappa, I find out that there are so many kinds of Dim Sum. Oh, where have I been? LOL!

So, Catappa serves Steamed Dim Sum, Fried Dim Sum and Sweet Dim Sum. Dumplings, Buns, and Roll Dishes. Meat based and Vegetable based. Woho! So many kinds! And it is All You Can Eat Buffet! This is yummy! Some of the names are: Hakao, Shiu Mai, Lomakai, Fried Dumpling Shrimp, Chicken Feet, Vegetable Spring Roll, and many more!

How to eat the Dim Sum - my personal note and opinion:

"Steamed Dim Sum should be consumed before the Fried Dim Sum, so you can experience the taste of Dim Sum from the ordinary ones to the more savoury ones. You can also take Dim Sum as the appetisers before you go to the main menu as the portion is small. Don’t forget to drink Tea during your Dim Sum moment, because Dim Sum can tastes perfect if you pair them with Tea."

But, if you don’t like Dim Sum, you can always find other food in Catappa Restaurant, like: Chinese, Italian, Japanese, traditional Indonesian food, etc. And all of them are ready for you. All you can eat! There are too many of them, and it is hard to choose, because all of them are delicious. No, you can't spend only one day to enjoy all those food in the restaurant :-)

Catappa Restaurant serves more desserts too! It has cookies, pudding, and fruits. But what delights me is the collection of its traditional Indonesian cookies. I love them!
I find a bowl of Ginger Candy, and I bring them home. Just the candy, not the bowl. LOL!

Eating the many kinds of Dim Sum alone have made my belly full! And remember, Catappa Restaurant has other food too. So I guess I need more than 3 days to taste all of the food in the restaurant. LOL!
Yes, I have a lot of fun exploring the food here.  

Catappa Restaurant is located at the Lobby area. It serves a-la-carte and buffet options with a wide variety of international, Asian and Indonesian cuisine to choose from. The outdoor terrace also serves as a smoking area. The space of the restaurant is big, so anyone can always have events at the restaurant too.  

Enjoy your brunch, everyone!

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